September 23, 2016


What does reaching your prime mean? It means reaching your peak stage, it means you reach your highest level and you unlock your potential. It means you are one  of the best if not the greatest. It means experiencing such a high level of success in your life and being very strong in a certain period of time. It means you are nailing it, you unstoppable and you are ready to win anytime you want. You are in control and you have to power to take over.

Anyone can reach his prime but not everyone will experience it. It is simply because some people are working hard while waiting for it and some people are just waiting for it and believing that they will become great even if they were doing nothing. They think like there is a fairy godmother who will transform them into something if they wait enough.

You will reach your prime if you keep on working hard everyday because that is where your work ethic, skills and will power is being developed and those things are essentials for reaching your prime. Some people use age as a basis for reaching their prime, they say if you reach the age of 27 or something then you will be at your best version of yourself which is not true. I've known a lot of people who were at their 27's and still living like a bum and hasn't accomplish anything great yet in their lives.

Some people were only at their early 20's and have already reached their prime because they work harder than anybody else. They have this sense of urgency that life is too short, fast and playful so they use their time very wisely and do what is necessary to thrive in life. They were very serious in what they are doing, they were very focused on their goals and that is why they get their goals very fast.

How to reach your prime for sure:

1. Just choose one path. Setting a lot of goals and wanting to be good in everything will avoid you to reach your prime. You will get confused, you will have difficulty in managing time. Of course there will be a lot of setbacks as you travel your journey. If you are taking a lot of path then you will experience multiple setbacks in the same time instead of solving one problem at a time. Just choose one path and then be good at it and focus on it so your energy will be use in just one thing and it will be easier for you to reach your prime.

2. Reach for it. It should be on your mind everyday, you should be thinking about it 24 hours a day and you should make an effort to reach for it everyday. Not just working on it for a couple of hours a week. You should be serious and you should be for real. You cannot attain a great success if you are clowning around and if your efforts were inconsistent. You should add something into your arsenal everyday and force yourself to progress everyday. Not every other day, not every other week. It should be everyday, even if it is holiday or there is a special occasion. You should not stop grinding, no excuses.

3. Don't wait. Don't believe in age. A lot of people wait for a certain age before they work hard and decide that they will go for something. That mindset removes the hunger to succeed and become great. The habit for success was not built so when they reach the age that they want to reach their prime... they have no idea where to start. There is no little momentum that they can rely on.

Always remember that even if you are so young you can still lead and become the best in your field. It takes a lot of hardwork and courage to achieve it but it is possible. If you were so hungry now and you wanted to become successful and great, go a head and follow your heart. Because too much waiting will make you not hungry anymore. You will become satisfied of what you have especially if your life is a little comfortable already.

4. Strive to improve everyday. Always look for something that will make your skills and situation better. You can improve everyday if you want it, there is no excuse not to improve. If you didn't improve just for a little in one day, it means you become lazy and you take time for granted. If you really want to reach your prime then improvement and getting better should be your number one priority. Find the areas in your life that you can improve and do something about it. A little improvement everyday is better than not improving at all. An improvement, no matter how small it is will give you a very good momentum.

5. Never believe that you are too old. What if you haven't seen your prime yet and you were already at your 50's or 60's will you still look for your prime? I bet you will doubt yourself and forget dreaming. But the good news is... reaching your prime has no age limit nor age minimum. You can still have it even if you are at your 70's. Some big personalities started to thrive when they were at their 60's already. They became one of the most successful in the world even if it looks like their prime years were over, I think they began to realize that they only have one life and they don't want to die without experiencing how it feels to become really successful.

So if you are bumming in your past and you decided to become great now, go for it, it is never too late. You can only give up if you can't walk or move anymore. You can only stop dreaming if you only have one week left in your life but if not... keep pushing, keep fighting, keep reaching. It is not over until you succeed.