September 13, 2016


"Just be yourself" is the best advice that you can give to anyone. You can give it to someone who is struggling, who is pursuing his dreams or someone who doesn't know what to do with his precious life. But what does being yourself really mean? how can you know if you are being yourself or not? Being yourself is not all about wearing the clothes that you wanted to wear or being unique, that is being yourself but that was just a small aspect of being yourself. Being yourself has nothing to do with external things. It is totally being you, you don't need to think about it, you just do what makes you happy regardless of the outcome. You don't need clothes, cars, houses or any material things. All you need is to express yourself. You don't need appreciation or praises, you just let out what is inside of your heart and you don't care if people will like you or not.

1. FREE FROM PAIN. Being yourself is always free from pain. You don't care about critics, mockery or any thought that will only hurt you. You move because you love what you are doing. You don't make any actions because you thought it is the right thing to do. You don't make actions because it is what people are expecting from you. You are totally free from emotional, physical or mental pain. Being yourself means bliss. It is like the pain is awaiting after the actions that you did but you will never feel it anyway because you are so happy in what you are doing.

2. SUCCESS. Being yourself is success. Success by your own standards and not a success that is according to people's judgement. You have your own criteria of success. For you, being yourself is already a success because you don't care if you are successful to the eyes of others or not. Once you feel that you are truly successful regardless of how much money you make or achievements you achieved... then that is truly being yourself. You also don't care if you are failing because you love your journey and you are so focused on pursuing it. You are so yourself, you don't care how far you still need to walk in order to become successful.

3. FREEDOM AND CREATIVITY. Being yourself means you are pursuing any kind of dreams that you want. Even if that dream is about flying to the moon or making ships. You pursue your dream no matter what the size of your dream is. Even if it is impossible or looks very easy, for as long as that dream will make you happy, you pursue it. You are also very creative, you have your own style, even if your style is not acceptable to others. Your creativity draws a lot of attention because you are so genuine and you just follow your feelings, they see something in you that they don't see from other people. Your creativity was not limited by norms or technicality. Your creativity is unlimited because you are so yourself. You feel free and you feel that there is no one who can stop you form creating something great.

4. CONTENTMENT. Being yourself means you are satisfied of how you look, move or think. You never compare yourself to others, you are truly happy of who you are and you never judge yourself. You truly love yourself. You are satisfied with what you have. You still take chance to improve but you never feel inadequate or incomplete. You are so happy being you and you don't wish to wear someone's shoes. If you have to live your life again, you will choose being you again. You never get jealous with other people's success, you never look for other's life. You are so focused on enjoying yourself and you always appreciate what you have.

5. CONFIDENCE. If you are truly being yourself then you have confident in anything that you are doing. Even if they tell you that you are wrong... if you feel that you are right then you will never follow them. You follow your intuition. You only do the actions that are making you happy. You follow what you know is right and not what they tell is right... that is what being yourself is all about. Sometimes you don't even know that what you are doing is wrong but you still get away with it. You still somehow become successful even if there are some flaws in what you are doing. And this is not about being reckless or doing it even if you knew that it is wrong from the very beginning. You just feel good about doing it because you knew it is the right thing.


1. Some people will be amazed at you. Our world nowadays were full of fakes and pretenders. People were looking for real. If you can be yourself anytime then people will be impressed at how genuine you look and move. But always remember that being yourself is not about impressing people. You just show your true colors and appreciation from other people will manifest itself.

2. You will have a stress free life. And because you are not thinking too much of what people will say... you will have an easier life. You will just do it, you will never overthink,  you will never ask for anyone's permission. You are so free to live your life according to your rules and standards. You do what makes you happy, you don't care at all, it looks like you have your own world but of course you are still open to social interaction with other people.

3. You will reach a certain level of success that not a lot of people can reach. Being yourself means infinite possibilities. And because you are not afraid of what people might say... you will try a lot of things that you know will work. Even if your idea looks so funny... you will still try it. Not a lot of people can do that, that is why their success is very limited. Those who became really big in life and has reached the peak of the mountain... they were really themselves when they are pursuing something. They never listen to other people's ideas and advises. They just try what they think is right, they simple do what their hearts told them to do.