September 18, 2016


If you did not start very good don't worry because it is not how you begin it is how you end it. Starting is really hard, I agree with others that it is the hardest part in everything. It is hard to start making a decision, it is hard to start to make a new diet, it is hard to start a new relationship, it is hard to learn a new skill,it is hard to learn a new language. Every start is difficult, but what will you do? if you will not face the discomfort that starting brings... you will not be able to achieve anything.

A lot of people sucks in the beginning and the moment they get embarrassed or they see that some people laughs at them... they will immediately stop. They will listen to what people say and not what their heart says. They will quit and cry like a baby in t
he corner, they will lose confidence they will look for an easier route. They will try another things, something that they thought is easier and when they face the same adversity... they will quit again. The cycle never ends, it is a vicious cycle that they keep on repeating because they don't want to stick to what they've started.

It is not how you start, it is how you finish. You may suck in the beginning, you may look funny when you are figuring things out, some people may tell you to stop but that is just part of the learning curve, that is part of the process. You should stick to what you have started and become very good at it no matter what, no matter what the odds are, no matter what the critics says. You should have one goal in your mind and that is to finish with a boom. Finish very strong, explode like a bomb.

Once you start something, all you have to do is stick with it until you become better at it, that's it. No need to listen to what people say, no need to compare yourself to others, stop looking at them if they were doing better than you. It is not your business to compare yourself and feel bad if you are not progressing. Your job is to simply become a little bit better everyday and believe in yourself.

You are just wasting your time if you continuously look for approval, everything that you are doing is right for as long as it is positive, related to your goals and the intention is good. Make it simple, just repeat and repeat. Stay focus on the grind, every little acts that you did will sum up in the end and you will get a big reward. This is not a race, this is also not a sprint, this is also not a marathon because in marathon they will still get the time you've finished. There is no time for finishing something, you can have all the time in the world. All you need to do is stop stopping and keep moving. Don't care if you're the slowest, don't care if you're the funniest. Just care to be the toughest.

Because all of those people who were laughing at you will quit at one point in their lives, if you can be the one who only remains then you are the winner. You are the grand winner in life, you are the champion. They will kiss your ass, they will be impressed. And of course you will pretend to be humble but deep inside you are laughing at them. Just give those losers some respect for not bringing up the past and elaborating their mistakes. Just stay quiet and remain classy.

Go hard but take it easy, don't be hard on yourself, just work hard and be easy on yourself. Don't curse yourself neither down yourself. Your time will come, patience is your capital and success is your profit. Just prepare yourself to finish strong, don't ever finish just for the sake of finishing it. Finish with explosion, finish with a boom, make a big noise. A noise that will make them deaf because your success is so loud.

How to finish with a boom:

1. Remind yourself about the sacrifices that you did from the past. If you wanted to quit, just keep on reminding yourself all the hardships, adversities and challenges that you overcome. Now is not the time for quitting, you should have quit earlier when you haven't invested a lot yet for your goals. You should have quit before when you see the reality for the first time that it is not going to be easy. You've come so far. You can't quit now, all you can do is finish strong or finish great. There is no other choices prepared for you.

2. Remind yourself about your purpose. What is your purpose for all of these? try to remember that so your strength, excitement and hunger will be revive. If it is about money, family or redeeming yourself... try to remember that, try to remember the roots of all of your sacrifices. Why are you doing this? Try to come up with a beautiful answer to summoned your anger and be wilder to become a winner.

3. Visualize yourself having the success that you are dreaming for a very long time. Close your eyes and try to embrace success, use your imagination, be in that place that you wanted to be. Hug your dreams, imagine you're on top of the world. Imagine you're already there and you will get there. Always feel the feeling of accomplishing something so you will have the will for finishing a valuable thing. Never get tired of visualizing and after that start moving, beat all the obstacles. Replace the negative thoughts in your head with the joyful ones. Just enjoy the journey, you will get there... it is just a matter of time.

So forget about the mistakes that you did from the beginning, none of those matter. I repeat the goal is to finish with a boom. You've already started... you can't turn your back now. Be a grown individual and finish what you've started.