September 03, 2016


You've been weaken by the biggest problem that you are facing now but why? What is this problem all about? Does this problem going to kill you? is it the end of the world? is the sun going to explode tomorrow if you weren't able to solve your problem? Come to think of it, was there a problem that you didn't overcome since the day you were born? Nothing right?

If you can't think of a solution to your problem then don't solve it. Just let it solve itself. Let the time solve your problem. Just keep in mind that if you don't anything about it then be ready for any kind of result that time will offer you. You must accept what will happen if you don't take action to solve your problem. Also keep in mind that there is a solution to every problem, all you have to do is decide what are you going to do with it. Whether you face it or run away form it...  any choice is a solution. But sometimes running will just make your problem even worse so you better face it without being afraid of it.

Every action is a solution. Problems become less powerful if you will act. Problems stop becoming problems if you will do something about it, it becomes a challenge once you are moving and you are finding ways how to solve it. Even if you think that what you are doing is wrong, still do it because at one point you may find the exact solution to your problem. Because at the end of the day, worrying will just make you crazy, it will make you sick and stressed. Executing actions will make you forget your problem. Has it happened to you when you are facing a problem so big but once you decided on taking actions you feel better right away? Action kills depression. All you have to do is move and the problem is already cut in half, all you got to do is decide and the universe will abide.

Trust is a must. If you trust every movement that you are doing, then you will be fine. Doubting your actions will never get the job done so you have to have faith in yourself and never let worry dominate your thoughts. Forget about the destination just focus on the execution, that is how to solve a problem. If you will not trust then you're life will be a trash. It is every simple, even if your idea is unrealistic just do it. There is no rule of practicality in solving a problem. Every solution can lighten up the situation.

There are more people who were experiencing problems worse than you. Make a research about the most difficult problems in the world and you will learn that your problem is not even on the top 50 list. You are the one who's making it difficult because you always run away from it. Learn to face it and solve it little by little. You don't need to solve it right away, you can solve a portion of it and then keep the momentum going until its completion. You need to be patient, you need to face the uncomfortable feeling that problem the gives.

Take a look at the history of your problems, look the list of your problems from the past one by one. You experienced a lot of problems right? but you still manage to overcome all of it. If you manage to solve your problems from the past then you can also solve your problem now. Your past problems is no different from your problem now. There is no big or small problem, the only thing that matters is are you going to face it and solve it? Some people run away from small problems while some people face the big problem right away, they never get depressed, they never feel weak, these type of people were strong and knows how to live life.

You know what to do, you're just afraid to do it. This is the reality, you know what to do but you don't want to do it. You make a lot of excuses, you make a lot of dramas and how did those things helped you? it only made your position badder. It only made you more stressed. You are just pretending that you don't know what to do but you really knew it. Or maybe you are just so lazy to do something that is why you are not moving? or maybe because you you feel like you're special and you don't deserve to get hurt?

Stick to your problem no matter what. Don't stop until your problem was solved. Because if you will not face it you will never forget it. It will haunt you everyday and punish you mentally. You can't hide from it, you can't run from it. You can pretend that you are ok but deep inside you are hurting. Stick to your problem no matter what! if you have a debt pay it little by little until you are debt free. If you have a health problem, do something about it. Don't pretend that you are ok and you are feeling good, you have to accept it and find solutions for it.

Accept it as a challenge. Problem becomes harder because you view it as a problem and it makes your life difficult. If you will accept it as a challenge then you will do something about it. You will act like a tough guy who is willing to go all out war just to solve his problem. Accept it as a challenge and pretend that you will get reward if you defeat it. And there is really a reward... you become a better man and more responsible man.

People who face their problems right away were already winners. Once you faced your problems then it is already solved, you just need to continue dealing with it until it is gone. That's how simple it is, the first step is the hardest but the remaining steps were all easy.