September 27, 2016


Not all addictions were bad for your health and can destroy your life. When we talk about addictions the first thing that goes into our mind is drugs or alcohol. But those are not the only addiction that exist in this world. There are millions of addictions and the good news is some addictions were healthy and can make your life better. So if you will choose to become an addict make sure that your addiction is healthy and will not destroy your life. Choose an addiction that gives you an advantage.

1. Saving money. This is one of the best addictions that you can have. Saving money will make you rich especially if you were so addicted to it. You will easily get millions. It doesn't matter what job you have or how much money you earn monthly. If you are addicted to saving then you will find ways how to make your piggy bank full and when it is full you will buy another piggy bank and feed it again until it becomes fat. This is a very good addiction because not only will it make you financially free, it will also make you experience a lot of things. You can buy anything you want, you can go to any place that you want, how lovely was that?

2. Exercise. Probably the best addiction that you can ever have. If you're an exercise addict then your life will have a very strong balance. This activity is the most healthy and the one that will give you a lot of benefits. You will become happier, stronger, younger and more positive in life. Exercise is the best medicine so if you can become addict with this activity... good for you.

3. Learning something new. This addiction will contribute a lot for your self improvement. Learning something new everyday will bring you very close to success. It will make you a genius, it will make you a phenom. You will learn different things that you will be able to use in your daily living. Always learning something new everyday will make you in demand, it will make you a hot commodity because you can adopt easily and you can do a lot of work.

Try learning something new as an addiction so you can do a lot of things and life will be easier to you.

4. Small success. Addicting yourself to small success will make you get bigger success. Small success like being number one in production, finishing a marathon, not smoking for 3 days straight (that is a success if you are a chain smoker), cooking a delicious food, having a successful relationship with your wife and kids, winning a very simple and friendly game etc. In anything that you do, you should strive to become successful because those little success will make you get addicted to success and those little success will become a larger success in the future.

5. Gaining something. This is another addiction that will help you to become successful. Always try to gain something everyday. Gain money, gain muscles, gain knowledge, gain followers or fan base. you can gain anything you want if you will work for it. Even if the gain is very little it is still a gain, you were better person than before if you gain something.

6. Progress. If you will become very addicted to progress then you will be happy everyday. People becomes sad if they were stuck at something and they can't figure out how to get away with it. Progress equals happiness. With progress you will enjoy life even more, you will become very excited to wake up everyday because you are expecting a development.

7. Making something beautiful. Making something beautiful is also a very good addiction. It will give you direction and it will also give you an excitement to create a masterpiece. If you have a car, a plain and boring car, addict yourself to making it beautiful and you will really make it beautiful. You will work hard to repaint it, buy it custom mags and kits etc. You might even replace its machine so it will become faster.

If you want to make your house beautiful, you can also use addiction for the success of its beautification. Put some decorations, repaint it, add a lot of displays, make it modern, upgrade it and always clean it. You will see that your house will be praised by many and it will standout from the rest. You can choose anything that you want to make beautiful. It can be things or yourself. This addiction is good because it will make you work to earn money so you can buy the things that you need to make something beautiful. The best thing about this addiction is you will be entertain and you have something to be proud of.

See, not all addictions are bad. You can choose any type of addiction that will make your life better.
Always choose the healthy addiction with benefits in the end. You can use addiction to have more fun in life and become successful.