September 26, 2016


Procrastination is the number one problem of a person trying to become successful or accomplishing something great. I don't know what is it in procrastination because it is too powerful and very hard to get rid of. It seems like it can't be defeated because it can freezes someone forever and if you don't do something about it you will be a bum forever in your life. You will die without accomplishing something significant.

There are some funny things about procrastination, here are they:

1. You want to move but you can't move. Procrastination is very different from resting. In resting, your mind is totally in peace, you don't have any worries and you know you can come back anytime you want because you have no pending task or even if there is... it is not very urgent so you have the luxury to rest. But in procrastination... there is a war going on inside of your brain. Part of you wants to move and do something but the other part is scared and don't want to do something. But the sad thing is, the part that doesn't want you to move always win. It is funny because you know what to do, you know that you can do it but you still can't move. It looks like you've been tied with a rope and the more you try to move, the more the rope becomes tighter. It feels like you're stuck forever and there is no way out. How funny was that? The problem is very simple and yet you can't solve it. It's so funny you're like a helpless monkey.

2. You believe you can do it tomorrow.  Here is one funny thought about procrastination again. You really believe that you can do it tomorrow but tomorrow you won't do it again. Tomorrow you will say "I'do this tomorrow promise". And then the endless tomorrow never ends until your life is completely screwed. It is really funny because I don't know if you really believe it or you are just fooling yourself. You think tomorrow will be a better day, tomorrow you think you will be more motivated only to find out that you will do the same routine again. Watching TV, doing stupid things until the day ends again and you haven't started yet. It is funny because you have millions of tomorrow, it never ran out. You're so abundant of tomorrow, you were rich at tomorrow.

3. Your life is going down little by little but you are ok with it. This is one of the most funniest, you knew that your life is getting uglier and uglier by procrastinating a lot but you are not doing something about it. You are pretending that you are ok but deep inside you wanted explode because the suffering is too much. You can't take it anymore, it is not funny for you but for others you look so funny. They see you going down little by little and they are laughing at you because you look so weak and helpless. You look so funny because the solution is very simple yet you can't do something about it, you're like a helpless 45 day old chicken that cannot lay her egg.

4. You will simply look funny. Your appearance will look funny literally. Because you were so lazy, you will look like a hopeless son of a bitch. You will look fat, you will stink, you will look dirty because you are not even taking care of yourself. Your things looks funny too... you car is dirty, your shoes are dirty, your teeth is dirty. Everything about you is funny.

5. The excuses were so funny. You make a lot of out of this world excuses just to refuse to take action. Excuses that will only make you look stupid but you will still use it just to get away with your problem and make you somehow look right.

Excuses such as:

a.) I can't go to the gym my tooth is aching.
b.) I don't want to look for a job, the rain is so hard, I might get sick.
c.) I can't stand my knees were aching, I think I am getting older (said by the 28 year old bum)
d.) I can't study my head is aching, I need more sleep. (The bum watches tv last night 12 hours straight)
e.)  I don't wanna run I don't have a running shoes. (can borrow from his brother but chooses to make excuses instead)
f.)  I will do it tomorrow, my favorite tv show is on air, stop bugging me or else I'll kick your ass.
g.)  I'll do it later I will just take a pee. (after a few hours the job hasn't started yet)
h.)  I can't move, I haven't eat yet. (devoured all the food in the refrigerator then slept for 14 hours)
i.) Ok, let me just think of an idea (3 days have passed, no actions were still evident)
j.)  I can't do it, I have a bad dream last night and it says that something bad will happen if I insist to do it. (the funniest excuse ever)
k.) Ok, once my mother gave me a budget then I will go strong and do it. (his mother gave him millions but the bum still didn't take any significant action)
l.) I will do it if I get lucky and have a chance.
m.) Its' hard, I can't do it (the bumass didn't even try just for once)
n.) It is not for me, I am not into that thing.
o.) The traffic is so heavy I might deliver it tomorrow.
p.) This is a bad day, I am feeling bad (immediately do a movie marathon about the running zombie part 1-15)
q.) It's too dangerous let me think about it first (analyzing for one week and hasn't made a decision)

There are millions of excuses on the book that were used by the procrastinators. Those excuses were just making them look stupid everytime they use it but they still choose not to move. They still choose to look funny because they thought they can get away with it. You should wake up because the more you postpone something the more it will be difficult for you to move. You will be paralyzed by negative thoughts. You will get crazy, you will get sick and you don't know the remedy for it.

The key here is just force yourself to move even if it is really uncomfortable, it is the only way to set you free. It is the only way not to look funny.