October 31, 2016


A lot of people were preaching how to do things easily without sweating or exerting huge efforts. They will tell you how to do this or do that without facing any difficult challenge along the way. I don't know if it is true but just like what Eric Thomas said "if is is easy then everybody will do it". If being rich and successful is like snapping your fingers then probably there is no poverty in this world. Everyone will be drinking wine an eating fine steaks everyday, but that thing never happened and will never happen so the conclusion is... there is no easy way to become successful.

So if you don't know how to find an easy way like what others are talking about then do it the hard way. If you want to earn one million dollars and it seems like you don't know how to to do it then simply do something that will give you progress, do something that will make you closer. If you can earn 15 dollars per hour then do it over and over again until you reach the one million dollar mark. I know it will be very hard and it will take longer than expected but the idea here is if you are really hungry for something and you want it bad enough then you will be able to find ways on how to do it fast. It is not that you will find a shortcut but you will naturally find a way how to do it fast because of working hard so much. The way will be revealed to you, there will be more opportunities that will come in your way but it will only happen if you do it the hard way, it will not happen if your aim at the beginning is to simply put a little effort then expect to become victorious.

Never mind if there are people who are getting rich by just doing less, never mind what they do, just focus on doing your thing and get success in your own way. Because if you can't do it the easy way then the only way is do it the hard way. It may take time for you to become successful, you may work a little longer but the point here is you are also becoming successful. And the good thing is if you make it a habit to work hard everyday and stay longer during working hours then every hard work will be an easy work for you. You will no longer see the difference between hard work and easy work. It feels like working for 8 hours is like working for only 4 hours, that is what being used to working hard does.

If you need to work for 16 hours a day for three months just to get your first million then do it, it doesn't matter how you do it, the only thing that matters is you push your way to success. The more you push hard the more life will be easier for you. You will get unbelievable rewards, you will reach a certain height that not everyone can reach. you will gain some knowledge that not everyone can understand. And even if they laughed at you because you are working so hard but getting less results, just keep on doing what you are doing. You will get there, you will also be able to produce a formula that will make you reach something fast for as long as you keep on grinding and keep on looking for results. It doesn't matter if it takes you very long to get there, what matters is you will get there no matter what.

Don't be ashamed if you are doing it the hard way, be ashamed if you are working less but you are expecting more. You should never be ashamed if you are working super hard because not everyone can do it.

October 31, 2016


It is true that success is the greatest revenge especially if you become really successful. All of the haters will get jealous, their saliva will drop, they will wonder how did you do it, they will feel low for themselves. Of course they will still not believe that you are great because they were haters but one thing is for sure... they feel bad seeing you successful.

I know some people humiliate you in the past, I know some people hurt you even though you are trying to become nice to them but you can't control people. There will be somebody who is going to hurt you no matter how nice you are. I don't know why there are some people like that but I guess that is how the world was design, there are villains and there are heroes.

So the best thing to do is become big as you can be, become rich or successful as you can be. Leave the haters no choice but to respect you. Make sure that they don't have the power to hurt you anymore once you meet them again. Make them feel disgusted about themselves by looking very small compared to you. Make yourself look untouchable and invincible. Let them feel your power. For sure they will know the news that you were already big, they will even feel it.

Don't be defensive by telling them or showing them that you were already big. Let it happen naturally, they will soon discover that you are no longer the same person that they can stomp on before. And the best thing to do is to just ignore them, make them feel that they no longer exist in your life, make them feel that they were nothing compare to you, make them look like a bitch that has no value.

There is a person before that ask me what is my name even though he knew it. I don't know why, maybe that bitch is insecure with my ideas or achievements. I am also thinking that maybe he think of me as a small person that is not capable of achieving something great, that night has made my fire burning even more. I work super hard to see how good I can be and now I am almost there, I am not super rich or very successful now but I am pretty sure that person who belittle me can never do that thing again because I am much bigger than him now. I am sure he cannot do the same thing to me again because I've evolve so much that nobody can just treat me like I am nothing. And if that thing ever happens again, I will make sure I am going to treat him like my bitch. I will ask how much money he have or what are his accomplishments and I am going to make sure mine is bigger than what he have.

In this life you can't be kind forever, it is better to be nice to other people but what if other people is not treating you right? so the best way is to make yourself look really big, make yourself very successful so no one can treat you bad.

If someone who treats you bad in the past has one million bucks in his account then make sure you have 5 million bucks in your bank account, make him look like a bitch, make him look very small compared to you. But don't ever ask how much he have, don't talk to him. Your energy will be felt naturally, they will feel that you are a stronger person now because there is some kind of an energy that surrounds a successful person. No one can see it but everybody can feel it. Everyone can feel that you are big even though you are not doing anything. It will be shown in the way you move, speak or react. It will be shown in how you carry yourself in any situation.

If you are an MMA fighter and someone whoops your ass in the past.. make sure the moment that both of you meet again inside of the cage... you will treat him like a bitch. Train as hard as you can, become the best as you can be, become a very strong and complete fighter so you can dominate any kind of fight in any given night.

It is not about having a revenge, this more about of bettering yourself and putting yourself in a very good spot. You don't want something bad to happen again so all you need to do is become big as you can be.

October 31, 2016


So you are still taking things for granted huh? you still don't give value to the opportunity that you have, you still don't care about the time you are wasting. You are still acting like a boss without power. You never know, this might be your last chance.

I know someone who already thinks he made it. I know someone who was hired for a job but suck on his job because he thought that he will never lose his job. He is acting crazy, he is lazy, he is acting like a dick to his co employees, he is violating a lot of rules. And when he got fired in his job, he faces all the difficult consequences, he is depressed, he is making dramas and attracting a lot of negative situations. He can't find another job anymore. Maybe that was his last chance to change his life, maybe that was the job that is for him and will make him rich, but the problem is he didn't appreciate it. He took it for granted and now he is suffering the consequences of his actions. And now he don't know what to do anymore, he feel so guilty with his past actions, he cannot move on, he is having a lot of regrets which makes him unable to look for another job.

If you were given a chance, make sure you will take care of it because that might be your last chance. If you were hired for a job, make sure you will give your best, don't relax, don't feel comfortable because that kind of attitude will give you problems in the end. Don't be a bastard, work as hard as you can and always appreciate the people around you. Not all people were given a chance, so if you are in a good position right now, make sure you will cherish it and nurture it.

So if someone sent you to school and pay all of your expenses, make sure you will reward that person. Study very hard and try to finish your school as early as you can. A lot of young bloods who were sent to school are going lazy, the were satisfied of just going to school everyday, they take things for granted and that is why they can't finish their studies. And in the end they will make excuses that the teaching is hard, that the professor is terror that is why they are having a hard time. Study hard because not all people can study, some are even dying just to go to school. If you were given a chance to study, make sure you will do your best because that might be your last chance.

If you're being benched for a long time and your coach decided to play you because the star player is injured... make sure you will leave everything on the court. Go hard and dive for every loose ball, make the other opponent feel your presence, make the coach happy with your performance and do everything to help your team. You never know, that might be your last chance because maybe the coach is planning to trade you if you didn't perform well. Maybe he is giving you the last chance to prove yourself so make the best out of it and play like it is your last day.

A lot of people were taking things for granted because they think that they can still have another chance when they fail, they always think that they can still do better next time only to find out that they don't have any chance anymore.

Some people also think that their situation sucks and they were not given a chance to prove themselves but the reality is they were already given a chance, they just don't see it so what they do is they bum around and take things lightly. This might be your last chance, tomorrow is not granted, tomorrow might get worse, so you have to take immediate actions and put your career, relationship or anything that you need to improve into a better position.

What are you doing now? in anything that you are doing make sure that you will give everything you've got because that might be your last chance. Opportunities might not come back again, even if you wait for it there is a chance that you might not see it again.

