September 28, 2016


Everyone wants to get attention and appreciation but sometimes trying hard to get those things will make you look stupid. You are not being yourself, you are over acting and you are doing things that are unacceptable. Your behavior is gross, you're like a needy bitch that is desperate for limelight. And by doing that, no one wants to appreciate you even more. Your neediness makes you unattractive. They will feel that you are not being yourself and you just want to get attention.

There are some things that you can do to get attention without looking very needy and over acting. Sometimes silence is the best attention grabber but not all of the time it is effective. If you really want to get attention the you should start being true to yourself. You should start acting normal and do the things that your wiser ego is urging.

Some mistakes that people did just to get a lot of attention:

1. Wearing clothes that they really don't like. I've also done something like this before. I wear clothes that I don't like just to get some attention, I am so glad that in the end I learned that it will only make me look worse. Don't wear something because it is popular and it is expensive. You can still look elegant even if you are wearing cheap things. But I am also not telling you to not buy expensive things. You can still buy it if you really want it, if you fell in love with it right away after the first glance. But if your objective of wearing something is to just get attention and not being yourself then you will never standout in the end. It is about how you feel internally and not how you look externally.

2. Being loud and obnoxious. Have you seen someone who's so loud and looks like campaigning for a government position? He is annoying right? He is not attractive. It is forcing people to look at him and listen to him. When you are forcing someone to look at you then you will not standout. If you really want to standout then let them come to you naturally, you don't need to be so loud and obvious that you are just an attention seeker. Some people will also disrespect other people just to get attention which is not attractive. You don't need to be disrespectful just to standout because it will backfire at you in the end.

3. Drinking so they can express themselves. A lot of people do this. They drink so they can express how they feel without fear. This is nonsense because after alcohol has no effect anymore... you will be ashamed of yourself especially if you did some embarrassing things that you will never be proud of. Yes, you will standout if you drink a lot of alcohol because you will look stupid and because you are doing funny things but still, people will not respect you.

4. Pretending to have a lot of money. This style is always used by people who has no confidence in themselves. They will use their money to impress people. They will use the last penny in their pocket just to look elegant and powerful. But in the end people will no longer treat them right because they have nothing to give anymore. They will stand out for a very short period of time then they will look like a loser in the end.

5. Doing dangerous things. This one is pathetic. People who does this method are desperate and doesn't love their lives anymore. They will do dangerous things such as driving very fast, joining unregistered fraternities or gang, doing drugs, fighting someone, they will risk their lives just to get attention from others. They will do everything that they think looks cool. They were not even thinking anymore, all they want is attention and a little bit of power. If you want to impress others then you should learn how to take care of your life very well, don't risk it for useless risks that will not give you anything good in the end.

6. Posting nude. This one is hilarious but it is somehow effective but not for so long. Yeah posting nude will make you standout, people will salivate with your body but the question is... did you get some respect? I am very sure you will regret it in the end especially if your grand children sees your pictures. You will be the talk of the town for a very short time but still... you will not become successful.

7. Committing suicide. This is the weakest move of them all but for sure you will get attention if you try this, but the question is... can you still enjoy their attention if you are dead? will you be able to see their reactions if you are inside of the coffin? Committing suicide will make you standout but people will just remember you as a weak person with weak mentality. You will never look strong, you will still look like a loser. The worst thing is... you're gone.

8. Trying to become unique. Some people will do things that are very unique such as inventing something, ghost hunting, witchcraft etc. They do it just to look cool and so people will be amazed at them. They will do it so they will feel they are entitled to become popular. The funny thing about this is they were not even enjoying what they are doing so they will eventually quit doing it in the end.

There are many ways to standout without trying so hard and making yourself look stupid. You just need to know who you are and enjoy everything you do, you don't need to humiliate yourself and go very low. You just need to love yourself and express what you truly feel without seeking for appreciation. Here are the things that you can do to standout even if you are not trying hard too much:

1. Have a very serious goal. A goal that you truly love, a goal that you can do forever. People will feel that you have a goal and that you're a man on a mission even if you don't broadcast it. They will see something in you that they don't see in an ordinary person. You will move different, talk different and think different. You will stand out from others because you are acting differently and they will be able to sense it.

2. Be simple. Be a simple person with a vision, a vision that they cannot blind, a vision that you are soon to realized. Look at those successful people who were just simple...Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Simon Cowell, they just dress simple but they have a vision. They knew they don't need to impress people that they have a lot of money, fancy cars or big mansions. They standout even if they were just simple people because their vision is so big.

3. Never follow what is trending. This is what most common people does... they follow what is trending. They follow what is on the news, they love being mainstream. This kind of attitude will make you lost yourself, you will not be able to do unique things because you're just a follower. You do what they do, you wear what they wear, you speak what they speak. You're not even you anymore. You will not be able to standout if you will not do something that is against the crowd. You will not see the real you if you will follow the many. You will not see your real passion if you will not follow what your heart says. Almost all of the people will follow the latest dance steps, latest haircut, latest fashion etc. This is crazy because they can't even express their own idea.

4. Be yourself. Just simply being yourself will make you standout. There are lot of fake wannabes out there that thinks they are a star. In the end their true colors will be revealed. If you can be yourself then people will like you right away because being genuine will make you charismatic. If you can talk and move without being cautious then you're already a star. It is hard to be yourself especially if people were looking at you so if you can do it effortlessly then you already have a big advantage.

5. Make Mistakes. Some people will hate you by making mistakes but some people will also love you by being courageous. Ninety percent of people around the world were so afraid to make mistakes and take the risk so if you're not afraid to make mistakes over and over again then you are one of a kind. People will sense your bravery in a very unique way. They will admire you for taking chances because they see in you what they cannot see in themselves.

6. Be helpful and kind. Do this technique if your heart is not against it. But if part of you says that don't do it then don't, you will only look fake if you are being kind but deep inside you're mean. Being helpful and kind alone will make you standout, people will talk about your kindness and generosity even if you don't talk about it to other people. You will shine like a diamond and look like a hero because people loves helpful people.  The only bad thing here is some people might abuse you.

7. Become great at something but don't expose it. Choose a skill that you want to develop and become very good at it. Don't tell it to other people, let them discover it. Because being show off is not an attractive behavior. Just be quiet if you can do something great, the opportunity will show itself. When that moment comes you will really shine and stunned them because they don't even know you were that great. You're like a hidden gem that will outshine everyone. People will even wonder why are you not successful yet.

8. Be quiet if everyone is loud. This is the simplest and easiest way to standout. Being quiet while everyone is loud will make you different. Be quiet while everyone is very arrogant about their riches. Be quiet while everyone is talking about their success. Be quiet while they are exposing their greatness. Soon you will learned that they are also talking about you and admiring you, especially if they learned that you too are successful. People will notice you even more if you are quiet because they would love to learn more about you, they would love to unlock your mystery. Everyone knows about everyone so if you are quiet and making progress everyday... you are very different from them.

9. Strengthen your belief about yourself. If you really believe in yourself and you never doubt yourself for a second... you will standout, people will smell how strong your confidence is. It will show in your actions that you are a man on a mission and nobody can mess up with you. They will sense that you are not an ordinary human being and you can carry yourself anywhere you go. Believing in yourself is the best way to stand out because nobody can break you and you can thrive in any situation.

See, there are many ways to standout even you don't do stupid things. You just need to focus on yourself and stop seeking for the reaction of others. You just need to be genuine and authentic and do some amazing things which is possible by working super hard.