September 30, 2016


Why are you laughing? are you really happy or are you in a state of fear? Laughing has different meanings. Not all people laugh because they are happy or something. Laughter is very deceptive so you better be good in distinguishing laughs. Laughter has different tones, laughter has different levels of strength. You can use laugh for your advantage, it is very powerful if you use it in a right way. Laugh can control a situation, laugh can dictate the flow.

1. Laugh of happiness or excitement. This is probably the most enjoyable laugh. No feeling of fear, it is a laugh that is purely genuine and authentic. You laugh because you are loving the moment. You laugh because there is a funny thing that happens. You are relaxed and no tension can be felt inside of your body. This laugh gives you good emotions and it also lowers your blood pressure. If you want to lessen your stress then you better practice exercising this kind of laugh more often. You can even laugh at your own, even if there is no one around. Just watch funny movie clips or try to remember funny things that happened in the past.

2. Laugh of submission. In this case you laugh but it is not because you are happy, you laugh because you are scared and you are just agreeing with the alpha person dominating the situation. For example if a strong personality is cracking jokes, even if it doesn't sound funny to you... you will also laugh because you are scared to get noticed and be labelled as a kill joy type of person. If someone is somehow bullying you and making you look like a clown, you will also laugh because you are afraid that you might get hit or something. You will just laugh and accept the situation because you are afraid of trouble. Your are submitting, you are just pretending that you are liking it but deep inside you are just afraid and you don't want to be in a bad spot. It is like "ok go ahead and do everything to me, I will just laugh so you won't hit me harder, I will agree in everything that you say". This laugh is also known as the coward laugh.

3. Laugh of courage. Being ok with what is going on, you laugh even if the situation is really hard. This happens with people who are experiencing a great adversity. They laugh even if they are suffering because they knew if they stick on to the situation, they will still thrive in the end and become successful. Look at a boxer who is in deep trouble, even if his opponent is hitting him really hard consecutively... he still manage to laugh, it is like nothing for him. It is like wiping a dust. He knew that his situation will change later if he didn't give up, which usually is likely to happen. So laugh even if you are facing a difficult situation and tell yourself that everything will be alright if you fight back and never give up.

4. Laugh of attention seeker. This is usually done by people who lacks appreciation and attention. He will just laugh even if nothing is funny, he will laugh very loud and he will make sure that everyone around him will hear his laugh. He will laugh in a very corny and useless jokes, he will laugh even if he doesn't know what is going on. He will laugh just to standout, he literally thinks that he is impressing people. What he don't know is some people were already annoyed at him.

5. Laugh of defense. This is a scared laugh too. People who does this were always in a defensive mode. They laugh because they are just pretending that they are brave but what they really feel is fear and nothing lesser than that. For example a guy who is in a stare down with his opponent before their scheduled fight. He will just laugh because he was stunned by his opponent, he makes a fake laugh to defend his ego and show to his opponent that he is not scared. This laugh is somehow tricky, only the person who does this knows what he really feel.

6. Laugh of insulting people. This is a very disrespectful laugh and usually it can really make a person being insulted explode or really get angry. You can do this if you want to destroy the strategy of your opponent or put your enemy down even more. An insulting laugh usually creates a fight so always be ready if you do this. Be ready to defend yourself and make sure you can still laugh in the end despite of the trouble that you created. And if you are the one being laughed at, just ignore it because people who does this kind of laugh were also not very confident, they just do it because they want to get into their opponent's head, they were just celebrating the little momentum that they are having for the moment.

7. Laugh of awareness. When you caught someone not doing right and you want to give that a person a second chance then you do the laugh of awareness. For example a boss caught one of his worker sleeping while working, he will just laugh for the first time and will not say anything. But that laugh serves as a warning that the worker must do his job well and not take it as a go signal to continue sleeping. It is a laugh that has a hidden meaning. The one who does it may be preparing a punishment or something.

8. Evil laugh. This is a very scary laugh, someone who does this might be planning something bad that will create havoc. Sometimes the person who does this also smells victory and somehow he is being arrogant. But some people also does this for the sake of making other people laugh too, it is just for comedy purposes. This is a very strong laugh and can catch a lot of attention from people who hears it.

9. Laugh of appreciation. You can use this laugh to appreciate someone who takes a big risk and eventually put on a good show. You can use this to appreciate someone who is doing his best and somehow making a little bit of progress. This laugh is very positive and can somehow motivate someone. If you see someone laughing at you even if you are struggling, he might be telling you that it is ok and you are doing a good job. He also might be telling you to keep going because you are doing the right thing.

A simple laugh is very powerful, it can give signals even if no word is being said. It depends on how the laugh is being delivered and what kind of tone the laugh has. You can use it to your advantage, you can use it in any situation. The key here is just always feel good when you are laughing.

September 29, 2016


This is not the right time to become scared. You've already done a lot of work. You've already passed a lot of tests and challenges. This is not the right time to doubt yourself because you were very far. You don't know how many steps are remaining to become successful but one thing is for sure, you don't want to waste your hardwork from the past. This is not the end, it may looks like it is the end but the reality is it is only the beginning. You are just getting started, you are just getting warmed up. If you will give up now then all of your sacrifices will be meaningless, all of the sleepless nights will turn into nothing.