October 30, 2016


Some people were thinking of ways how to make money easy, they want an easier job or they don't even want to do the job but they want to make huge money, very funny isn't it? they want to get more but they are willing to do less. But some people who wants a very easy life doesn't notice that they were also doing a very hard job, they were so focused on finding an easy way and that makes their job very difficult. They don't know that they were also spending a lot of hours to get the job done, they didn't notice that they were also having a difficult road to success.

1. Gold diggers. Those bitches who wants easy money are just making their life even difficult. They stay in the club everyday finding a millionaire who will give them the luxurious life that they are dreaming of. They are staying late at nightclubs everyday just to find the Knight in shining armor that they are waiting for. But did that happen? Those bitches ended up settling with a broke bum same as them. It is because you will attract what you are. They think that a millionaire will marry someone like them, very funny. Of course a millionaire will also marry a millionaire, they will never settle for a gold digger that will only make them poor. Millionaires might play with them for a little time but they will still leave them in the end. They will cry like a bitch, make dramas but no one will agree with them because everyone knows what they are all about.

They just made their life difficult because every night they were hunting men like vampires, people will never respect them because they have no respect for themselves. They will buy a lot of expensive clothes, make ups, bags just to look good. They will fix themselves, they will engage in a lot of plastic surgeries that will make them even broke because those surgeries were really expensive. They are just making their life very difficult. They don't know they were also working hard by trying to look for money the easy way. They were working hard because they can't see a real man that will give them what they want, a lot of men were just playing them but they are still hopeful that they will find the right guy. The cycle goes on and one until they become old and not attractive anymore. If they only use the time they wasted every night for doing a decent job then for sure their life is much better now.

2. Robbers. These are bunch of idiots too. They want easy money, they don't want to work hard but the reality is they are working hard too. It is very hard to make a plan on how to rob a bank. They will gather a lot of information, they will make their robbery very clean and detailed. They will even risk their life just to get rich fast but that is a lot of hard work too. It is hard especially if your life is on the line, it is very risky and not worth it. Any life cannot be bought by a certain amount of money. You cannot bring your life back by paying millions. It is a lot of hardwork to rob a bank, you will make a very detailed plan, you will buy some guns, you will think about it every night, it is a lot of stress. And when you succeed in robbing a bank, what will you do next? you will hide for a very long time until the situation cools down, that is not an easy life. Running away form authority is not an ideal life, it is a lot of hardwork too.

3. Hackers. A lot of hackers wants to get rich fast too so they can avoid a lot of work but they don't know they are working hard as well. Staying late every night just to find a website to hack and implement your hacking program is not easy. You will think hard, you will try a lot of times, your code may not work too. You will have to make a lot of trial and error to succeed, that is a lot of work. And when the authority caught you, you will serve in jail, that is a very difficult life. If they only use their time for creating a much more legal and useful program then they can become rich too. The problem with those hackers is they don't believe in themselves that they can do something better than hacking .

A lot of people wants to escape hard work but they were already working hard, it is funny isn't it?

October 29, 2016


If you are with your group of friends in a bar and there is a gorgeous lady sitting near you, of course all of your friends' initial reaction is to impressed the beautiful lady, they will become loud, make loud gestures and try to do everything to get some attention from the lady, all of them will do that including you. But the best way to thrive in any given situation is to do what others don't do, do it the other way, not their way but your own way. So if all of them are getting loud then you should just be quiet. You will look very natural and attractive, you will stand out because you are the only one who's not loud. If the lady will look at all of you, you will be the who will look unique. You will catch an attention without trying so hard.

But if the other scenario is your friends are very shy and they look like angels without wings who cannot even do a single single sin, it is time for you to also do the other way. You should be the one who's aggressive and will make actions to get the girl's number. But of course you still need to act natural because that is the most attractive tactic that you can do, being natural. The good thing is you do it the other way, while everyone is scared, you are acting like a tough guy with balls. You will look unique and different from others. Your energy will rise above them and you will look like a boss. Your fearless image will attract people because while everyone is scared to fail, you are risking it all.

If you are trying out for a varsity team and all of the players there who were also trying out were afraid to take the last shot then have the guts to take it. They were so scared to take the last shot because they thought that the coach might get mad at them if they miss. Well, that was a stupid mindset and if you are one of them who's afraid to take chances then you just better go home because that kind of mentality will take you nowhere. Once you see an opportunity, you better grab it because you might not see it again. The better way to standout is to do what others are scared to do. If you can just become confident and believe in yourself then for sure you will succeed. You may fail, you may suck but the point here is you take chances and you separate yourself from others.

If you will look at them, they are getting the same results, they are not succeeding so the answer is there already, do it the other way because it might be the way to make you successful. Weak people will copy each other because they were so scared to get humiliated by being themselves. All of them were so scared to fail and that makes them even a failure. Yes, they were not being criticized, they were playing it safe, they don't feel bad but did they become successful?

You've already seen what most people do and you've seen the results of their behavior so the best thing to do now is to do what you haven't seen yet, do what they are not doing so you will get different results. Become tired of what you always see everyday, it is time to create a different reality. A reality that is based on your expectations, a reality that was created by you and only you.

October 28, 2016


You always thought that life is hard, that life is brutal and that it is hard to become successful or at least have a good life. Life is easy if you will do the easiest things, if you will only become a little responsible and prioritize things that will somehow make your life better then your life will be better. You almost forgot to do the easiest things in life that is why you were so delusional that life is very hard and unfair. Yeah life is unfair sometimes but it is what it is, you have to accept that it is unfair so you will become fair to yourself.

The truth is entertaining a lot of negativity is what makes your life difficult. Listening to news, listening to complains from different people, those negativities programmed your mind that is why you believed that life is very difficult. Your mind is so consumed by useless information that makes it corrupted. So if you are so confused in life and you feel a lot of burden, just do the easiest things, focus on those things and watch your self grow.

Here are some of the easiest things that you can do to make your life better and easier:

1. Apple a day. This is very easy, just eat it. An apple is not that expensive, I am very sure you can afford to buy it, you can even buy a pack of cigarette. A lot of you were looking for a fitness regimen or a diet program, some of you were even hiring an instructor but in the end you will get frustrated of the results that you get. An apple a day will not give you six pack abs nor hulk like muscles but for sure it will make your body healthy, it will help for sure and it will program your subconscious mind that you are getting healthier everyday. It will serve as a foundation to do healthier activities because you have a guide. 

2. 20-30 minutes of running everyday. Never underestimate the power of running. It will make your mood very good, it will make your immune system stronger. It has a lot of benefits, it is easy, you don't need to run very fast, you can even walk if you want but make sure you do it everyday. Never stop even if it is holiday or your birthday. Doing this will make you very confident, you will feel that you are different from others because not everyone can run everyday, it will change your life completely because you are doing a positive activity that will attract more positive things in your life. You can run on a treadmill or you can run on a field, whatever is comfortable for you, do it. 

3. Meditation. There are lot of meditation guide that you can see on the internet, some of those are just complicating your mind. The true meaning of meditation is just breathing, not thinking and just relaxing your mind, that's it. It is very simple and easy, no need to complicate it. Meditation will get rid of your negative thoughts, it will make you more relaxed and focused. It will take away all the mental stress that you are experiencing at the moment, do this everyday and you will have a healthier mind. It only takes 5-10 minutes to meditate, it will never hurt your schedule.

4. Saving 5 bucks a day. It is not difficult to save 5 bucks a day, even a student can do it. Do it and you will feel that you are getting richer everyday. 5 Bucks is just the starter amount, once you can save more than that then do it, save as much as you can everyday. Put it on a piggy bank or put it on a bank. Having the habit of saving will level up your financial status or social status in life, the idea here is you are being wise with your money, you can pull out something once there is an emergency. You will never become broke once you are saving. Having the feeling of your money growing everyday will give you the abundant mindset, you will always feel secured and confident. Life will be easier if there is a security that you will never become hungry tomorrow.

A person who is earning big money but has no savings is poorer than a person who is earning low money but has savings. Being rich is not about numbers, it is not about how much you earn but how much you save and how much do you have.

