September 19, 2016


Listen to what you want and not to yourself because not all the time yourself is feeding you the right motivation that you wanted to hear. Sometimes yourself will tell you that you can't do it or you should quit or that is irrational. There will be a lot of times where you are doubting yourself. And that situation will never help, it will only stop you from getting your dreams. They say you must believe in yourself but what if the thoughts in your mind is telling you to quit, are you still going to believe yourself?

So the key here is to just focus on what you want, what do you want?, how do you want to live? what do you want to get? It is all about your wants and not your beliefs. Because not all beliefs are positive, not all beliefs will empower you. You can believe yourself, but what if you are believing yourself to fail?

Thinking about what you want will empower your belief to get it. Think about it everyday, imagine you are holding it, imagine you already have it. And of course do something to get it. Producing thoughts about it and pairing it with action, I mean massive action will create a strong belief that you will be able to succeed. As simple as that.

What do you want a car? a big house? lots of money? of course you won't believe that you can get it at first. So you just need to think about it, dream about it and do something about it. Keep on doing it everyday and you will eventually get there. The belief will become stronger and stronger everyday until you come to the point where you will doubt yourself again. Of course, your belief will not become permanent, you're just a human being and you will still doubt yourself sometimes. But because a lot of work has already been done and the foundation of belief is already very strong... you will keep moving and success won't matter to you anymore. You will just do it because you want it, failure won't scare you anymore. You're like a train moving, you don't see any bumps, you don't go any other direction. You're just moving until you reach your destination.

Because your wants will never change but your belief does. Your belief can become weak especially if you are dealing with a very strong challenge, a challenge that will make you wanted to give up. A challenge that seems very impossible to overcome will make you very doubtful of yourself. And sometimes because of your belief has weaken too much, you will pretend that you really don't want it, you will pretend that you want lesser things. For example, you are dreaming of having a Ferrari but because it looks like it is very impossible to achieve, you only dreamed of having a toyota. There is nothing wrong with having a toyota. What is wrong is you pretend that you want lesser than your original dream. You see, the what you want is still there, you still want a car but your beliefs adjusted so your dream also adjusted. Your belief become weak so your target become smaller.

So never focus on your belief because it can change anytime, just focus on what you want and pursue it regardless of multiple obstacles that may come on your way. Your positive belief will come back, it will never go away because it is already embedded in your heart. Just keep moving, just keep fighting because your situation can also change anytime. It is just a matter of hanging on there and persevering until the end.

A lot of people say you have to believe, believe in what? believe in failing or believe in winning? sometimes it is crazy because beliefs were very fast to change. At some pint you believe you can do it then tomorrow you will believe that it can't be done. So just focus on what you want because it is the only thing that will never change.

Look at those UFC fighters who were very competitive... all of them wanted to become champion, it never changed. Sometimes they believe they can do it but sometimes they don't but the desire to become champion stays forever. They were lying if they say that they never doubt themselves, if it is true then all of them should be undefeated. You will never lose if you never doubt yourself for a second, but that is very impossible to do. You're just a human being and you will become weak sometimes. It is normal,  but you must train yourself to find that tiny belief that you can still do it even if it is very impossible to do. So all you need to do is remember what you want and that small belief will come back, you will start to believe that you can do it until you do it.

So if it seems like it is over, your belief will become weaker. You will not exert the strongest effort that you can. What you need to do is remember what you want. Remember your dream, remember all of the sacrifices you did just to get to the final stage. Forget about believing it or not, just focus on what you want and your strength will come back again. You will feel fresh again, you will have the motivation to keep on fighting. It is not your belief that will strengthen you, it is your want that will empower you. You have to want it from the bottom of your heart, you gotta give everything you can.

Even if it is almost over, even if the curtain is closing, even if the gate is locking... just keep on thinking about your wants. I don't know if it is called miracle but something great is bound to happen if you keep on moving and fighting for what you really want. It is like being in the right place and in the right time, it is called crunch time.