After all those years of endless work and grind, after all of those heartaches then you will lose motivation now? look at your past, look at how far you've come only to let go of your dream. You are very close, you just need to stay focus and place your thoughts in the right place. You are only thinking about quitting because things are getting even worse but just wait for a little more time and you'll see that your decision to keep going is right.

I am telling you this is not the right time to lose hope, this is not the right time to feel down. You are almost there, gather yourself up and keep pushing. You should have quit earlier if you want to but this is not the right time, you are so very far, you are so very close. Find that thought that will keep you motivated and just keep doing it one step at a time. Keep on taking small actions, it doesn't matter if the progress is big or small, what matters is you are still willing to move and you are moving in the right direction.

The door is not yet closed, you are still breathing, you can still move, you can still think right. There is nothing to worry about. Everything is good, everything is fine. You can make one step back but you should make two steps forward. Move, move then rest, move, move then rest. It is ok to rest but it is not ok to quit. I am telling you if you quit now then you will be a quitter forever. Just be patient and take your time because your time will come.

There is no reason to feel downhearted because you are still alive and if you are alive... Plenty of opportunities to win is on your way. A lot of people almost made it in life but they quit in the last stage of their journey, let me remind you again, the last stage of your journey is the most difficult so if the situation is very hard and you feel like you can't take it anymore... It means you are very close to winning, it means you just need to persevere a little more and you will make it.

Don't be like those people who quit in the end and are even proud to say to the public that they almost made it then they will follow up with their stories with a lot of excuses. Guess what, no matter how they twist their stories and make themselves look good... they cannot change the fact that they are still losers. No matter how far you've come, if you quit then you are still a loser. No matter how good your excuse is... you're still a loser. You can't change it, the phrase "I almost made it" is nothing, it is not even significant, it doesn't have any result so it is nothing.

So choose the right thoughts and make actions that will bring the motivation in you. Choose the right activities, entertain the right thoughts. This is not the right time to give up everything because if you quit now then you will have to start something new again. You will go back to zero, build everything from scratch and guess what... you might quit again in the end if everything is not going well.

This is not the right time to lose focus, I am telling you, you are just a few steps away from success. Just one step at a time and you will get there. You have nothing to lose if you continue, you were already in pain, you were already wounded. Those wounds will never heal if you quit, you will be haunted by your dreams forever if you give up on them.

Always remember that some people would love to have your place, some people are badly dreaming to have your shoes so they can feel how it feels like to be moving and pursuing a dream. You can't just give up like that. You already spend half of your life pursuing your dream, this is not the time to lose focus.

Just keep going and going even if your actions looks like they are not making an impact, just keep walking, just keep running. Make actions that you think will make your position a little better. Even if you feel you can't make it you still have to try something. You can't just stop and watch things move naturally or things handed to you naturally. Sometimes you have to use brute force to make something show on your way. You have to use your power aggressively so the universe will be on your side.

Forget about the time, forget about how far you still have to go. Your focus should be about your movement and nothing else. Always be aware if you are being complacent, always check your brain if it is entertaining useless thoughts. Be in the moment and face all the difficulties that life will have to offer. Never shy away form adversity, never shy away from success. Whatever is infront of you, you have to embrace it, devour it and eat it like it is nothing. You have nothing to lose if you keep moving, you have everything to gain if you face the pain.

September 28, 2016


Everyone wants to get attention and appreciation but sometimes trying hard to get those things will make you look stupid. You are not being yourself, you are over acting and you are doing things that are unacceptable. Your behavior is gross, you're like a needy bitch that is desperate for limelight. And by doing that, no one wants to appreciate you even more. Your neediness makes you unattractive. They will feel that you are not being yourself and you just want to get attention.

There are some things that you can do to get attention without looking very needy and over acting. Sometimes silence is the best attention grabber but not all of the time it is effective. If you really want to get attention the you should start being true to yourself. You should start acting normal and do the things that your wiser ego is urging.

Some mistakes that people did just to get a lot of attention:

1. Wearing clothes that they really don't like. I've also done something like this before. I wear clothes that I don't like just to get some attention, I am so glad that in the end I learned that it will only make me look worse. Don't wear something because it is popular and it is expensive. You can still look elegant even if you are wearing cheap things. But I am also not telling you to not buy expensive things. You can still buy it if you really want it, if you fell in love with it right away after the first glance. But if your objective of wearing something is to just get attention and not being yourself then you will never standout in the end. It is about how you feel internally and not how you look externally.

2. Being loud and obnoxious. Have you seen someone who's so loud and looks like campaigning for a government position? He is annoying right? He is not attractive. It is forcing people to look at him and listen to him. When you are forcing someone to look at you then you will not standout. If you really want to standout then let them come to you naturally, you don't need to be so loud and obvious that you are just an attention seeker. Some people will also disrespect other people just to get attention which is not attractive. You don't need to be disrespectful just to standout because it will backfire at you in the end.

