October 27, 2016


There are some myths that are making people weak, I don't know if people are aware of them or they are just pretending that those myths are true so they can make excuses in their life. These myths are still widely use nowadays and I wonder why people can't forget these myths. If you are one of those people who believe in these myths then goodluck to you, you will have a hard time being successful and you will just accept your situation even if it is really bad.

1. CHOSEN ONES. People believe that greatness was only for a chosen few. They believe that there are people who were born with greatness already instilled in them. I don't know if they are only making this as an excuse to not strive to become great or they really believe it. If you believe in this shit then you will just accept your situation and you will not work harder to become great. You will accept that you are already a finished product and there is nothing you can do to improve anymore. The word "chosen ones" is just a myth, it is never true for a second. Great people became great by working hard everyday. Some greats called themselves as "chosen ones" only for marketing purposes so people will like them. Others also use it to intimidate their opponents, but in reality they know that there is no such thing as chosen ones.

2. LADY LUCK. People who believes this myth are just lazy and cannot accept that they have to work hard in order to succeed. They always believe that the reason why they can't succeed in life is because they are not lucky. They rely purely on luck, they never try to push themselves and see what is possible in life. They don't know that in order for you to become lucky, you have to deserve it and work super hard. You can't become lucky if you are a lazy bumass that can't even walk to look for a job or something that will give you some money.

3. DESTINY. Again, this is an excuse that is always used by excuse makers and losers. They believe in destiny, they believe that even if you work hard, if success is not for you then you will never become successful. They also believe that once you are born, no matter what you do, there is already a designated place for you. You can't change your fate no matter how hard you try to change it. How about those criminals? are they really destined to go to jail? what if they just decided to do good things and never do some destructive things at all? will they still go to jail? Your position in life is the fruit of your labor from yesterday, it is the product of your decisions from yesterday. So if you wanted to have a good life, it is very simple, just make the right decisions every now and then.

4. FATHER TIME.  Some people believe that if you are already old then you can never do great things anymore. They believe that you already past your prime if you are at your 40s or above. But what if you haven't experience your prime yet? are you going to believe in what people say that you can't pursue your dreams anymore if you were too old? Are you going to believe them that you are getting weaker as your age grows older? if you wanted to pursue great things and you are too old, pursue it, just go and get it, don't be afraid of what people say. They don't know what is inside of you, they don't know your strength. Who are they to judge you anyway?

5. BAD SIGNS. They believe in bad signs, they believe that if something went wrong, even if it is just a small thing then there is no need to continue because things will only get worse. My reaction to this is "bullshit". Just because it rain doesn't mean you don't need to go to your job interview. Just because you lost the car keys doesn't mean you don't have to go to your planned vacation. There is no such thing as bad signs. Some people are just using this kind of excuse again so they will not continue, the just wanted to rest and chill out. Bad signs are nothing but negative thoughts. You will not be harmed if you are thinking positively and if you are ignoring those bad signs.

Those myths are nothing if you will not believe it. The creator of myths are just normal people, there is no evidence that those myths are true. Keep in mind that you always hold your future, there is no need to believe in superstitions or luck. Just believe in yourself, work hard and those myths will be erased in your brain.