5. Always saying thank you to God and the people around you. Practicing gratitude is a very good attitude. Saying thank you means you are happy with your life, it means you are satisfied with your life. The more you are thankful the more you will attract abundance. Abundance will never show itself to people who were always complaining and cursing life. Just say thank you and you will have a lot of opportunities and blessings. Be appreciative and you will never have to suffer again. It is very easy, all you have to do is say thank you to your prayers and to the people around you, be thankful even if the blessing is not that give.

6. Learning something new that will give you profit. Study something new for at least 30 mins a day, something that will give you profit, something you will enjoy and you will do for a long time. This will make your life easier and enjoyable. It can be about music, marketing, sports, self development etc. Anything that will make your life progress, anything that will add some flavor to your boring life. It is easy, just study 30 mins a day instead of watching some tv series that will never give you anything but electric bills. Not only you will learn something new, you will also be able to build a bridge to riches if you become great.

7. Sleep. If you really need some rest because you are so stressed in life then sleep. Don't abuse your body so much because you might get sick. Just sleep when you need it, even if you are at the office, just sleep. But always make sure that you are not making it as a habit or an excuse, sleep if you deserve it because you work so hard. Don't sleep because you want some pleasure or you are just escaping your responsibility. Just sleep so you can have more energy to do harder tasks, it is very easy just close your eyes. And when you woke up... be ready to work like an animal.

8. Say NO. Always learn how to say no. It is very easy, you will just say no and that's it. When you say it you have to mean it, say it with authority, say it without giving yourself a chance that you might say yes in the end. Say no to toxic friends or relatives, say no to useless invitations that will make your life harder. When your friends are inviting you to drink but you have a very important task to do, say no. Saying no is easy, you make it very difficult by think about what people say and not giving priority to yourself. You can make a dramatic improvement in your life by saying to bullshits. It is very easy, just say it and you will see that your decision is right.

A lot of people thinks that life is hard, yeah it is hard in someways but you can make it easy by just doing easy things consistently. All you need is dedication and a little time. Do the easiest things that will give you reward and you can overpower the difficulty of life. 

October 28, 2016


People don't want it bad enough that is why they can't win. They were very impatient, they don't want to push until the end. When the going gets tough and rough they will stop. I've seen a lot of talent, I've seen a lot of potential from different people but they never reached their full potential and prime because they always quit when they don't see any results from what they are doing. They are quitters, they are not winners. They were just starters and not finishers.

Life is not all about starting, it is not about staying in the middle of the journey, it is about taking actions until the end, it is about making progress until you can't move anymore. It is all about taking the next step after the other. It is an endless process, if you got sick and tired of what you are doing then it is over. Even if you are smart, strong, brave or "talented", once you don't want to do it anymore then you already failed, as simple as that. And never make excuses that you will do some other things that is why you are leaving your present journey, just admit that you are just a pussy and you can't stick on doing things for a very long time.

You must understand that if you really wanted to succeed then you must accept that if you have to do it forever then you must do it. I've seen a lot of people with so much potential but they did not stick with the process for so long, they got bored easily so they try some other things only to find out that they still can't become successful with the new path that they chose. They don't know what is wrong with them, sometimes they will just accept that their fate is just like that.

There are lot of pussies in the game, once they feel that it is hard... they will go home and will never try their best. They will accept that they are weak, they will accept that they cannot do it. This world is not about survival of the fittest, it is about survival of the most enduring ones. If you can outlast any challenge, if you can be the last man standing and trying then you will prevail. You just need to outlast everyone and outwork everyone then you will succeed. A lot of wannabes will stop and change his mind once he got overwhelmed by a problem. They were just good in the beginning, they were very weak in the end.

So if you really want it then stop being soft, stop being a pussy, stop being a cry baby and just do your thing. Just do what will make you closer, if someone is telling you to stop... don't follow him, just remember that only death can stop you. Even if you look so funny and shitty, never mind them because all you can do is become brave for yourself and for your family. Always look at the bigger picture and remember that pain is not permanent, your position is not your real position if you will have a very strong determination.

Just act like your tough and do it anyway, never be scared of failing, never be scared of getting hurt. Never mind failing because it is part of the process. If you fail then stand up and try again. There is no limitation in trying.

And even if you are scared, you still need to move, you still need to take the opportunity presented. There is nothing wrong in being scared, what makes it wrong is you let fear control your mind and behavior. Be the best you can be in every single second, stop entertaining negativity, stop being a pussy.

October 27, 2016


Even if you are not earning a lot you can still become rich if you will only spend the right way or place your money in the right things. A lot of people become broke even if they have a huge pay check because they were spending more than they can earn, they were buying a lot of things that they don't need, they were addicted to spending, they don't want to keep their money instead they want to let it go and that is why at the end of the day, they found themselves borrowing money from others, bank is harassing them because they can't pay their credit cards.

So the lesson is this, if you really want things that will make you look rich and popular then you should buy what you can resell, things that have value and has the potential to have larger value as the time pass by. Don't buy things that are just beautiful when they are new and will turn into garbage that has no value when it becomes old.

Things that will turn into pure garbage as the time goes by:

1. Shoes. Basketball shoes, party shoes, elegant shoes, formal shoes or any kinds of shoes. It will all turn into garbage, it has no value. You can resell it but for sure the price is very low. People who buy second hand shoes are stupid, they have no pride at all. Are you going to wear a shoes that you don't know if clean? what if the original owner has an athlete's foot?

2. Fancy Shirts. This is one of the most difficult things to sell especially if it is not brand new anymore. I know you have a lot of shirts in your cabinet that you are not using anymore and yet you still keep on buying new ones. If you are smart then you should not buy expensive shirts because it will only make you poor. It has no value, it will only give you problems in the future, you cannot use it forever.

3. Collectibles. It is fun to collect toys, figures, mugs etc. especially if your favorite super hero character is attached on the product. The sad thing is... it is only fun in the beginning, it will only give you at least 2 days of happiness. And when the collectibles were already old... it becomes garbage. It is nothing, you will even misplaced some of it because it has no value to you anymore. It is only good when you see it on commercials but when you have it... you will feel that you are not really happy having it.

4. Cars. You can resell it but it has a very low value, what if your car is already 20 years old? I think only a person with mental problem will buy it. Let's admit it, yeah you feel powerful if you have a car, you feel rich if you have a car, but do you have gas money? Cars will also turn into garbage if it is not working anymore, you should sell it while it is still working so at least you can have a portion of your money back.

5. Gadgets. A lot of people will buy the latest gadgets just to look rich infront of people. Gadgets are nothing but garbage because it will not give you anything. Its value is very fast to depreciate. If you are addicted to gadgets you will always buy the latest release even if your previous gadget is almost brand new.

Here are the things that you must buy if you wanted to look rich but at the same time the value is increasing


1. Golds. Golds never loses its value, it is always increasing every year. You purpose for buying shoes, shirts, bags, gadgets is to impress people right? but to real rich people, you just look stupid if you are buying things that have no value at all. They were laughing at you because you look rich but you feel poor. Real rich people have a lot of gold  in their cabinets because not only they can use it when they go to special parties, they can also use it in the future, they can sell it and have huge profits because every year gold is increasing its value.

2. Lots. This is a property that is boring, looks not useful at first, will not give you joy but will give you a lot of money. It will also give you a sense of security. Every year the price of lots is increasing at its best. You were already rich if you have two lots that are located in a good place. If you have to choose between car and lot, choose lot. Just wait for a few years and the price of your lot will be doubled or even tripled. It is very easy right? You will just wait without doing anything and then boom!!! sell your lot and you're already rich, you just need a lot of patience and of course trust time.

3. Houses. If you can buy lots then it is much better if you can buy house and lot. Look for houses that are for sale in rush because for sure the price is very low. Just make a few renovations, wait for a short period of time then sell it... for sure you will earn huge profit. So easy and fun to do.

It is normal for people to buy things that are very attractive to them, there is nothing wrong about that. Spending is a very addictive habit because it makes you feel blessed and it makes you feel that you gain something, but the question is... did you really gain something? so the smart thing to do is to spend your money for things that becomes valuable, never spend money on useless things that will make you very poor in the end.