3. Drinking so they can express themselves. A lot of people do this. They drink so they can express how they feel without fear. This is nonsense because after alcohol has no effect anymore... you will be ashamed of yourself especially if you did some embarrassing things that you will never be proud of. Yes, you will standout if you drink a lot of alcohol because you will look stupid and because you are doing funny things but still, people will not respect you.

4. Pretending to have a lot of money. This style is always used by people who has no confidence in themselves. They will use their money to impress people. They will use the last penny in their pocket just to look elegant and powerful. But in the end people will no longer treat them right because they have nothing to give anymore. They will stand out for a very short period of time then they will look like a loser in the end.

5. Doing dangerous things. This one is pathetic. People who does this method are desperate and doesn't love their lives anymore. They will do dangerous things such as driving very fast, joining unregistered fraternities or gang, doing drugs, fighting someone, they will risk their lives just to get attention from others. They will do everything that they think looks cool. They were not even thinking anymore, all they want is attention and a little bit of power. If you want to impress others then you should learn how to take care of your life very well, don't risk it for useless risks that will not give you anything good in the end.

6. Posting nude. This one is hilarious but it is somehow effective but not for so long. Yeah posting nude will make you standout, people will salivate with your body but the question is... did you get some respect? I am very sure you will regret it in the end especially if your grand children sees your pictures. You will be the talk of the town for a very short time but still... you will not become successful.

7. Committing suicide. This is the weakest move of them all but for sure you will get attention if you try this, but the question is... can you still enjoy their attention if you are dead? will you be able to see their reactions if you are inside of the coffin? Committing suicide will make you standout but people will just remember you as a weak person with weak mentality. You will never look strong, you will still look like a loser. The worst thing is... you're gone.

8. Trying to become unique. Some people will do things that are very unique such as inventing something, ghost hunting, witchcraft etc. They do it just to look cool and so people will be amazed at them. They will do it so they will feel they are entitled to become popular. The funny thing about this is they were not even enjoying what they are doing so they will eventually quit doing it in the end.

There are many ways to standout without trying so hard and making yourself look stupid. You just need to know who you are and enjoy everything you do, you don't need to humiliate yourself and go very low. You just need to love yourself and express what you truly feel without seeking for appreciation. Here are the things that you can do to standout even if you are not trying hard too much:

1. Have a very serious goal. A goal that you truly love, a goal that you can do forever. People will feel that you have a goal and that you're a man on a mission even if you don't broadcast it. They will see something in you that they don't see in an ordinary person. You will move different, talk different and think different. You will stand out from others because you are acting differently and they will be able to sense it.

2. Be simple. Be a simple person with a vision, a vision that they cannot blind, a vision that you are soon to realized. Look at those successful people who were just simple...Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Simon Cowell, they just dress simple but they have a vision. They knew they don't need to impress people that they have a lot of money, fancy cars or big mansions. They standout even if they were just simple people because their vision is so big.

3. Never follow what is trending. This is what most common people does... they follow what is trending. They follow what is on the news, they love being mainstream. This kind of attitude will make you lost yourself, you will not be able to do unique things because you're just a follower. You do what they do, you wear what they wear, you speak what they speak. You're not even you anymore. You will not be able to standout if you will not do something that is against the crowd. You will not see the real you if you will follow the many. You will not see your real passion if you will not follow what your heart says. Almost all of the people will follow the latest dance steps, latest haircut, latest fashion etc. This is crazy because they can't even express their own idea.

4. Be yourself. Just simply being yourself will make you standout. There are lot of fake wannabes out there that thinks they are a star. In the end their true colors will be revealed. If you can be yourself then people will like you right away because being genuine will make you charismatic. If you can talk and move without being cautious then you're already a star. It is hard to be yourself especially if people were looking at you so if you can do it effortlessly then you already have a big advantage.

5. Make Mistakes. Some people will hate you by making mistakes but some people will also love you by being courageous. Ninety percent of people around the world were so afraid to make mistakes and take the risk so if you're not afraid to make mistakes over and over again then you are one of a kind. People will sense your bravery in a very unique way. They will admire you for taking chances because they see in you what they cannot see in themselves.

6. Be helpful and kind. Do this technique if your heart is not against it. But if part of you says that don't do it then don't, you will only look fake if you are being kind but deep inside you're mean. Being helpful and kind alone will make you standout, people will talk about your kindness and generosity even if you don't talk about it to other people. You will shine like a diamond and look like a hero because people loves helpful people.  The only bad thing here is some people might abuse you.

7. Become great at something but don't expose it. Choose a skill that you want to develop and become very good at it. Don't tell it to other people, let them discover it. Because being show off is not an attractive behavior. Just be quiet if you can do something great, the opportunity will show itself. When that moment comes you will really shine and stunned them because they don't even know you were that great. You're like a hidden gem that will outshine everyone. People will even wonder why are you not successful yet.

