September 25, 2016


The year is almost over, the calendar has only less than one hundred days left. Most of you who set a goal in the beginning of the year already gave up, am I right? You will say "I didn't get it this year, I will try again next year" Then next year you will say the same line again and the next next year and the next next next year. They delaying of success always prevail. You will do that over and over again until you grow old, die and didn't accomplish anything.

I am telling you, it is still early to give up, there are still ninety plus days remaining. You can still do something great. The last quarter of the year is the fastest quarter. It is very fast and exciting because holidays are coming, people are very busy shopping, making list of gifts, working hard so they can double their money. The last quarter has the most different atmosphere of the year. People were very happy and excited and you should take advantage of that. You should take advantage of the very good energy that this quarter is giving. You should be inspired more and do your best.

It is only september, don't just wait for Christmas and New year, do something about your dream. Do something about the goal that you set in the beginning of this year. Because if you will not push yourself now, you will not be able to do something great forever, your cycle will keep on repeating because you are ok with it.

Put a huge pressure on your shoulder to become successful this year. Don't just wait for your Christmas bonus and take this year for granted. You never know, this year might be your year but it will never be your year if you don't do something dramatically. Do something epic, break some records. Ninety plus days is enough to show the world that you too can do something great. You already postpone your dreams for the last few years, are you going to postpone it again this time?

It is still grind season homie, just because the spirit of Christmas is very near doesn't mean you can already relax. This year is not yet over, don't be like everybody else who already considered this year as done. They will set another goal next year and will have the same approach as this year, it is crazy. And they really believe that they can do better next year, they will create a make believe thought like "I will work harder next year, I will become successful". It is funny because they can't even work hard this year and finish strong so it means they can't finish strong next year too.

If you want your Christmas to be happier than last year then you should take a huge leap and do something impossible. Time is ticking, you have to move now. Every second is a must, no time for worrying and analyzing. Just do what you have to do and never look back. There are millions of ways how to succeed, you just need to try a lot and never stop working.

So forget all of your mistakes, laziness, bumness, procrastination acts and taking everything for granted acts this year. You need to put your mind in the proper place, forget about the past. Just focus on the remaining days of the year. Make it happen, don't ever let this year end without doing something great. This is still your year, you still have a lot of time.