The conclusion is... rich people's spending habits are very different from wanna be rich people. Rich people uses their money for buying things that becomes valuable in the future, they buy things that will make them even richer while wanna be rich people uses their money for stupid things such as travelling a lot, buying the latest gadgets, buying the most popular shirt and then they will feel broke in the end. How funny was that?

October 27, 2016


There are some myths that are making people weak, I don't know if people are aware of them or they are just pretending that those myths are true so they can make excuses in their life. These myths are still widely use nowadays and I wonder why people can't forget these myths. If you are one of those people who believe in these myths then goodluck to you, you will have a hard time being successful and you will just accept your situation even if it is really bad.

1. CHOSEN ONES. People believe that greatness was only for a chosen few. They believe that there are people who were born with greatness already instilled in them. I don't know if they are only making this as an excuse to not strive to become great or they really believe it. If you believe in this shit then you will just accept your situation and you will not work harder to become great. You will accept that you are already a finished product and there is nothing you can do to improve anymore. The word "chosen ones" is just a myth, it is never true for a second. Great people became great by working hard everyday. Some greats called themselves as "chosen ones" only for marketing purposes so people will like them. Others also use it to intimidate their opponents, but in reality they know that there is no such thing as chosen ones.

2. LADY LUCK. People who believes this myth are just lazy and cannot accept that they have to work hard in order to succeed. They always believe that the reason why they can't succeed in life is because they are not lucky. They rely purely on luck, they never try to push themselves and see what is possible in life. They don't know that in order for you to become lucky, you have to deserve it and work super hard. You can't become lucky if you are a lazy bumass that can't even walk to look for a job or something that will give you some money.

3. DESTINY. Again, this is an excuse that is always used by excuse makers and losers. They believe in destiny, they believe that even if you work hard, if success is not for you then you will never become successful. They also believe that once you are born, no matter what you do, there is already a designated place for you. You can't change your fate no matter how hard you try to change it. How about those criminals? are they really destined to go to jail? what if they just decided to do good things and never do some destructive things at all? will they still go to jail? Your position in life is the fruit of your labor from yesterday, it is the product of your decisions from yesterday. So if you wanted to have a good life, it is very simple, just make the right decisions every now and then.

4. FATHER TIME.  Some people believe that if you are already old then you can never do great things anymore. They believe that you already past your prime if you are at your 40s or above. But what if you haven't experience your prime yet? are you going to believe in what people say that you can't pursue your dreams anymore if you were too old? Are you going to believe them that you are getting weaker as your age grows older? if you wanted to pursue great things and you are too old, pursue it, just go and get it, don't be afraid of what people say. They don't know what is inside of you, they don't know your strength. Who are they to judge you anyway?

5. BAD SIGNS. They believe in bad signs, they believe that if something went wrong, even if it is just a small thing then there is no need to continue because things will only get worse. My reaction to this is "bullshit". Just because it rain doesn't mean you don't need to go to your job interview. Just because you lost the car keys doesn't mean you don't have to go to your planned vacation. There is no such thing as bad signs. Some people are just using this kind of excuse again so they will not continue, the just wanted to rest and chill out. Bad signs are nothing but negative thoughts. You will not be harmed if you are thinking positively and if you are ignoring those bad signs.

Those myths are nothing if you will not believe it. The creator of myths are just normal people, there is no evidence that those myths are true. Keep in mind that you always hold your future, there is no need to believe in superstitions or luck. Just believe in yourself, work hard and those myths will be erased in your brain.

October 27, 2016


Money is a very powerful thing, it can motivate you, it can make you depress, it can change your life. It is very mysterious, some people say it's evil while some say it is not. Depending on how you look at money and no matter what you think of it, it still has a major role in your life. Whether you admit it or not, you will never live without money. Even the simplest guy needs money, even the humblest monk needs some money, if he doesn't need it then how will he be able to buy his underwear?

Money will give you a very good life if you can treat it right, if you can use it right and also use it with respect. You should give respect to money so it will respect you back, treat it as your friend and not your enemy so more money will enter your life. If you always complain about money then chances are you will always have a scarcity of it. You will feel that you always lack money because your mindset is not right.

There are seven commons mistakes that you are doing with your money that is why you can't make it multiply. If you can correct these mistakes and make necessary adjustments then you will have a financial freedom and you will never become poor again.

1. You use it for power. You use it to  impress people, you use it to make people submit to you and follow you. You buy them drinks, food etc. in exchange for their loyalty. This is a bad thing because if you no longer have money then you will feel very weak and powerless. Don't use money as a source of your power instead use it naturally. You can treat your true friends but don't expect anything back, use it to make other people happy but don't let them become dependent from you.

2. You use it to buy useless shits. When you see a product that is 25% sale you will buy it immediately even if you don't need it or you don't have enough money. You were easily hypnotized by the things that will make you poor. The reason you buy things that are not important is because you think you need it or you are making yourself believe that you need it. If there is a sale shoes in a department store, you will buy it right away, you will make yourself believe that your shoes were too old and you need to replace it even if it is still good looking and you've only used it for one and a half months.

You will buy a sale shirt because the design is trending and you wanted to look cool. You will buy a rice cooker that can cook fruits, anything that looks new to you and you feel like you can save some money because it has huge discounts... you will buy it. You are not thinking smart, you just want to feel good right away, you don't see the problems that you might experience from spending a lot and saving less or rather saving nothing.

3. You always broadcast how much you earn. You are not shy about informing people how much is your earning. This is a bad habit because people will think that you have a lot of money and the result is they will borrow some money from you. Just be quiet even if you are earning a lot, don't look for praises from others that you are a big earner. They will get envy at you and they will also spread the news to other people, many people will borrow some money from you even if you don not know them. And once you lend them some money, they might not return it because they knew that you are earning a lot. They will think that it doesn't matter if they return the money or not because you have a lot and you don't need it.

4. You use your money to become rich fast. You invest your money to investments that promises fortune in less than three months. You use it for gambling because you want to double it but little by little you are losing everything you have. Wanting to have an overnight success is a mortal sin, you can't be hoping for something like that because being rich needs patience and hardwork. Never use your money for instant success because it will evaporate very fast. If you don't know what to do with your money then just keep it and wait for the time when an idea pops out from your brain.

5. You lend it to someone who will not return it. You should be smart when it comes to helping people, some people will pay you back but some will not. If you know that the person who is borrowing some money from you is a bad payer then don't lend him some money no matter how bad his reason is. Even if he told you that he owe some money from mafia and he will get killed if he didn't pay them... never buy those dramas. Being soft hearted will not give you a financial freedom. After all, it is not your fault if someone is having a financial trouble.

6. You never count your money. You should always count your money and be happy if you have some, manifestation of more money will happen if you can learn how to appreciate how much you have. Always count your money so you will feel blessed and abundant. Counting your money will also make you aware of how much you are still allowed to spend to avoid financial troubles. It is like always keeping you alert if you need to make an adjustments in your lifestyle.

7. You always let it go, you never keep it. You should hold your money longer and make it last in your hands for a very long time. It is better to keep more than to spend more. Always hold your money and never let it go if you can. Some people always let their money go without resistance and that is why it never come back. Letting go of your money without conscience is like not valuing your hardwork. Keep some of your money so you will become rich, build a mindset of always saving rather than spending. Saving money feels better than spending it. In spending you will feel happy for just a few days but in saving you will feel happy for a very long time and at the same time you will also feel secured. You will feel happy because you are seeing that you have more even if you are not spending. You also know that you can spend anytime you want without worrying because you have a lot of savings.

Money is always on your side if you will learn its value. It is always on your favor, it is never your enemy. All you have to do is to decide on how to use it and how to keep it. It is very simple, just appreciate what you have and learn how to multiply it rather than spending it.

