September 17, 2016


If the situation is hot and it is favoring you then you should strike and strike while the iron is hot. If you are in the zone then you shouldn't stop, continue while you are still hot because it won't stay for so long. But if the situation is hot and the favor is not on your side then you should let the soup become a little colder, meaning you shouldn't fight the situation and you should relax and keep quiet for a little bit. You should take time, have deep breathes and clear your mind.

Never make decisions if you are in a bad mood or if your head is so hot. Chances are you will make a very bad decision, you will pick the wrong option and you will regret it in the end. Calm down yourself first and think of the right things to do. Make decisions while you are angry will make you end up in a very bad spot. Look at those people who fights in traffic, they kill each other, they bark at each other that is why then end up in jail, their good lives were over in just a blink of an eye.

Having the ability to stay calm is a blessing. Winners in life were very calm and relaxed. They never panic so they can think right under pressure situations. Look at the doctors, even if the patient that has arrived is wounded and badly hurt... they stay calm and grounded. It is not that they don't care, it is just important to stay calm for them so they can think of the right solutions for the problem. all champions, all the legends.. they were displaying a very solid calmness during pressure situations, they never break down, they always stay with the moment.

So if you are caught up in a situation where hot heads were dictating the pace... just stay calm and stop arguing with them. For example your mama, if she is making a very irritating sermon to you because you've done something bad, just stay quiet. Make the soup a little colder before you speak your mind. Let her speak and speak until she is done, and when the situation is in control... explain your side and say sorry if you needed to. That kind of approach will solve the problem, it will make the people around you think clearly. Instead of shouting too and making the argument so big... just stay calm, quiet and relax. Go to the inner you, you know there is no good thing you can get from being a war freak and loud person. Sometimes fighting fire with fire will only make the situation worse, it will only make the problem longer. So just swallow your pride because you are the more right thinking individual. Let those hot headed people rule... there is nothing wrong with being quiet because you know you have bigger plans in your head, you know what is the right direction and you are headed towards it.


1. You will be able to think like a sage. Unlike other people who let emotions get the best of them... you will be able to find the right solutions for a problem. You can even make them quiet by being calm and poised. People will follow your command if you are so confident and not panicking. They will see you as a right thinking individual and they will feel your power. They will believe that you are doing the right thing and you can make the right decisions. They will let you take control of the situation.

2. You will be able to move faster and think faster. It looks like you are slow because you are not panicking but the reality is you are faster than a person who is in panic. You will be able to move faster because you know what is going on and you know what to do, you are not guessing. You execute your game plan and you simply do what you needed to do. Unlike someone who is in panic or anger... he looks like he is moving fast but all of his actions were meaningless because he doesn't even know what he is doing. He is in a state of fear or anger and being in that kind of state will make you useless. It looks like you're in a sense of urgency and you want to do the right thing but you don't even know what to do. You are stunned, you are not aware of the surrounding.

3. You will not be able to make mistakes. Every move that comes from you are well calculated. You never execute an action for destruction. All of your moves were smooth and you are making a very good progress. It is like you're living in a different matrix. You will be able to see the things that others can't see because they were not in the moment. Even if the situation is very fast, you feel like it is in slow motion because you are breathing and you are thinking properly.

4. You will be able to enjoy life more. Even if you are in a dangerous situation or in a very uncomfortable situation... you will still be able to enjoy it because you know it is just part of life. You know that random things happened everyday so you will just cherish the moment even if it is a bad moment. You know life can end anytime so all you can do is appreciate what you have while you are still breathing. You also know that suffering is just temporary and problems will end in just a matter of time.

So if you are trapped in a place or situation where people are angry, hot headed and panicking. Just remember to let the soup become a little colder. Any anxiety that you will add to the situation will never help. All you must do is pause, breathe and separate yourself from others because you are the right thinking person and you know that nothing good will happen if you will join the angry party.

People nowadays were so hot headed, they want immediate results, they want immediate actions and answers not knowing that it will only worsen the situation. We need people who were calm and understand what the world needs. We need more people who will make the situation cool instead of making the fire bigger.