8. Be quiet if everyone is loud. This is the simplest and easiest way to standout. Being quiet while everyone is loud will make you different. Be quiet while everyone is very arrogant about their riches. Be quiet while everyone is talking about their success. Be quiet while they are exposing their greatness. Soon you will learned that they are also talking about you and admiring you, especially if they learned that you too are successful. People will notice you even more if you are quiet because they would love to learn more about you, they would love to unlock your mystery. Everyone knows about everyone so if you are quiet and making progress everyday... you are very different from them.

9. Strengthen your belief about yourself. If you really believe in yourself and you never doubt yourself for a second... you will standout, people will smell how strong your confidence is. It will show in your actions that you are a man on a mission and nobody can mess up with you. They will sense that you are not an ordinary human being and you can carry yourself anywhere you go. Believing in yourself is the best way to stand out because nobody can break you and you can thrive in any situation.

See, there are many ways to standout even you don't do stupid things. You just need to focus on yourself and stop seeking for the reaction of others. You just need to be genuine and authentic and do some amazing things which is possible by working super hard.

September 27, 2016


Not all addictions were bad for your health and can destroy your life. When we talk about addictions the first thing that goes into our mind is drugs or alcohol. But those are not the only addiction that exist in this world. There are millions of addictions and the good news is some addictions were healthy and can make your life better. So if you will choose to become an addict make sure that your addiction is healthy and will not destroy your life. Choose an addiction that gives you an advantage.

1. Saving money. This is one of the best addictions that you can have. Saving money will make you rich especially if you were so addicted to it. You will easily get millions. It doesn't matter what job you have or how much money you earn monthly. If you are addicted to saving then you will find ways how to make your piggy bank full and when it is full you will buy another piggy bank and feed it again until it becomes fat. This is a very good addiction because not only will it make you financially free, it will also make you experience a lot of things. You can buy anything you want, you can go to any place that you want, how lovely was that?

2. Exercise. Probably the best addiction that you can ever have. If you're an exercise addict then your life will have a very strong balance. This activity is the most healthy and the one that will give you a lot of benefits. You will become happier, stronger, younger and more positive in life. Exercise is the best medicine so if you can become addict with this activity... good for you.

3. Learning something new. This addiction will contribute a lot for your self improvement. Learning something new everyday will bring you very close to success. It will make you a genius, it will make you a phenom. You will learn different things that you will be able to use in your daily living. Always learning something new everyday will make you in demand, it will make you a hot commodity because you can adopt easily and you can do a lot of work.

Try learning something new as an addiction so you can do a lot of things and life will be easier to you.

4. Small success. Addicting yourself to small success will make you get bigger success. Small success like being number one in production, finishing a marathon, not smoking for 3 days straight (that is a success if you are a chain smoker), cooking a delicious food, having a successful relationship with your wife and kids, winning a very simple and friendly game etc. In anything that you do, you should strive to become successful because those little success will make you get addicted to success and those little success will become a larger success in the future.

5. Gaining something. This is another addiction that will help you to become successful. Always try to gain something everyday. Gain money, gain muscles, gain knowledge, gain followers or fan base. you can gain anything you want if you will work for it. Even if the gain is very little it is still a gain, you were better person than before if you gain something.

6. Progress. If you will become very addicted to progress then you will be happy everyday. People becomes sad if they were stuck at something and they can't figure out how to get away with it. Progress equals happiness. With progress you will enjoy life even more, you will become very excited to wake up everyday because you are expecting a development.

7. Making something beautiful. Making something beautiful is also a very good addiction. It will give you direction and it will also give you an excitement to create a masterpiece. If you have a car, a plain and boring car, addict yourself to making it beautiful and you will really make it beautiful. You will work hard to repaint it, buy it custom mags and kits etc. You might even replace its machine so it will become faster.

If you want to make your house beautiful, you can also use addiction for the success of its beautification. Put some decorations, repaint it, add a lot of displays, make it modern, upgrade it and always clean it. You will see that your house will be praised by many and it will standout from the rest. You can choose anything that you want to make beautiful. It can be things or yourself. This addiction is good because it will make you work to earn money so you can buy the things that you need to make something beautiful. The best thing about this addiction is you will be entertain and you have something to be proud of.

See, not all addictions are bad. You can choose any type of addiction that will make your life better.
Always choose the healthy addiction with benefits in the end. You can use addiction to have more fun in life and become successful.

September 26, 2016


Procrastination is the number one problem of a person trying to become successful or accomplishing something great. I don't know what is it in procrastination because it is too powerful and very hard to get rid of. It seems like it can't be defeated because it can freezes someone forever and if you don't do something about it you will be a bum forever in your life. You will die without accomplishing something significant.

There are some funny things about procrastination, here are they:

1. You want to move but you can't move. Procrastination is very different from resting. In resting, your mind is totally in peace, you don't have any worries and you know you can come back anytime you want because you have no pending task or even if there is... it is not very urgent so you have the luxury to rest. But in procrastination... there is a war going on inside of your brain. Part of you wants to move and do something but the other part is scared and don't want to do something. But the sad thing is, the part that doesn't want you to move always win. It is funny because you know what to do, you know that you can do it but you still can't move. It looks like you've been tied with a rope and the more you try to move, the more the rope becomes tighter. It feels like you're stuck forever and there is no way out. How funny was that? The problem is very simple and yet you can't solve it. It's so funny you're like a helpless monkey.

