September 20, 2016


Don't be afraid to be alone because it will show you who you really are.

A lot of people were very brave when they have a lot of support behind them, when they knew there are people who will help them in times of troubles. Their bravery is fraud and nothing but showmanship. And once they learned that no one is there to save their ass... they transform back into their true appearance, they turn into a very cute puppy that cannot bite anyone. How funny was that? their true characters were revealed, their true colors were exposed. 

So don't ever be afraid if you found yourself alone, it simply means you are on your own journey and you are serious about it. It doesn't matter if no one will help you or no one will support you. The only thing that matters is you keep on moving forward even if you are alone and scared. Strong people doesn't need a lot of companions, they knew they can survive even if no one is watching them. They have a very strong mindset that will never change even if the hardest things show on their way.

Because a lot of people will just follow the crowd, the will join the larger group even if they don't like it, even if they will only play a major role on that group... they will still join it because they were scared to look alone and weird. They were scared that some people will laugh at them. 

So if you want to test how strong you are... unfollow the crowd and make your own path. Never listen to them, never get jealous with the success that they are experiencing for the moment because you too can get it in the end. Maybe not as fast as how they got it but for sure you will get your own success. 

Yes you will be scared because no one is there to help you, you will get discouraged, you will doubt yourself but if you can bring the faith back in yourself then you don't need to worry anymore. You don't need to entertain negative thoughts anymore. Faith is your only weapon. No pack of wolves can hurt you, no large group of people with fake bravery can touch you. You can protect yourself, you can carry yourself.

Be happy if you are alone because it only means you are very serious and no one can join you because they can't match what you are doing. If you are alone, it means you are on a different level that is why no one can understand you anymore. Their minds were very common, they can't think the way you think that is why they don't want to join you. The can't match your work ethic, they can't match your belief. All of them were very common, they cannot even be themselves that is why they follow the crowd with the same thinking as theirs. 

Most of the successful people in this world has experienced being alone once in their lives. When they were not successful yet and no one believes in them. They look weird, a lot of people were laughing at them. When they finally succeed, that is the only time people learn to accept them. People would love to join them and ask them how did they do it. But not so fast weak people... those successful people still doesn't care if you are with them or not. They were ok being alone before so they are also ok being alone now. 

Being alone because no one wants you because you are useless and annoying is different from being alone because people can't understand you and they were doubting your dreams. Some people will make an excuse why they are alone... they will tell everyone that they are unique and they love being alone but the reality is people were sick and tired of their ugly behaviors, they were so lazy, useless and need that is why most people would not love to join them. 

But there are some people who naturally becomes alone without forcing people to stay away from them or doing anything that will make people mad. They just naturally become alone because they follow their dreams and no none wants to follow them. They become alone because they have different habits that is not similar to ordinary people. 

So if you really want it, if you are willing to die for it then don't look back and see who's on your back. Just keep moving forward and pursuing dreams even if you feel like no one is on your side anymore. It is what it is, people will not like you because you are becoming different and they cannot accept the transformation of your personality. They were all the same, they love to play safe and that is not your true self. You are here to become you regardless if people accept you or not. 

And don't walk alone because you are making dramas and you are pretending that you are doing something. Walk alone because you are really working hard and mixing a formula to succeed. Because at the end of the day people will still see if you succeed or not, if you disappear or disconnect yourself from the crowd for a very long time and you didn't produce any results then you just wasted your time. It is better if you just join them before and have some fun wasting your life. They will also mock you because you are pretending to become weird or something but nothing significant happened to your life.

So if you decided to walk alone, make sure you will win. It is like you can't go back anymore. You have no choice but to win because you will look like a more loser than them if you don't. The worst thing is you are begging down on your knees at them to accept you once again. So stand up and do everything to become victorious.