September 12, 2016


We all know that failing is a bad feeling, it weakens you, shatters you and make your confidence goes down. It is normal, what good feeling will you get by failing? You will look at yourself as an incapable human being, less skilled, less talented and cannot do something great. And even if you thought of yourself as a genius before failing... after failing you will see yourself as a dumb individual not deserving for his dreams. You would love to quit after failing and take another route, sometimes an easier one, sometimes you don't even want to take another route anymore you just wanted to stop, take a rest and live an easier and boring life. Failing can break your heart forever if you will allow it to.

But sometimes there are some instances that will make you feel good after failing. There are some situations where you are so very happy even if you fail. It may sound weird but it is true.

It is when you are so afraid to try something yet you still tried then you fail. You feel like a winner already even if you fail because you knew you defeat your fears. You knew you're a different person already. It feels like you accomplish something even if you didn't. It's like you're free from a very dark cell that is stopping you for years.

For example, you're a lazy procrastinator for years, if you have a project or have a goal, you always fail to reach it because you're so afraid to take actions, you were so uncomfortable in pushing yourself to the limits for unknown reasons. It feels like you can't step on the gas and use your second gear. You are always on your first gear, you never take quick actions, you never make decisions. You already failed before you try. You're so scared of failing that is why you don't want to even try, you always miss the deadlines because you knew you can't make it. You don't believe in yourself, you're just there to take things for granted and tell people these lines "I try but it is really difficult that is why I didn't make it". But one day.... one day you got sick and tired of always failing, you got sick and tired of letting things happen without forcing yourself to change it. One day, you take actions and give everything you've got. You got sick and tired of people not trusting you because they knew you are not true to your words. You push yourself, you got mad, you take massive actions and you became a man on a mission. You don't care about your past, you just simply take quick actions and make steps to accomplish something. But for whatever reasons... you still fail. But the good thing this time is you are very happy even if you fail. It is simply because you know in yourself you leave everything on the line. You give your best, it just happens that you didn't reach the deadline again. The good thing is you made a dramatic improvement. You feel proud this time because fear is no longer holding you back. You are fighting your fear this time. You made a habit of just doing it regardless of the outcome. You feel happy because you know next time you will succeed and you will not take things for granted anymore.

Another example is you take the last shot but you missed it, instead of passing the ball to the star player in your team... you decided to take it. Yes you missed it and your teammates and coach got mad at you. But deep inside... deep inside you were so very happy because you knew you didn't let anyone win the game for you, you try to win it for yourself it just didn't go on your way. You were so happy because for the first time in your life you stand up for yourself and you want to take the spotlight. Not too many people will risk something like that, people nowadays were so scared to take the last shot because they don't want to take the blame. They were even scared to hold the ball. But you are different, you know the real meaning of life. You know that you want to experienced being great too. You want to experience how it feels like to win a game, a lot of people wanted to take the last shot but they never take it even if they have the chance. They were so scared of the blame, they were too scared that they will lose their job. The sad thing is... when they became really old and cannot play anymore.. they were dreaming of taking the last shot, they were dreaming of going back to the past and wanting to become a star. But it is over, they can't do it anymore. Yes people around them didn't get mad at them but they are mad at themselves. They are mad because they let fear stop them from trying.

So the conclusion is.. even if you fail, you will still be happy if you know you go outside of your comfort zone. You will still be happy if you don't let fear stops you. You will feel satisfaction if you use all your strength and really give your best to succeed.

A lot of people.. even if they succeed, they were still not happy because they didn't use all of their strength, they weren't able to showcase their talents because they let someone do the winning for them. They just ride on someone's back and pretend to be successful too. And that feeling is a weak feeling. Trusting someone to do the winning for you is a form of cowardice and being disrespectful to your own strength. You are not born in this world to become average, you are here to do something special.

You know you can make decisions on your own, you know you have a talent of your own. So if you have to fail... make sure you use all of your strength, courage and skills. That is the only way to become happy... failing or winning in your way and not with other people's way.