October 20, 2016


If you really wanted to become successful then you should accept your world. Accept that your path is harder from others' path because you are dreaming big and you are pursuing your passion. Others' path are easy because they have someone to guide them, they have someone to manage them and command them but the only remaining question is... are they really happy? Yeah, they look happy on the outside but they are miserable on the inside. They wanted to do something but they can't because they were so afraid that they will not succeed.

Accept that you have to grind and work longer hours than others. You are just starting, you need to build your brand, you need to prove that you are deserving so success will believe in you and touch you. If you will not show that you have what it takes to become successful then success will not even give you a glance.

Accept your world, accept that you have different world from others. While they are sleeping, you are working. While they are resting, you are just starting. You have to accept that your world is unique and harder. You have to accept that not all people will understand you because the are living in the same world of mediocrity, a world that is very dependent to each other and will not survive the strongest adversity. Your world is really different, it is indestructible, it is very independent and it can withstand any challenges that hits it.

Accept that your world is sadder, it is boring, it is stressful but in the end it will become bigger. It will become merrier and it will give you an endless satisfaction. The world of others are very common, they were happy at the moment but their happiness is shakable, just one ugly event and they will whine and cry like a small puppy lost in the park. They don't have this strong emotional immune system that can handle the scariest stress in this world.

Accept it now, accept that you have to stick with the repetition and repeat the drills or whatever it is that you are doing for so many times. Accept that not anytime you can rest, not anytime you can talk to the people that you want. Your world is different, it is a world of biggest and richest and most successful people. You are not a mainstream guy anymore, you have to accept that your world is more difficult but more rewarding.

Because if you will go back to your old, ugly and lazy world that is easy but mediocre... you will not reach the highest heights, you will not feel the heaviest weights. All you have is common things, common earnings and common friends that are not even true. Step into another world that will give you the things that you haven't hold yet, that will show you the places that you haven't seen yet. All you need is to sacrifice and let go of the things that is stopping you from progressing. It is hard but it is doable.

Your world now is difficult but less complicated, it is lonely but very happy in the end, you need to make a lot of sacrifices but for sure you will not regret in the end that you step into your new world.

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