2. You believe you can do it tomorrow.  Here is one funny thought about procrastination again. You really believe that you can do it tomorrow but tomorrow you won't do it again. Tomorrow you will say "I'do this tomorrow promise". And then the endless tomorrow never ends until your life is completely screwed. It is really funny because I don't know if you really believe it or you are just fooling yourself. You think tomorrow will be a better day, tomorrow you think you will be more motivated only to find out that you will do the same routine again. Watching TV, doing stupid things until the day ends again and you haven't started yet. It is funny because you have millions of tomorrow, it never ran out. You're so abundant of tomorrow, you were rich at tomorrow.

3. Your life is going down little by little but you are ok with it. This is one of the most funniest, you knew that your life is getting uglier and uglier by procrastinating a lot but you are not doing something about it. You are pretending that you are ok but deep inside you wanted explode because the suffering is too much. You can't take it anymore, it is not funny for you but for others you look so funny. They see you going down little by little and they are laughing at you because you look so weak and helpless. You look so funny because the solution is very simple yet you can't do something about it, you're like a helpless 45 day old chicken that cannot lay her egg.

4. You will simply look funny. Your appearance will look funny literally. Because you were so lazy, you will look like a hopeless son of a bitch. You will look fat, you will stink, you will look dirty because you are not even taking care of yourself. Your things looks funny too... you car is dirty, your shoes are dirty, your teeth is dirty. Everything about you is funny.

5. The excuses were so funny. You make a lot of out of this world excuses just to refuse to take action. Excuses that will only make you look stupid but you will still use it just to get away with your problem and make you somehow look right.

Excuses such as:

a.) I can't go to the gym my tooth is aching.
b.) I don't want to look for a job, the rain is so hard, I might get sick.
c.) I can't stand my knees were aching, I think I am getting older (said by the 28 year old bum)
d.) I can't study my head is aching, I need more sleep. (The bum watches tv last night 12 hours straight)
e.)  I don't wanna run I don't have a running shoes. (can borrow from his brother but chooses to make excuses instead)
f.)  I will do it tomorrow, my favorite tv show is on air, stop bugging me or else I'll kick your ass.
g.)  I'll do it later I will just take a pee. (after a few hours the job hasn't started yet)
h.)  I can't move, I haven't eat yet. (devoured all the food in the refrigerator then slept for 14 hours)
i.) Ok, let me just think of an idea (3 days have passed, no actions were still evident)
j.)  I can't do it, I have a bad dream last night and it says that something bad will happen if I insist to do it. (the funniest excuse ever)
k.) Ok, once my mother gave me a budget then I will go strong and do it. (his mother gave him millions but the bum still didn't take any significant action)
l.) I will do it if I get lucky and have a chance.
m.) Its' hard, I can't do it (the bumass didn't even try just for once)
n.) It is not for me, I am not into that thing.
o.) The traffic is so heavy I might deliver it tomorrow.
p.) This is a bad day, I am feeling bad (immediately do a movie marathon about the running zombie part 1-15)
q.) It's too dangerous let me think about it first (analyzing for one week and hasn't made a decision)

There are millions of excuses on the book that were used by the procrastinators. Those excuses were just making them look stupid everytime they use it but they still choose not to move. They still choose to look funny because they thought they can get away with it. You should wake up because the more you postpone something the more it will be difficult for you to move. You will be paralyzed by negative thoughts. You will get crazy, you will get sick and you don't know the remedy for it.

The key here is just force yourself to move even if it is really uncomfortable, it is the only way to set you free. It is the only way not to look funny.

September 25, 2016


The year is almost over, the calendar has only less than one hundred days left. Most of you who set a goal in the beginning of the year already gave up, am I right? You will say "I didn't get it this year, I will try again next year" Then next year you will say the same line again and the next next year and the next next next year. They delaying of success always prevail. You will do that over and over again until you grow old, die and didn't accomplish anything.

I am telling you, it is still early to give up, there are still ninety plus days remaining. You can still do something great. The last quarter of the year is the fastest quarter. It is very fast and exciting because holidays are coming, people are very busy shopping, making list of gifts, working hard so they can double their money. The last quarter has the most different atmosphere of the year. People were very happy and excited and you should take advantage of that. You should take advantage of the very good energy that this quarter is giving. You should be inspired more and do your best.

It is only september, don't just wait for Christmas and New year, do something about your dream. Do something about the goal that you set in the beginning of this year. Because if you will not push yourself now, you will not be able to do something great forever, your cycle will keep on repeating because you are ok with it.

Put a huge pressure on your shoulder to become successful this year. Don't just wait for your Christmas bonus and take this year for granted. You never know, this year might be your year but it will never be your year if you don't do something dramatically. Do something epic, break some records. Ninety plus days is enough to show the world that you too can do something great. You already postpone your dreams for the last few years, are you going to postpone it again this time?