October 26, 2016


What some people don't know is that life is fair when it comes to pain but not when it comes to luck it is not. Everyone is suffering but not everyone is getting lucky. So don't blame life and curse it because you are suffering at the moment, everyone is having his own problem. Even the richest man has a problem, even the most popular celebrity has a problem. Their problems maybe different than yours but a problem is still a problem, it gives you pain, it makes you feel bad and it can make you insane if you cannot handle it very well or at least try to solve it. No one is immune from pain, even the priests and presidents are feeling pain so don't ever complain that the world is mistreating you.

The president is suffering to control or at least make the economy improve, he is suffering to solve the country's crime and corruption. He is taking all the blame, he is facing a lot of problems everyday compare to you. So what are you complaining about? your only problem is you, what is difficult about that?

Some rich people are suffering to maintain their lifestyle, they wanted to become rich forever so they are working harder and harder everyday. They are dealing with economic problems, they are dealing with a lot of bullshits. They are dealing with maintaining their business and they work hard to preserve the life that they have, in other words they are also suffering. They don't have time for their children, they are getting sick because they lack rest, they are always rushing and pushing. So now tell me, is your problem more difficult than theirs?

The most popular star player in a sport was injured yesterday and he was told that he cannot play for 8 months, he is rich, he is popular but he is also suffering. So what is your excuse now that the world is unfair?

The mayor of the state was imprisoned today because someone accused him of rape, he is telling everyone that he is innocent and it was just a frame up. The reviewing of the case will take several months, the mayor will suffer mentally for a long time. He is rich and powerful so why is he not immune from suffering?

Take a look at the world closely and realize that no on is immune from problem. Everyone has his own version of a problem. Everyone is stressed, everyone is facing a challenge. No matter how rich or how poor you are, you can't escape suffering because it is part of our life.

You just need to deal with your problem and stop complaining and bitching. Even if you become successful, you still can't escape adversities in life. What you need to do is you need to accept that life is difficult. You can make your life easy even if you have some problems, it is how you think about your problems, it is how you approach life. And the funny thing is, some people have lager problems than you but they can still manage to smile and enjoy life. 

October 26, 2016


Are you listening to someone who hasn't work harder than you? and if that is the case why would you even bother to listen? Those guys who gives advise but doesn't have a proof that they work harder than you are just clowns, they don't have credentials, you don't even need to talk to them. They will just give useless advise and their intention is to destroy you.

A normal person shouldn't give advise to someone who works harder than him. What does he know about the guy's business? If you don't know anything about another person's business then you should just shut your mouth because you will not help. You can pretend that you are good but your fraud acts will be discover in the end. The person whom you give an advise will never listen to you again.

Respect a person who works harder than you because he has more experience, stronger will and more passion. He has been through a lot and he can help you if you seek an advise from him. He can guide you and give you some references. He will not put you down, unless he is mad at you or he doesn't like you at all.

Some people thinks that they are good but if you will look at their work history... they can't even match the number of hours that you work. They were just bumming around and now they are trying to give some heroic advise that cannot even help you in your situation.

Don't ever listen to them because you are better than them, if you work so hard to the point where you almost killed yourself then only an expert has the right to give you an advise, only a person who is more successful than you can give you pointers on how to deal with things that is making life difficult for you. They have a lot of past experiences that they can compare to your present situation and give you a very good advise that can solve your problem in a more technical and logical way.

If you listen to pretenders then you will surely fail. It is like setting yourself up for a trap. You are just wasting your time and energy so be careful and be picky when it comes to listening to people. And one more thing, your mind might be poisoned with useless thoughts, even if you know that their advise is meaningless, you will still think about it because it has entered your mind. It will still pop out from your brain in numerous occasions because you already entertained it. Whatever your mind entertained and experienced from the past... it will still bother you in the future so never talk to someone about your problems if you know that that person will never give you any useful information.

It is not that you feel that you are really good and no one is better than you but work history must play a big role when it comes to seeking for an advise. If you are a writer and you've already written hundreds of articles then why will you listen to someone who just wrote several articles last month and pretending that he is better than you? if you are a fighter and you already won twenty plus fights then why will you ever listen to someone who just won a fight last night?

Some people are really good when it comes to making an advise but they can't even fix their own life. So if you will ever listen to someone, make sure that he works harder than you or he accomplished more than you because if not... just do it your own way and success or fail in your own terms and judgement.

And also, just listen to someone who will make your belief stronger, someone who will make you feel good and will make you believe that you can do it.

October 25, 2016


If people are not treating you right in a certain place, if you are being bullied, if a lot of hate is going on and you don't feel good then just go home. Nobody is telling you to stay, nobody is telling you to endure all the suffering because you can end it anytime you want. Just go home and everything will be alright, just go home and you will feel safe. You may not be so happy at home but it is better to be alone than to be with people who is not appreciating your value.

It is normal to be treated not right, this world is not as good as it was advertised. Some people are mean but it doesn't mean that you are no good and you don't deserve something better.

You don't have to fit in. Always be yourself, always feel good and never please anyone just to be accepted. You can always walk away if you are not feeling good, you can always leave, it is a very good option that most people don't realize. There is nothing wrong in going home, there is nothing wrong in leaving a party, a class, a group, an event, a family or a group of so called friends if you don't feel good anymore. You deserve to feel good and never deprive yourself from it. Because at the end of the day, it is how you feel that matters, people don't matter, circumstances doesn't matter, it is your happiness that you should be dealing about. Your happiness should be your number one focus and priority.

Just go home meaning you will go to the innermost you, you will go to your values, goals and passion. If you are doing something that you really love then you will feel very good, safe and satisfied. You will never feel inferior again, you will feel strong and powerful. It is like you are the pilot of your own plane, you direct your plane where it needs to go, you don't care about the ugly winds that is misdirecting you, you know your destination and you will fly to go there. Even if it is storming, even if thunder is frightening you, you will still fly and do your best to arrive at your destination.

Home is the safest place on earth. If you are so stressed, if problems are destroying your peace and you feel like your head is going to explode then just go home, nobody can stop you from going home, you can go home anytime. Your home is welcoming you, your home is ready to comfort you. Your dreams are in your home, your warmest blanket is in your home, you can rest there or reevaluate your life without someone to disturb you. Your home is where love that you are looking for is deployed. You are looking for love so much and you go to different places and try different things but you didn't know that love is just residing at your home. You don't need to look far, you don't need to travel far, just go back to your home and you will see everything. Everything you need is there, you can start a new life in your home.

October 24, 2016


Life is very simple, people know what they have to do yet they are not doing it. I don't know why but it seems to me that people are really good in destroying their own life. They know what to do, they know how to do it but they will not do it. They will engage in a more easy but useless activity. I guess people's minds are default to having fun and comfort. If they see that an important task is a little difficult, they will look for another activity that is easier and of course fun.

That is why students who have no dreams prefer to cut classes and just drink in someone's house. They don't want to study because it makes them uncomfortable. They will look for an easier activity that is fun but less rewarding. If a student will just study hard and then do all of the tasks in school then for sure his future will be secured. It is simple but it is hard, the path is already laid out but some students choose to become a rebel in a stupid way.

Life is so simple if you have no money then find a work. If you got rejected today then go and look for a job again tomorrow, the solution is very simple. All you've got to do is look for another one and another one until you got hired. People can't get it, once they got rejected for a couple of times they will immediately whine and cry like a bitch, blame the government and establish a mini rally to address his needs. He will feed his mind with a lot of negativity and that is why his life never progress, his mind is full of destructions and not solutions.

If you are tired then rest, as simple as that. A lot of people complains that they are so tired, that they need rest but when they have free time to rest, they will do some other things that will make them tired even more. They will travel, drink with friends, do a movie marathon and any other things that will deprive them from sleep. And when it is time for them to work, they will show a very bad self image, a weak self image, a tired image that will even make them lazy to do work. The worst is, they are becoming contagious to their officemates, they are creating a very bad energy that makes the people around them become lazy too.

I don't know why it is hard to do the right things, people tend to do the more less beneficiary things than the more rewarding ones. They will destroy their lives, they will do stupid things then they will complain and make excuses in the end. You know better but you are not doing better, you know what to do but you choose to do what you think is fun at the moment.

