October 27, 2016


Money is a very powerful thing, it can motivate you, it can make you depress, it can change your life. It is very mysterious, some people say it's evil while some say it is not. Depending on how you look at money and no matter what you think of it, it still has a major role in your life. Whether you admit it or not, you will never live without money. Even the simplest guy needs money, even the humblest monk needs some money, if he doesn't need it then how will he be able to buy his underwear?

Money will give you a very good life if you can treat it right, if you can use it right and also use it with respect. You should give respect to money so it will respect you back, treat it as your friend and not your enemy so more money will enter your life. If you always complain about money then chances are you will always have a scarcity of it. You will feel that you always lack money because your mindset is not right.

There are seven commons mistakes that you are doing with your money that is why you can't make it multiply. If you can correct these mistakes and make necessary adjustments then you will have a financial freedom and you will never become poor again.

1. You use it for power. You use it to  impress people, you use it to make people submit to you and follow you. You buy them drinks, food etc. in exchange for their loyalty. This is a bad thing because if you no longer have money then you will feel very weak and powerless. Don't use money as a source of your power instead use it naturally. You can treat your true friends but don't expect anything back, use it to make other people happy but don't let them become dependent from you.

2. You use it to buy useless shits. When you see a product that is 25% sale you will buy it immediately even if you don't need it or you don't have enough money. You were easily hypnotized by the things that will make you poor. The reason you buy things that are not important is because you think you need it or you are making yourself believe that you need it. If there is a sale shoes in a department store, you will buy it right away, you will make yourself believe that your shoes were too old and you need to replace it even if it is still good looking and you've only used it for one and a half months.

You will buy a sale shirt because the design is trending and you wanted to look cool. You will buy a rice cooker that can cook fruits, anything that looks new to you and you feel like you can save some money because it has huge discounts... you will buy it. You are not thinking smart, you just want to feel good right away, you don't see the problems that you might experience from spending a lot and saving less or rather saving nothing.

3. You always broadcast how much you earn. You are not shy about informing people how much is your earning. This is a bad habit because people will think that you have a lot of money and the result is they will borrow some money from you. Just be quiet even if you are earning a lot, don't look for praises from others that you are a big earner. They will get envy at you and they will also spread the news to other people, many people will borrow some money from you even if you don not know them. And once you lend them some money, they might not return it because they knew that you are earning a lot. They will think that it doesn't matter if they return the money or not because you have a lot and you don't need it.

4. You use your money to become rich fast. You invest your money to investments that promises fortune in less than three months. You use it for gambling because you want to double it but little by little you are losing everything you have. Wanting to have an overnight success is a mortal sin, you can't be hoping for something like that because being rich needs patience and hardwork. Never use your money for instant success because it will evaporate very fast. If you don't know what to do with your money then just keep it and wait for the time when an idea pops out from your brain.

5. You lend it to someone who will not return it. You should be smart when it comes to helping people, some people will pay you back but some will not. If you know that the person who is borrowing some money from you is a bad payer then don't lend him some money no matter how bad his reason is. Even if he told you that he owe some money from mafia and he will get killed if he didn't pay them... never buy those dramas. Being soft hearted will not give you a financial freedom. After all, it is not your fault if someone is having a financial trouble.

6. You never count your money. You should always count your money and be happy if you have some, manifestation of more money will happen if you can learn how to appreciate how much you have. Always count your money so you will feel blessed and abundant. Counting your money will also make you aware of how much you are still allowed to spend to avoid financial troubles. It is like always keeping you alert if you need to make an adjustments in your lifestyle.

7. You always let it go, you never keep it. You should hold your money longer and make it last in your hands for a very long time. It is better to keep more than to spend more. Always hold your money and never let it go if you can. Some people always let their money go without resistance and that is why it never come back. Letting go of your money without conscience is like not valuing your hardwork. Keep some of your money so you will become rich, build a mindset of always saving rather than spending. Saving money feels better than spending it. In spending you will feel happy for just a few days but in saving you will feel happy for a very long time and at the same time you will also feel secured. You will feel happy because you are seeing that you have more even if you are not spending. You also know that you can spend anytime you want without worrying because you have a lot of savings.

Money is always on your side if you will learn its value. It is always on your favor, it is never your enemy. All you have to do is to decide on how to use it and how to keep it. It is very simple, just appreciate what you have and learn how to multiply it rather than spending it.

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