It is still grind season homie, just because the spirit of Christmas is very near doesn't mean you can already relax. This year is not yet over, don't be like everybody else who already considered this year as done. They will set another goal next year and will have the same approach as this year, it is crazy. And they really believe that they can do better next year, they will create a make believe thought like "I will work harder next year, I will become successful". It is funny because they can't even work hard this year and finish strong so it means they can't finish strong next year too.

If you want your Christmas to be happier than last year then you should take a huge leap and do something impossible. Time is ticking, you have to move now. Every second is a must, no time for worrying and analyzing. Just do what you have to do and never look back. There are millions of ways how to succeed, you just need to try a lot and never stop working.

So forget all of your mistakes, laziness, bumness, procrastination acts and taking everything for granted acts this year. You need to put your mind in the proper place, forget about the past. Just focus on the remaining days of the year. Make it happen, don't ever let this year end without doing something great. This is still your year, you still have a lot of time.

September 24, 2016


A lot of spoiled brat nowadays don't want to go to school anymore. They think they can handle themselves correctly and can succeed anytime they want. They think that life is very easy and that being a risk taker is cool. Hey hey hey, wait a minute kids, young bloods, childish ones... if you think that you will get things done and grab your dreams by simply risking something or acting like a tough guy then you better think again. Life is not all about that. You better wake up if you are dreaming that in just one snap of your fingers and your life will be in place, that thing only happens in fantasies, something like cinderella or snow white, that cannot happen in reality.

School is good, we all know that. It teaches you how to behave properly, it teaches you manners and it feeds you the information that you can use in the future. If you are lucky and your parents were able to send you to a popular school then your life will be pretty easy if you are looking for a job after you graduated in college. But sometimes school is making your success very slow. It is teaching you different subjects that you won't even use in work. That is why there are successful people who decided to dropout in their respective schools because they have some other things that they want to do. They have an idea that schools will never teach so they decided to pursue their own journey.

And those stories about college dropouts who made it big in their lives like Bill Gates etc, those stories were true and it continues to inspire people up to now. But the problem with those stories is it blinded some young bloods. Some kids doesn't want to go to school anymore because they heard those stories and wanted to do the same thing. They thought that forgetting about school and doing your own thing is very simple. They don't know the real story behind those stories. Those stories were full of sacrifices and adversities. Those stories were not made over night, it is a very long process.

So if you wanted to stop your schooling and make your own journey, make sure that you will go all out. Make sure that you will use all of your time for pursuing that dream. Don't stop because you are pretending that you have an idea in your mind and you wanted to realized that idea but in the end you will just quit and make excuses that you weren't able to finish your studies that is why you are failing in life.

Some young kids stop their studies and start doing their own thing but ended up nothing. It is simply because they were not serious. They just stop studying because they were lazy, they really don't have a vision in their minds. They were pretending that they are trying to become great but the reality is they were just partying, drinking and having fun everyday. You can stop going to school if you will take your dreams seriously and you will die for it. If you will do what ever it takes to get it then go ahead and leave your school. Life is yours, live it your way but make sure you will not waste your life, make sure you will succeed in the end because if not... you just made your parents cry.

The best thing to do is be practical but don't be realistic. Finish your school first then after that go ahead and pursue the impossible dream. It is the safest thing to do, you will become more confident because you know there is something that will catch you if you fall. You know you have a back up plan if you fail and that is to use your college degree.

But if you are really brave, decisive and you knew you can do it then leave your school and start pursuing your dream. If you are willing to sacrifice, get hungry and experience a lot of pain then pack your bags now and climb the mountain of success.

Good things about stopping school and pursuing your dream (if you are really serious about it)

1. You will become successful very fast, you no longer need to study subjects that are not related to your dreams. You will have more time for yourself and you can focus all of your energies for your dreams. Unlike someone who is studying in school, he have to wait for a lot of years before he become successful. This process is not making shortcut, you are just straightforward to your dreams and you don't have time for any other information that won't help you.

2. No need to waste a lot of money. Let's admit it, school is a business. The tuition fee is very high, you can't go to school if you have no money. Even if the school is public, you still need money to buy clothes, food and any other school supplies. You need money for your daily allowance and any other curricular activities that will not be even use in the future.

3. You will become very dependent and you can choose whatever you wanted to learn. Unlike in school, the teaching is very systematic and technical. They will even teach you subjects that you don't want which is just a waste of time. If you are travelling your own journey then you will learn how to learn by yourself. You will learn by experience and you will have more fun in learning because you get to choose whatever subject that you like.

4. You can choose which path do you like. Unlike in school, your parents will force you to become a doctor, engineer, attorney or any other popular jobs. If you will pursue your own dream, you can become an artist, painter, singer, comedian or any other profession that you really love. You can choose a profession that you will do everyday without getting sick and tired of it.

5. This journey is more fun and exciting. Let's admit it, school is very boring. If you will take a different path then you will experience more fun and excitement because you are living in a bigger world. The information is infinite, the experience that is waiting for you is a mystery. You will never know what might happen. One thing is for sure, if you succeed... your success is bigger than those people who went to school.

