September 24, 2016


A lot of spoiled brat nowadays don't want to go to school anymore. They think they can handle themselves correctly and can succeed anytime they want. They think that life is very easy and that being a risk taker is cool. Hey hey hey, wait a minute kids, young bloods, childish ones... if you think that you will get things done and grab your dreams by simply risking something or acting like a tough guy then you better think again. Life is not all about that. You better wake up if you are dreaming that in just one snap of your fingers and your life will be in place, that thing only happens in fantasies, something like cinderella or snow white, that cannot happen in reality.

School is good, we all know that. It teaches you how to behave properly, it teaches you manners and it feeds you the information that you can use in the future. If you are lucky and your parents were able to send you to a popular school then your life will be pretty easy if you are looking for a job after you graduated in college. But sometimes school is making your success very slow. It is teaching you different subjects that you won't even use in work. That is why there are successful people who decided to dropout in their respective schools because they have some other things that they want to do. They have an idea that schools will never teach so they decided to pursue their own journey.

And those stories about college dropouts who made it big in their lives like Bill Gates etc, those stories were true and it continues to inspire people up to now. But the problem with those stories is it blinded some young bloods. Some kids doesn't want to go to school anymore because they heard those stories and wanted to do the same thing. They thought that forgetting about school and doing your own thing is very simple. They don't know the real story behind those stories. Those stories were full of sacrifices and adversities. Those stories were not made over night, it is a very long process.

So if you wanted to stop your schooling and make your own journey, make sure that you will go all out. Make sure that you will use all of your time for pursuing that dream. Don't stop because you are pretending that you have an idea in your mind and you wanted to realized that idea but in the end you will just quit and make excuses that you weren't able to finish your studies that is why you are failing in life.

Some young kids stop their studies and start doing their own thing but ended up nothing. It is simply because they were not serious. They just stop studying because they were lazy, they really don't have a vision in their minds. They were pretending that they are trying to become great but the reality is they were just partying, drinking and having fun everyday. You can stop going to school if you will take your dreams seriously and you will die for it. If you will do what ever it takes to get it then go ahead and leave your school. Life is yours, live it your way but make sure you will not waste your life, make sure you will succeed in the end because if not... you just made your parents cry.

The best thing to do is be practical but don't be realistic. Finish your school first then after that go ahead and pursue the impossible dream. It is the safest thing to do, you will become more confident because you know there is something that will catch you if you fall. You know you have a back up plan if you fail and that is to use your college degree.

But if you are really brave, decisive and you knew you can do it then leave your school and start pursuing your dream. If you are willing to sacrifice, get hungry and experience a lot of pain then pack your bags now and climb the mountain of success.

Good things about stopping school and pursuing your dream (if you are really serious about it)

1. You will become successful very fast, you no longer need to study subjects that are not related to your dreams. You will have more time for yourself and you can focus all of your energies for your dreams. Unlike someone who is studying in school, he have to wait for a lot of years before he become successful. This process is not making shortcut, you are just straightforward to your dreams and you don't have time for any other information that won't help you.

2. No need to waste a lot of money. Let's admit it, school is a business. The tuition fee is very high, you can't go to school if you have no money. Even if the school is public, you still need money to buy clothes, food and any other school supplies. You need money for your daily allowance and any other curricular activities that will not be even use in the future.

3. You will become very dependent and you can choose whatever you wanted to learn. Unlike in school, the teaching is very systematic and technical. They will even teach you subjects that you don't want which is just a waste of time. If you are travelling your own journey then you will learn how to learn by yourself. You will learn by experience and you will have more fun in learning because you get to choose whatever subject that you like.

4. You can choose which path do you like. Unlike in school, your parents will force you to become a doctor, engineer, attorney or any other popular jobs. If you will pursue your own dream, you can become an artist, painter, singer, comedian or any other profession that you really love. You can choose a profession that you will do everyday without getting sick and tired of it.

5. This journey is more fun and exciting. Let's admit it, school is very boring. If you will take a different path then you will experience more fun and excitement because you are living in a bigger world. The information is infinite, the experience that is waiting for you is a mystery. You will never know what might happen. One thing is for sure, if you succeed... your success is bigger than those people who went to school.

Disadvantages of stopping school and pursuing your dream right away:

1. A lot of people will criticize you and might even call you crazy. They can't understand you because they don't know how you feel. They will disagree with your decision and might even call you weird aliases.

2. You will fail a lot of times. Because your journey is different and not technical, you will fail a lot of times before you make it big. Remember that you have a unique journey, and having that kind of journey is very random, unpredictable and risky. Your journey requires a lot of trial and error so it is granted that you will fail a lot of times. But don't worry because success is guaranteed to you if you will not quit.

3. Money will not enter your life fast. You have to become successful first before you earn money. Look at those businessmen who didn't finish school... they need to make their business successful first before they can earn pretty decent cash. Just like I said, this journey is full of trial and error. They have to taste a lot of defeat first before they can earn money. Unlike someone who finishes college, he will just apply for a job then start working. The only difference is... people who traveled a different path will earn more money than someone who finishes school and just working in a company.