You have no money but you still buy stupid things, you use your credit card until it reach its limit and when it is time to pay for it... you will hide in the mountains or you will become a burden to your mama and ask her to give you some money. The funny thing is you are even proud that sometimes you can manipulate the bank and prevent yourself from paying them, you even talk it to your friends and just laugh at it.

The reason why it is hard to do the simple things is because people want to finish it right away, they want the rewards right away. They want to become rich so fast so they will avoid the work, they will try to live like rich, they will never work hard but they will spend more. And when they fail in life, they will try to blame someone and put all the cursing why they are not successful.

They want to finish a task so fast, the don't want to enjoy the process so when they see that the task is somehow difficult... they will procrastinate and do some other things. Life is very simple, all you've got to do is do the basic things and then you will succeed for sure. All you need to do is make smart decisions. If you need to cut your expenses do it, if you need to study do it, if you need to work do it, if you need to exercise do it. You don't need to become intelligent to win in life, all you've got to do is do the right thing.

October 23, 2016


Love makes the world go round, it is true, with enough use and understanding of love... you can become very happy, successful and satisfied. Without it you will feel incomplete, everybody wants to be loved, everyone wants someone that they can love. Love is a very strong force and if you can use it the right way or if you have a very deep understanding of it then you will have a very good and happy life. Just like the Beatles said "all you need is love", it is true, it is everything you need to become successful and live a very good life full of success and happiness.

There are different kinds of love, you should be able to know it so you know what kind of love you are experiencing at the moment and make necessary changes in your life if needed.

1. COMMITMENT LOVE. This is a love that was done by two people wanting to love each other forever. This is a love that sometimes has no longer feelings but you still have to believe that you feel the love in order to survive the love. A commitment love may end but the good thing is because you are committed to loving someone, the love may die but it can also be revived depending on the commitment level that was promised. If the commitment was very strong then love will never end even if a lot of challenges in life happened.

2. LABOR OF LOVE. This is a love that is happening in work. This love is very simple to produce, you'll just need to focus on your work, be in the moment, stay a little longer and then you will produce a masterpiece. This can happen in any kind of work, it can happen in writing, sports, cooking, carpentry, gardening, politics, teaching and any kind of work on the planet. Just love what you are doing, love it even if you are not feeling good and for sure you will become successful. A lot of people can't stay on their work for a long time because they don't love it. Don't get me wrong, even if you don't like your work you can still learn how to love it. You can still find some parts in your work that you can easily love.

3. CONDITIONAL LOVE. A love that ask for return. It is like " I will love you if you will love me too". This is a selfish kind of love but you can't blame the person who is feeling this. It is hard to love someone forever if no love is coming back. This is a love that is asking for insurance that love must be back and forth.

4. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is the opposite of conditional love. People who is practicing this kind of love are martyrs and very kind. They will love something or someone without expecting that they will be loved back. Sometimes this is only effective in the beginning, once a person practicing this feels that he is not being appreciated, he will stop the love and look for it somewhere else.

5. BLIND LOVE. This is a kind of love that doesn't look on appearance, wealth or material things. The person with this kind of love just follows his heart and never care of what people say. This is a love that is touching and inspiring. Some people who are envy will question the love but in the end the person who has this kind of love usually wins. A lot of people will try to intervene but the blind love always prevail.

6. LOVE FOR ANY SITUATION. This is a love that usually experienced by people who have a very strong mental toughness. They are very patient and they can adapt to any situation very well. They love pressure and they don't care if the place or situation is dangerous and uncomfortable. They love every moment of their life and that is why they can thrive on any given situation. They don't care if it is traffic, they don't care if it is raining, they don't care if the economy is going down. They were just simply happy being alive and being able to love any situation.

7. HURTFUL LOVE. The love is still there but there is always a person being hurt. The hurter still loves his partner, the only thing is he loves hurting his partner and the other person is ok with being hurt. I don't know if this kind of a masochistic or something. There are even couples that stay together for so long even if they are hurting each other. This love can last for a long time but it will not last forever. The person that is always being hurt might get tired and quit the relationship.

8. TEMPORARY LOVE. This kind of love runs for a very short time. The love is felt but it is an infatuation like love. Sometimes money and material things is involve with this kind of love. A person loves back because she was given a money or something that might help her. If she is not receiving anything anymore then here love fades. Usually this happens to a sugar daddy or sugar mommy, it is almost like buying the love and also expecting love in return.

9. FORCED LOVE. You force yourself to love someone because you need someone to love or you need a companionship. You feel like you don't have a choice anymore and you just grab what is on the table. People who has this kind of love are those people who are in a hurry, sometimes they regret their decision and their love fades away too.

10. TRUE LOVE. This love is forever, this love is naturally felt and this love sees no boundaries. It is better than commitment love because this love is very impossible to fade. The feeling never change, it even grows stronger as the time goes by. This love is honest, dedicated and can withstand any challenges that will try to ruin the feeling.

It is good to fall in love, it feels good to be loved but you should know what kind of love are you having so you can sustain the love if you want to become happy forever. Love is not only about relationships, it can be seen everywhere, love is just a feeling, you can create it, control it or nourish it. It is up to you, you can fake it or make it real.

October 22, 2016


People can't get what they want because before they get it, they were already afraid of losing it. They were thinking negatively. They were thinking of ridiculous things that might happen once they get it. They were already blocking the energy or receiving that is why they can't even touch what they want.

Guys, it is not about the resources you have to get something, it is not about how deep is your knowledge or how rich you are, it is about how bad do you want it and the willingness to take risks to get it. Some people can already get what they want, all they need to do is move but they can't get it because they were so afraid that something might went wrong.

If you really want something then the moment you have an opportunity to get it then you will get it straight. No second thoughts, no second opinions. It is like pulling the trigger without conscience. You don't care if you will lose something for getting it.

And one more thing, you will get something for sure if you are not afraid to lose it, it is like having it already in your hands even if it is not yet yours in reality. If you are not afraid to lose something then you can have it over and over again. Some of the explanations below will give you a deeper understanding about this idea:

1. You can only have that car if you are afraid to lose that car. I have a friend who wants to buy a brand new car, he always talks about that car. I can see in him that he really wants it but his fear is what stopping him from getting it. He has a pretty decent job and he is earning well. His salary can pay the monthly payment for the car that he wants and there will still be a lot left on his money for other bills. His main reason why he doesn't want to commit on purchasing the car is he might have a long vacation from work and he might not be able to pay the car. He is working at the different country and when he is on vacation he is not getting paid that is why he only takes one or two months of vacation then he will go back to work again. Sometimes the company is giving him four or five months of vacation and there is nothing he can do about it. That is what he is being afraid of, having a long vacation and he thinks that he might not be able to pay the monthly payment for the car.

He has a very wrong mindset from the start that is why he can't get his dream car. He is afraid to lose it once he get it. If he isn't afraid that he may lose it then for sure he can drive that car. He should be ready to lose that car anytime once he get it, he shouldn't be afraid of the consequences that may happen because that is what life is all about. Life is full of randomness and if you are not ready to lose something, you will not risk or try to get it. It doesn't matter if you lose it or not, what matters is you experienced getting what you want. Because even if something goes wrong, even if you are on the verge of losing it, you will still find a way to maintain it if you really want to keep it.

2. You can have your life if you are ready to lose your life. This is for the people whose number of days are limited. You can only have your life if you are ready to lose it. A lot of people died the same way like others because they were not trying something new. They follow the traditional way of healing, I am not saying that the traditional way of healing is bad but you also have to decide to try some other choices if nothing good is going on, you have to trust your instincts about healing yourself. Doctors will tell you to do this and do that but what if months have passed and there is still no improvement that is happening. Your body will tell you if you are feeling strong or not so you must decide now if you will try some alternatives. I know you are so scared to lose your life so you will stick to what the professionals say. But here is the thing, you can also bring back your life and avoid dying if you are ready to lose it by trying some risky solutions. You're already dead, why not follow your instincts and do what you think is best for you. Try some other things that might not work, try some other things that may kill you or may heal you forever.