Disadvantages of stopping school and pursuing your dream right away:

1. A lot of people will criticize you and might even call you crazy. They can't understand you because they don't know how you feel. They will disagree with your decision and might even call you weird aliases.

2. You will fail a lot of times. Because your journey is different and not technical, you will fail a lot of times before you make it big. Remember that you have a unique journey, and having that kind of journey is very random, unpredictable and risky. Your journey requires a lot of trial and error so it is granted that you will fail a lot of times. But don't worry because success is guaranteed to you if you will not quit.

3. Money will not enter your life fast. You have to become successful first before you earn money. Look at those businessmen who didn't finish school... they need to make their business successful first before they can earn pretty decent cash. Just like I said, this journey is full of trial and error. They have to taste a lot of defeat first before they can earn money. Unlike someone who finishes college, he will just apply for a job then start working. The only difference is... people who traveled a different path will earn more money than someone who finishes school and just working in a company.

September 23, 2016


What does reaching your prime mean? It means reaching your peak stage, it means you reach your highest level and you unlock your potential. It means you are one  of the best if not the greatest. It means experiencing such a high level of success in your life and being very strong in a certain period of time. It means you are nailing it, you unstoppable and you are ready to win anytime you want. You are in control and you have to power to take over.

Anyone can reach his prime but not everyone will experience it. It is simply because some people are working hard while waiting for it and some people are just waiting for it and believing that they will become great even if they were doing nothing. They think like there is a fairy godmother who will transform them into something if they wait enough.

You will reach your prime if you keep on working hard everyday because that is where your work ethic, skills and will power is being developed and those things are essentials for reaching your prime. Some people use age as a basis for reaching their prime, they say if you reach the age of 27 or something then you will be at your best version of yourself which is not true. I've known a lot of people who were at their 27's and still living like a bum and hasn't accomplish anything great yet in their lives.

Some people were only at their early 20's and have already reached their prime because they work harder than anybody else. They have this sense of urgency that life is too short, fast and playful so they use their time very wisely and do what is necessary to thrive in life. They were very serious in what they are doing, they were very focused on their goals and that is why they get their goals very fast.

How to reach your prime for sure:

1. Just choose one path. Setting a lot of goals and wanting to be good in everything will avoid you to reach your prime. You will get confused, you will have difficulty in managing time. Of course there will be a lot of setbacks as you travel your journey. If you are taking a lot of path then you will experience multiple setbacks in the same time instead of solving one problem at a time. Just choose one path and then be good at it and focus on it so your energy will be use in just one thing and it will be easier for you to reach your prime.

2. Reach for it. It should be on your mind everyday, you should be thinking about it 24 hours a day and you should make an effort to reach for it everyday. Not just working on it for a couple of hours a week. You should be serious and you should be for real. You cannot attain a great success if you are clowning around and if your efforts were inconsistent. You should add something into your arsenal everyday and force yourself to progress everyday. Not every other day, not every other week. It should be everyday, even if it is holiday or there is a special occasion. You should not stop grinding, no excuses.

3. Don't wait. Don't believe in age. A lot of people wait for a certain age before they work hard and decide that they will go for something. That mindset removes the hunger to succeed and become great. The habit for success was not built so when they reach the age that they want to reach their prime... they have no idea where to start. There is no little momentum that they can rely on.

Always remember that even if you are so young you can still lead and become the best in your field. It takes a lot of hardwork and courage to achieve it but it is possible. If you were so hungry now and you wanted to become successful and great, go a head and follow your heart. Because too much waiting will make you not hungry anymore. You will become satisfied of what you have especially if your life is a little comfortable already.

4. Strive to improve everyday. Always look for something that will make your skills and situation better. You can improve everyday if you want it, there is no excuse not to improve. If you didn't improve just for a little in one day, it means you become lazy and you take time for granted. If you really want to reach your prime then improvement and getting better should be your number one priority. Find the areas in your life that you can improve and do something about it. A little improvement everyday is better than not improving at all. An improvement, no matter how small it is will give you a very good momentum.

5. Never believe that you are too old. What if you haven't seen your prime yet and you were already at your 50's or 60's will you still look for your prime? I bet you will doubt yourself and forget dreaming. But the good news is... reaching your prime has no age limit nor age minimum. You can still have it even if you are at your 70's. Some big personalities started to thrive when they were at their 60's already. They became one of the most successful in the world even if it looks like their prime years were over, I think they began to realize that they only have one life and they don't want to die without experiencing how it feels to become really successful.

So if you are bumming in your past and you decided to become great now, go for it, it is never too late. You can only give up if you can't walk or move anymore. You can only stop dreaming if you only have one week left in your life but if not... keep pushing, keep fighting, keep reaching. It is not over until you succeed.

September 23, 2016


You talk too much, you coach too much, you give a lot of advise. What you don't know is you might not be helping. You might be adding some more burden to the people whom you are giving advise. Sometimes you become very irritating and they don't want to hear anything from you so you better shut your mouth and let the situation take care of itself.

