September 08, 2016


The best fishing rod to get success is repetition. There is nothing else better than it. There are millions of ways to become successful or get something but repetition is the surest way to become successful. It is simple but sometimes it is very tiring and you will lost appetite. But if you really want it, if you are really determined then you will find that motivation to become hungry again, repeat again and become best in something.

What kind of fish do you want? small fish or big fish? Size doesn't matter, you can get all the fish in the pond if you keep on repeating, if you are very patient on waiting. If you need to wait for a million years then do it, if you need to repeat for a zillion times then do it. For as long as you can repeat, success will never become impossible. If the universe sees you that you are really deserving for something then you will get something. No need to let fear immobilized you , you will just repeat and repeat until you have something to eat.

The best fishing rod is repetition. Some people will try just for a few times and then they will quit, they will not bother to try and try again because for them it is just a waste of time. Once they think that they can't do it, they will not do it. They say that repeating over and over again and expecting different results is insanity, I say that not repeating and expecting something is crazier even more.

For example, if you're a car salesman and you are having a hard time trying to make your first sale. Of course you will be demotivated, you will feel bad and lose hope. But what choice do you have but to repeat again and again just to have your first sale. If you will not do it then you won't get anything. Very simple right? Another example is building a muscle, you can't build your muscles by just simply drinking supplements and injecting steroids. You have to lift weights over and over again until you turned into Hulk or Hercules, there is no other way around. You have to become a repeater not a quitter.

Some people.. their fishing rod for success is shortcuts or cheating or simply just dreaming and begging. Sometimes it will work but not for so long. You have to accept that you need to repeat something for a lot of times or even for a lifetime if you want to have a better life. You just can't say that you are sick and tired of it because what will you do if you will not repeat?

Some people will say "I am sick and tired of my job, this is very repetitive and I am not enjoying it". These type of people were not appreciative and thankful for what they have. Or maybe they were just too lazy to work everyday. Because if you will look for another job and get hired... you will still repeat everyday. It is only exciting in the beginning but when you are doing something for years then you will fall out of love with it, it is up to you how to find the excitement back, you can learn to become excited in something again, all you have to do is to find it. It is you attitude towards your work that matters.

Stop complaining about your job because it is the one that gives you fish. It is the one that gives you an income to buy the things that you want. It is your best fishing rod, yeah it is very repetitive but go back to the past... you will see that you are very excited when it is your first day in your job. So what is the difference between the past and the future? It is not that your job becomes boring, your appreciation is not evident in your life anymore that is why you became sick and tired of it.

If you want to get something fast, repeat fast. If you want to enjoy life even more... learn to appreciate repetition. Because no one has become great or successful at something without repeating a million times. That is the key, repetition is genius. Repetition will give you rapid evolution.

And if you don't want to repeat, what will you do? look for adventure? look for some new things? but in the end you will also get sick and tired of it. You will look for another new one and another and another until you didn't accomplish something, until you want to go back to your old path again.

Repetition will not become boring if you will learn to appreciate it and add some new elements to it. You can change a little bit, you can add some things but make sure you are not getting away from the roots. Make sure you are still doing the main thing. You can upgrade but you can't downgrade.

And sometimes you need speed to enjoy something, for example if your job at the office is to simply call some customers and ask them to buy your product. It will become even fun if you will call a lot of customers and please your boss. You never know, your boss might give you a very high increase because you are making high production, how good was that?

How to enjoy repetition:

1. Add something new to it. If you are not enjoying job anymore because it is very repetitive and you feel like you are not growing, try to add something new to it. Look at some chefs who love their job so much, they never got bored. They try to look for something new that they can add to their work. Some chefs will cut the vegetables in a new level. They will cut it fast, faster than anybody else so they can amaze people. They found love in doing it that makes their job very interesting. They even throw the food in the air while cooking and catch it with the frying fan, they were having fun so much, they find ways how to amuse themselves.

2. Look for some competition. Find someone who is also doing something like what you are doing. Compete with him but never let him know that you are competing against him. Just do it silently. Watch his actions, achievements and production. Watch if he is doing better than you and then try to beat him in different areas. In this kind of approach, you will be able to add spice in to your work, you will become more motivated to make actions, you will have something to aim for. Warning: don't feel bad if you lose, just try to beat him silently. Don't make it obvious that you are building a competition because a war might build up that will result to bad results.

3. Tie it up with goals. Don't repeat something just for the sake of repeating it, tie it up with goals so you can enjoy it even more. You can also do it in work. For example you are working hard everyday, your purpose for doing that must be promotion or getting an increase. You do it because you want to have higher rankings. Don't work hard and not having something in the back of your mind. Have a hidden agenda and reason for your repetition.

At the end of the day, repetition is still the key why you are living. You are repeatedly breathing everyday but you are not getting tired of it, because if you does.. you will die. You are repeatedly eating everyday, some people even enjoy it too much and they turn into an obese. So why get tired of repetition? the world is repeating. The sun is rising, the rain is falling. Just enjoy repeating until you can enjoy it. At some point in your life, it will end so have fun while you are still repeating.