3. Faking documents of employment history. Warning: this will only work if you really can do the job. A lot of companies nowadays were very picky in terms of hiring an applicant. They want a very long working history, some companies wants 5 or 7 years of working experience and what if you don't have that kind of credentials and you really want the job and you know you can do it? What you need to do is fake your resume and go apply for the job. If you know you can do it then there is nothing to be afraid of. But also keep in mind that you must also be ready for the consequences of your action. You must be ready to lose your job once you get hired because they might review your resume later for whatever reasons.

I have a nurse friend who was hired by a hospital in a different country, he faked his documents, he faked the employment history, he said that he already worked for 5 years even though he only worked for 2 years. He was confident that he can do the job because he is a hardworking guy and he is also a board passer. Up to know his employer is very happy with his performance and he is already a regular employee there.

From the start he was ready to lose the job if the company found his secret so that is why he got the job, he take the risk and the risk pay off.

4. If you are not afraid to lose your easy life then you will have a real easy life in the end. I know that you are having an easy life now, you are pretty happy watching TV and bumming around, if you are not afraid to lose your lifestyle now then you will have a much better lifestyle in the end, a much successful and abundant lifestyle. You must not be afraid to leave laziness now, you must be willing to lose some sleep in order to have a much better lifestyle in the end. In other words, you have to suffer now and sacrifice for the better life. Because you can only have an easy and more secured life if you will work hard now and become the richest as you can be so you can have an easier life in the end. Yeah your life is easy now, you are comfortable but for sure you will have to work hard in the future because your financial status is not yet secured. So don't be afraid to lose the easy life now, make it difficult by working hard so you will just relax when you grow old and you don't have anything to worry about.

5. You can only have her if you are willing to lose her. If you love your bestfriend and you admire her very much, what are you going to do? are you just going to keep quiet and watch her fall into other man's arms or are you going to take the risk of losing her and confess your feelings? You have to choose, yes you can still have her companionship if you remain bestfriends but you will not be able to hug her and kiss her, are you ok with just looking at her and not being able to touch her? are you satisfied with that?

Take the risk of losing your friendship and court her, if she get mad well at least your suffering ends, you will be able to know that she is not for you. But what if she likes you too? that was a jackpot right? so take the risk of losing her so she can be your girlfriend because at the end of the day it is what you really like to happen that matters and not something that you pretend to like because you are scared of losing what you have at the moment.

5. Dreaming about making it to the NBA. You can make it if you are not afraid of losing your chance to make it. Some players who were trying out to make it to the NBA are very conservative in showing their skills. In tryouts, they will always follow the coach, what they don't know is that coaches already knew who are the players that they are going to pick. So if you will not show something great and unique then you will not standout, the coach will ignore you. But if you are ready to go all out and make mistakes then you will have a very good chance of catching the coach's attention. You have to become a rebel a little bit and don't be scientific, don't be so technical and just a follower of their instructions. You must be willing to risk everything, be ready to get cut if you fail. Because at the end of the day, even if the coach didn't get mad at you, he will still not pick you because you play it safe, you didn't show something special. You are not ready to lose it that is why you will never get it. If you disobey your coach then chances are you might not make it, but that is the only way to show your moves and skills, that is the only way to make it to the team.

6. You should be willing to lose your reputation to establish a stronger reputation. If you're a candidate for some position in government then you must be willing to lose your reputation. Some people will throw dirty tactics at you, they will invent false stories in your life that aren't true. They will destroy your reputation, politics is very dirty and you can't escape that. So if you wanted to win then be ready to lose your reputation so you can join the race. You can only clean your reputation if you win, you don't have a choice but to face the black propaganda against you.

7. You can become super rich if you are not afraid to lose all your money. You have to invest your money to become super rich. Not all businesses are sure to succeed so there is a chance that you can become poor. A lot of millionaires from the past became poor by joining wrong investments but the good thing is they've learned a lesson, they come back stronger and richer.

So if you wanted to become really rich then you must be willing to lose all your money, business is a gambling, sometimes you will lose and sometimes you will win. But also remember that if you keep going and you never lose hope, even if you lost your money, you can bring it back to your life again.

Always entertain the idea of losing something. You have to be ready to lose in order to win. Take risk because that is what life is all about. If you are not prepared to lose something then you will never have anything.

October 21, 2016


While you are on your way to the top, a lot of people will bark at you, they will say nasty things at you. I don't know why but some people just don't love to see the progress. They don't want to see other people improving. And that is also the main reason why they can't improve themselves. They were so focused on other people and they don't have time to make themselves better. Maybe they hate their life so they don't want to do something about it. Or maybe they were just jealous at you because you are moving and they can't even figure out how to start. They were so funny, they want to ride on with your success by being mean at you.

So just let them be, let them throw nasty things at you, let them bark at you forever. It is normal to see people pulling you down especially if you are making dramatic improvements in your life. They are one of those challenges that you will face as you travel your own journey. Some people will even make an advise or will act like they care for you but there is a hidden agenda behind those actions. While some people are really sincere to help you but most of them wants to pull you down, they will act like they care but their intention is to destroy you for whatever reasons.

The key is this, if an idea was presented to you or if you get an unsolicited advise, if that idea is not attractive to you or is not making your belief stronger... get rid of that advise, never believe it, even if it comes from a person very close to you.

Because if you are progressing, especially if you are making a fast improvement, people will notice you, they will link their own life with your life for unknown reason. Some people will act like they are trying to help you but the reality is they just want to get something from you or they want to feel you bad. These people are weak, they can't make their own glory so they will ride with someone's glory.

And sometimes what they are saying to you is really hurtful, it is really painful and you can't be patient anymore. But you don't have any choice but to keep going because if you enter their ugly world, which is a world with no direction, you will lose your way. Don't ever pick a fight with someone who don't have the same value as yours. Remember that a can without anything inside is noisy. Always remember that you are above them and you don't need to step down just to prove that you are the better man.

You will only hurt yourself even more if you give them attention, you will lose your focus and they will be very happy seeing you losing your way. The best way to deal with them is treat them cold and pretend that they were dead. Because they were really almost dead with their kind of actions, they were not dreaming their own life so what is the use of their life? Feel pity for them because they don't know how to make the best of their life.

The best way to silent them is to not give them any attention and keep yourself busy doing your own thing. Be the most successful man that you can be and never allow them to disturb you. Just pretend that you don't see them because the more they feel that you are affected with their words, the more they will try even harder to bother you and break your momentum. Always keep it cool and go back to your vision. Give importance to bigger things rather than stupid things.

Just think of them as stray dogs barking everyday because they don't have home, they don't have dreams that they can nourish and grow. You are lucky because you are thinking the right way. Because at the end of the day, your success is what really matters and not every words that they say. Let them speak, let them bark, those people will stop once they feel that you don't feel anything towards them.

October 20, 2016


If you really wanted to become successful then you should accept your world. Accept that your path is harder from others' path because you are dreaming big and you are pursuing your passion. Others' path are easy because they have someone to guide them, they have someone to manage them and command them but the only remaining question is... are they really happy? Yeah, they look happy on the outside but they are miserable on the inside. They wanted to do something but they can't because they were so afraid that they will not succeed.

Accept that you have to grind and work longer hours than others. You are just starting, you need to build your brand, you need to prove that you are deserving so success will believe in you and touch you. If you will not show that you have what it takes to become successful then success will not even give you a glance.

Accept your world, accept that you have different world from others. While they are sleeping, you are working. While they are resting, you are just starting. You have to accept that your world is unique and harder. You have to accept that not all people will understand you because the are living in the same world of mediocrity, a world that is very dependent to each other and will not survive the strongest adversity. Your world is really different, it is indestructible, it is very independent and it can withstand any challenges that hits it.

Accept that your world is sadder, it is boring, it is stressful but in the end it will become bigger. It will become merrier and it will give you an endless satisfaction. The world of others are very common, they were happy at the moment but their happiness is shakable, just one ugly event and they will whine and cry like a small puppy lost in the park. They don't have this strong emotional immune system that can handle the scariest stress in this world.

