September 21, 2016


If your dreams were too hard to reach and it takes a lot of time to accomplished it... your belief for achieving it will diminish at some point in your journey. In other words, you will doubt yourself especially if a hard rock hits you and you think that it is a sign to wake up and do some easier or realistic things. But don't worry because no one has ever  been successful that didn't doubt himself just for once. Every big person has doubted himself but what makes them different from ordinary people is... they were able to bring their faith back and they do it very fast. It is like believing themselves for years and then disbelieving for five minutes and then believing again. They can bring their faith back as quick as 4 am. They never lose hope, they may experience disappointment for a few times but they never remove their beliefs permanently. That is how strong their faith is to themselves. It is like an iron that never melts, it is like an ice that never breaks. It is there forever until they succeed.

So if you were a dreamer and people were already counting you out because they tell you that you lack something, just find ways how to believe your dream. Of course what they say will affect you, you are just a human and what people say may do some damage to your belief. You can't just say to yourself "don't listen to them". There will be times when you will listen to them and believe what they are talking about. There is an ongoing war happening inside of your brain between belief and doubt.

The key for bringing the faith back to yourself is to find small things that will make you believe. Find beliefs from different things and sustain that small belief or even amplify it. For example if you want to become a professional basketball player and your height is only 5"7 the best way to bring the faith back is to remember that there are players who were under 5"7 and became successful in the professional league. If they did it, you can do it too. If you will just follow their work ethic and professionalism then you will produce the same results. But what if you work harder than them and you are more serious in the business? I bet you will go further. You will become bigger and more successful.

You can find the belief anywhere, you can find it in any situation that you are in. Even if you are facing a great adversity, you can still find that belief to keep you going.

If you're house is about to get foreclose by a bank and you only have a couple of weeks to pay for your debt... You can still find that belief to pay your debts even if your money is not enough. You can still talk, walk and read right? then that is enough to summoned a little belief to find solutions. You can still move and you are healthy so believe in yourself that you can still make actions to keep your house from being owned by a bank. You can still do a lot of things, you still have energy and time. That is enough to have a belief that your problem will be solved. So start making actions, you can ask for a help from your friends and relatives. You can start asking for help online from charities or you can even run your own charity to solve your problem. You can even apply for a loan from different banks and see what you can do. There are millions of ways to solve your problem. All you've got to do is summoned that little belief that will make you not quit.

How to find beliefs to keep going:

 1. Make small actions - Find what is it that you can do that somehow will give you a chance to succeed. Any kind of action will do for as long as it is bringing you closer to your dreams. Always remember that any small action can become a game changer so don't ever hesitate to execute an idea that you think will give you a little bit of momentum. Even if that action seems to have no effect, still do it. You never know, there is always a reaction to every action so take a chance, you will not lose anything if you will try.

2. Visualize - And because your mind is already filled with a lot of negativity, it is time to replace the present thoughts with better ones. Close your eyes and visualize that you are winning, visualize that you are solving your problem. It may not be real for a moment but it will give you good feelings so that you will become more motivated. It will give you a little hope to carry on and do positive actions.

3. Tell it to the closest person in your life. Tell it to your friend or parents. You need someone to hear your stories and make you feel better. Tell them how are you feeling and tell them that you want to continue. I am very sure they will be there to give you advise and make your confidence stronger. They will say something to you that will make you more hopeful. Having someone to hear your stories will make you feel better and stronger. Remember that you are not alone in this world, someone will always listen to you.

4. Watch motivational movies. Doing this thing will revive your spirit. Sometimes you need to believe in the things that didn't happen yet so you will have a strength to do what is impossible. Always watch motivational movies so your motivation will not go away. But have the mindset that once you watched something you will act right away. Many people were caught up watching motivational movies and already forgotten to take action, don't be one of them. Always be aware if you are taking action or not.

There will be times when you will feel bad and just wanted to give up. You feel like there is nothing left in your tank anymore. But you can find belief anywhere if you will decide no to quit. It is like, accepting that you already lost but you keep moving. And soon you will see that situation is getting better and your belief is starting to comeback. Just believe even if you don't feel like believing. Fake your emotions, always make taking action as a default.