October 02, 2016


The law of the averages is the very best law to believe in if you wanted to succeed in life. This law is very simple. All you've got to do is find what is it that you want and then try and try until get it. That's it that's how simple it is, and one thing is for sure... you will get it. For sure there will be struggles along the way, there will be times when you will be tested but that is just part of the design. You will face a lot of adversities, you will doubt yourself but if you don't give up and try until the end... you will become victorious.

How many times you have to try? I don't know, there is no specific number of times. All I know is you have to try until you get what you want. don't ever get sick and tired of trying because there is no other way how to get it. And also keep in mind, consistency is a must too. You should try everyday even if it looks like nothing is happening to what you are trying to accomplish. Your endurance will be tested, your WILL will be challenged.

Law of averages is a law that is easy to do but very tiring. You have to do it over and over again. if you get sick and tired of doing it then you will fail. It is a very long process, it is like a trial and error method. It is like hammering a very big and solid rock until it breaks down. You have to continue flowing like a river and never stop flowing until you get to your destination.

I don't know why there are still some people who don't have a job now. If they will only use the law of averages then for sure they will get a job. It doesn't matter what college degree you have or even if you didn't go to school... for as long as you keep on looking for a job and you didn't stop... you will find one. No need to worry, no need to entertain a lot of negative thoughts. Your train is moving, it will reach its destination for sure. The path is already laid out for you. All you've got to do is move and be relentless in taking opportunities.

And don't expect that you will immediately get a job once you tried for a couple of times. The number of failure will be more than the number of success so you better prepare yourself to fail a lot of times and never give up still. You should develop your perseverance if you will try the law of averages because a lot of heartbreaking moments will show on your way. You will experience a lot of rejection, humiliation and unfair treatment. But that's just the way it is, law of averages is sometimes brutal and merciless.

It is simply because you need to work for what you want. That is what law averages is trying to teach you. It is molding you to become tough, patient and serious. This law guarantees you that you will get what you want but it will also make you work for it. Your wish will only given to you if the time comes that you are already deserving. You will not get what you want if you didn't do the work.

If you're just another bum trying to become lucky by just trying a couple of times then the law of averages won't work for you. I think you better just join the lottery game and pray that your numbers will win like most lazy people are doing. Because life is not how talented you are, how blessed or how gifted you are. It is about how many times you can try, how many times you can stand up after failing a hundred or even thousand times. It is survival of the fittest and the toughest. If you can try a million times and your faith is not changing then you are one of a kind, you are a warrior, you can conquer anything.

Just simply choose a skill that can give you happiness and do it everyday, never miss doing it for a single day. Do it over and over again until you become the best at it. You will see that money will come to you effortlessly, people will admire you and they want to be like you. That's how simple it is. It is just a matter of repetition, there is no secret ingredient here.

Just like in business, you will fail a lot of times but you can't quit because you will never succeed. Even if you've already wasted a lot of money and you don't even have a food to share with your family... you can't stop because that is just the way it is. Law of averages will never tell you how many times you need to try. All it can assure you is you will succeed if you will never stop. Pretty fair ins't it? Success is already given to you, you just need to show that you are deserving.

So I guess what you really need to learn in life is become Ok with failure, you must not get depressed if you failed a lot of times because you will not be immune with failure. There is no anti failure injection that you can buy somewhere. All of us will fail, even the most successful people failed a lot of times, some of their failures were even very traumatic and very hard to endure but they still manage to survive.

Success is all about numbers, the more you can repeat something the bigger the chances that you will succeed. So if you don't know how will you be able to succeed... just look for something that you think will give you money or happiness, work on it everyday and let success come to you naturally. Law of averages is simply putting a lot of work and trusting that it will work.