September 22, 2016


Freedom is what everyone wants. It is a different kind of feeling if you are free. You feel like you can do everything and no one is there to limit your choice of decisions. You are free when you were born but sometimes you are the one who is jailing yourself because of abusing too much freedom. You are not free from mental slavery and negative thoughts. You are also not free from doing the bad things, you always engaged yourself to useless activities that will not give you benefits in the future.

Sometimes too much freedom will make you fail, you will celebrate being free so much to the point where you are doing things that will direct your life in the wrong way. Just like the old saying "having too much democracy will turn into tragedy".

Too much freedom will make you lazy. If you are free to set aside your responsibilities then the tendency is you will become a procrastinator. You will accomplish little things in life. You will not be able to stay in long hours of work because you think you can just work anytime you want and having that kind of attitude will make you no one. You have to stay disciplined in order to do great things. Life is not all about working when you just feel it. You need to work even if you don't like it because it is the only way to sustain the momentum if you are working on a particular project.

Discipline and freedom. There should be a balance between discipline and freedom. Sometimes it is better to have a strict parents so your actions will always be in check but the disciplinarian parents should give freedom to their children too so the children won't act rebellious and will behave normal. The strictness should be in proper place and proper timing. Parents should set rules that will make their children forced to do their obligations and when the obligations are done... they should be free to do whatever they want, and of course an activity that is not bad. There should be a reward after doing good things and that is where balance is taking place. You can't force someone to work everyday without giving him some little happiness and freedom.

Abusing freedom will make you want to get things fast. Look at those corrupt government officials who are abusing the freedom that they have, they want to get money so fast and that is why they were doing bad things that is putting their country down. They were very corrupt, they steal money but in the end they were still not happy. The worse is they were facing cases filed against them. They were not working anymore and if you are not working and feeling any pain then your happiness will be in jeopardy. You will not be happy by getting things fast, it is a fake happiness. Maybe you will be happy for a while because you already have what you want but it feels like there is an empty hole in your life and you don't know what it is.

So if you are free to do anything you want, life will not be challenging anymore. And you need challenge to keep your life in balance. Being free doesn't mean really being free. Sometimes too much freedom will not make you who you wanted to be. Too much freedom will transform you into something that you don't really like. Sometimes you need resistance to bring out the best in you. Too much freedom is jailing you because it is stopping you from doing the right thing.

For example, you wanted to become a lawyer but you are free to party every night and do whatever you want, do you think you can become a lawyer? of course not. If you wanted to become a professional athlete but you are free to eat whatever you want and do whatever you want may it be good or bad, do you think you will be able to reach the top? I will bet my one hundred gran you won't make it because too much freedom has already destroyed your discipline, it made you a bum without knowing it.

If nobody is there to check you if you are doing the right thing then be the one who checks yourself. Deprive yourself from too much freedom so you will not fail in the end. Never abuse the freedom that you are experiencing because you will be jailed in the end, you are the suspect and you are also the victim. You may laugh now because you think you can get away with anything that you do because you think you are so free but wait for a few more days and you will see that you are having a hard time solving things. Abusing freedom will lead you to nowhere.

So if your parents were strict, be happy about it because in the end you will know that they were right. Those days when you feel like they were choking you is just a training. They were just preparing you so you will be ready to face the real world. They don't mean you any harm. They were just being protective and they don't want to you to make mistakes that you will regret in the end. They were making it hard for you because you were so easy on yourself, you think that life is easy and having that kind of mindset will make your life very hard.

Freedom is a blessing if you use it in the right away and not for your selfish acts. You can use it to do greater things and not to put yourself in a bad spot. Being free doesn't mean being reckless and fearless. It means being responsible enough to carry yourself and do the right thing. It means having an extra edge from others because you are free to do what you wanted to do. So use your freedom wisely and never abuse it, use it to make yourself better and not a destroyer.