Accept it now, accept that you have to stick with the repetition and repeat the drills or whatever it is that you are doing for so many times. Accept that not anytime you can rest, not anytime you can talk to the people that you want. Your world is different, it is a world of biggest and richest and most successful people. You are not a mainstream guy anymore, you have to accept that your world is more difficult but more rewarding.

Because if you will go back to your old, ugly and lazy world that is easy but mediocre... you will not reach the highest heights, you will not feel the heaviest weights. All you have is common things, common earnings and common friends that are not even true. Step into another world that will give you the things that you haven't hold yet, that will show you the places that you haven't seen yet. All you need is to sacrifice and let go of the things that is stopping you from progressing. It is hard but it is doable.

Your world now is difficult but less complicated, it is lonely but very happy in the end, you need to make a lot of sacrifices but for sure you will not regret in the end that you step into your new world.

October 19, 2016


People want more, they consume more, try to earn more, people were so addicted to huge numbers. Maybe it is because they wanted to become better than anybody else or maybe because they just want to experience having a lot. The attitude of having more and wanting to be greater than anybody else is a disease that you should be careful of not having.

People want to eat a lot of food, they want to try every delicious food that they saw on the internet. Even if they don't need to it or they don't have money to buy it, they will still buy it. They will eat a lot even if they were already full, they love gluttony that is why they end up getting a lot of disease.

Some people collects a lot of shoes, cars, houses, jewelries, shirts but in the end they don't know what to do with those stuffs, they were not happy, they were confused, they don't know what makes them happy anymore. Is it those stuffs or people praising them because they have a lot? And in the end when they were about to die, they will not be able to use those stuffs anymore. They feel bad because they cannot even bring something in their other life. Some collectors even got broke because they don't manage their money very well, they want to impress a lot of people by having a lot but in the end they look like a loser because they can't even buy a hamburger.

A lot of friends, especially if you have a lot of money, a lot of people kissing your ass. A lot of people were receiving benefits from your extravagant lifestyle. Party everyday, drink everyday, bar hopping everyday and then suddenly you don't know what is fun all about anymore. You developed an ugly addiction, your money turn to zero. Where are all those people now that is kissing your ass before? where are all those happy moments that was bought by money? You see, having a lot of friends is not the answer, if you can have at least 2 or three loyal friends then you are very lucky. Having 2 true friends is better than having 20 fake friends. Because in the end, when everything in your life turns bad, you will know who your true friends are.

Having a lot is not the answer, yeah it is true that having a lot is good if you know how to handle it and if you know that it is not the only basis of someone's happiness. A lot of rich people have a lot in this world yet they are still not happy. You should know how to balance your life and be aware that it is ok if you have less for as long as you appreciate that "less" and you feel that you have more. Sometimes having less is more desirable because you will be able to appreciate what you really have and you are really happy because you can handle things, people, wealth and situations very well.

Look at those people who have a lot, they don't know what to do with their wealth so they consume and consume until they become broke, they feel that there is a hole in their life that they need to feel by having a lot of things and buying a lot of stupid stuffs. They will find out in the end that it is not the answer.

So what is the real answer? The real answer is looking inside of yourself, it is being satisfied with what you have. It is ok to aspire for more but don't let your happiness be dependent on those things. The best thing to do is to know your purpose, look for challenges that will give balance into your life. Life is not all about praises, precious things and admiration from people. It is all about knowing what you really love and doing it forever. It is about feeling a little pain, facing some challenges and being able to appreciate your situation without looking for things that will cover up your emptiness.

October 18, 2016


What prevents you form getting what you want is you are always focus on getting it and not on what you can offer.

That is why small businesses closes easily, they want to get their profit fast, they are not willing to offer a very good service. If they see that they are losing money, they will close right away, they will never assess first if they are giving good service or not.

If your focus is always on getting the profit and reward, you will not be able to give high quality service because you will not become very motivated especially if you are not getting the profits yet. And also, people will not come back to you because you have a shitty service. Your works are ugly, you don't want to do more, all you wanted to do is get something from them. In other words, you are only here to receive and not to give.

Just focus on what you can give and never mind if you will get something back. Just enjoy working and giving high quality service because for sure people will come back to your business again. People will even tell the world how good you are. It's all about giving your best and not hoping for the best.

Because people will feel it if you are only after their money, people will see that you are greedy and selfish, it will show on how you speak, how you do work and how you treat them. You can never hide your true colors and intention. Just always keep in mind that all of your hardwork will be rewarded, never mind about the results because it will show later, it will show in the right place and the right time.

A lot of people stop, a lot of people don't want to continue their business or whatever it is that they are doing because they cannot see the results right away, they were not focus on doing what they love to do, they were focused on getting something. If they can't see money or recognition then they will look for another path. It is a selfish move that will lead them to nowhere.

So if you really wanted to become successful, always provide fast and high quality service. Always produce something from the labor of love. Never give them a mediocre service because they will never come back, always give everything you have because the reward will be multiplied in the end, you will get what you deserve.

Just be patient, stay with the process. If your capital hasn't come back to you yet then just keep on working, survive your business until it can survive and never get tired of working. Because working is what life is all about and not on getting something. Be happy if you can work a lot and give a lot because it means you are healthy and wealthy. Being able to provide a good service means you are powerful and blessed.

Look at those old people who only receives their pension and insurance monthly, are they happy? definitely not because they can't work anymore, they can't provide a service anymore. They just lie on their bed, drink their medicines and wait for their death. No matter how bad they wanted to move, they cannot do it anymore. So be happy if you can give good service because it means life is on your side.

So the real meaning of life is more of giving and not on receiving, look at those people who just wanted to receive... other people were disgusted of them, they don't have true friends and good life because all they want is to get which is very unattractive. People will hate you if you just wanted to receive and not do any kind of work.

October 17, 2016


What is your dream? what is your goal? are you having a hard time trying to get it? are you having a difficulty in trying to know the steps to get it? the answer to your problem is very simple, reach for it. Get near from it as close as you can. You can't get it because you are never putting yourself close to it, you want it but you are millions times apart from it.

Achieving goals is very simple, all you have to do is do everything you can to have it. It means all of your actions, thoughts and decisions must be related to your goal. That means you have to have a laser focus, you should not blink and not think about other things other than your goal.

Everyone can talk about his goal but the question is execution. It is very hard to execute especially if you are doubting yourself. Doubting yourself is normal, you will have times when you wanted to quit and go back home living a normal life but there is something in your heart that tells you to keep going. There is a silent voice inside of you that tells you not to quit. If you can listen to that tiny voice and believe it and also pair it with actions then you are on the right direction.

All you have to do is be closer to your goal, be closer as much as you can. The distance between you and your goal should only have a maximum of an inch. You should never be far away form your goal because you will get lost. You might be driven to a different direction and you might get something that you don't really want.

It means your mind should be focused on your goals. It should be thinking about the things how to get it. You shouldn't be thinking about negative things because it will only make things harder. You should have a clear mind as clear as crystal. Delete all the negativity and replace it with positivity.

Have the right mindset, do anything that will make you one step closer to your goal, you should reach for it and force something to make it happen. Because if you will just relax and wait for opportunities.., you will never get it. Opportunities will only come if the universe sense that you are hungry and you really want it. Opportunities will never come if you are half hearted and it is ok for you to fail because you are thinking that there are more chances in the future.

Reach for it even if it seems like nothing is happening, do something, go hard and never stop. That is the way how to get your goals, that is they way how to do it.

If you want a million dollars and you don't know how to get it, just do something that will make you earn money, even if the earning is just little. Well at least you are reaching for it. The right ideas will come in the end if you keep on reaching for your dreams. There will be adjustments that will be done automatically as you find ways how to get that one million.

It is hard but it is possible, all you've got to do is think about it everyday, do something to make you one step closer and then take as many actions as you can, People can't get what they want because they don't want it bad, they focus on why they can't get it instead of what to do to get it.