I know your intentions are good but too much good intentions is producing bad decisions. Too much intention can produce a tension so sometimes it is better to just keep quiet and let them do the work. They have their own brains, they too can decide and make judgement. You are not the only one who have brain so just close your mouth and watch them perform.

Because the more your force them to follow you and listen to your advise, the more they can't think clearly and  become confused. You are suffocating them and make life more difficult for them. You're like a poisonous gas destroying their fresh air so they can't breathe.

Let them do their thing. Sometimes the people you are helping already knew what they need to do so just let them make decisions on their own. After all, if they follow you and everything went wrong, you are the who will be blamed. So let them make mistakes, they will eventually know in the end what is right. Sometimes all they need is to think for themselves, they want to figure out on their own so you better take one step back and just watch them. It is not leaving them or not supporting them, you are still there but you are letting them express themselves and solve problems using their own strength.

Because the moment you irritate them.. they will lose their focus and will tell you to shut up. And of course you will get hurt, you will feel like you were taken for granted. But keep in mind that they just did it because you are making the situation worse. You are making the burden heavier by talking a lot. Tone down a little bit and let them think freely.

How to help without irritating someone:

1. Just watch. Don't talk when you see mistakes, don't criticize when you see flaws. Just let them be, after all they will ask help if they think you can help. If they were not asking for your advise then just keep quiet. Sometimes letting a person know that you are on his side is already a big help without talking a lot. Being quiet but displaying your presence is a big motivator.

2. Appreciate the progress. If someone had made a good decision, even if the problem hasn't been solved completely... learn to appreciate him. Appreciation is already a big help, it means you are there to support and you are ready to offer a helping hand. It also serves as a signal that you are interested in what he is doing and can offer some good advise if asked to.

3. Be ready to listen. Someone will ask for your help if they think they can't take it anymore so always be ready to listen. Be ready to offer suggestions but always remember that you will only offer suggestions or make advises when they come to you. People will ask if they need to so you don't need to come to them, just prepare yourself to listen anytime  and anywhere.

September 22, 2016


Freedom is what everyone wants. It is a different kind of feeling if you are free. You feel like you can do everything and no one is there to limit your choice of decisions. You are free when you were born but sometimes you are the one who is jailing yourself because of abusing too much freedom. You are not free from mental slavery and negative thoughts. You are also not free from doing the bad things, you always engaged yourself to useless activities that will not give you benefits in the future.

Sometimes too much freedom will make you fail, you will celebrate being free so much to the point where you are doing things that will direct your life in the wrong way. Just like the old saying "having too much democracy will turn into tragedy".

Too much freedom will make you lazy. If you are free to set aside your responsibilities then the tendency is you will become a procrastinator. You will accomplish little things in life. You will not be able to stay in long hours of work because you think you can just work anytime you want and having that kind of attitude will make you no one. You have to stay disciplined in order to do great things. Life is not all about working when you just feel it. You need to work even if you don't like it because it is the only way to sustain the momentum if you are working on a particular project.

Discipline and freedom. There should be a balance between discipline and freedom. Sometimes it is better to have a strict parents so your actions will always be in check but the disciplinarian parents should give freedom to their children too so the children won't act rebellious and will behave normal. The strictness should be in proper place and proper timing. Parents should set rules that will make their children forced to do their obligations and when the obligations are done... they should be free to do whatever they want, and of course an activity that is not bad. There should be a reward after doing good things and that is where balance is taking place. You can't force someone to work everyday without giving him some little happiness and freedom.

Abusing freedom will make you want to get things fast. Look at those corrupt government officials who are abusing the freedom that they have, they want to get money so fast and that is why they were doing bad things that is putting their country down. They were very corrupt, they steal money but in the end they were still not happy. The worse is they were facing cases filed against them. They were not working anymore and if you are not working and feeling any pain then your happiness will be in jeopardy. You will not be happy by getting things fast, it is a fake happiness. Maybe you will be happy for a while because you already have what you want but it feels like there is an empty hole in your life and you don't know what it is.

So if you are free to do anything you want, life will not be challenging anymore. And you need challenge to keep your life in balance. Being free doesn't mean really being free. Sometimes too much freedom will not make you who you wanted to be. Too much freedom will transform you into something that you don't really like. Sometimes you need resistance to bring out the best in you. Too much freedom is jailing you because it is stopping you from doing the right thing.

For example, you wanted to become a lawyer but you are free to party every night and do whatever you want, do you think you can become a lawyer? of course not. If you wanted to become a professional athlete but you are free to eat whatever you want and do whatever you want may it be good or bad, do you think you will be able to reach the top? I will bet my one hundred gran you won't make it because too much freedom has already destroyed your discipline, it made you a bum without knowing it.

If nobody is there to check you if you are doing the right thing then be the one who checks yourself. Deprive yourself from too much freedom so you will not fail in the end. Never abuse the freedom that you are experiencing because you will be jailed in the end, you are the suspect and you are also the victim. You may laugh now because you think you can get away with anything that you do because you think you are so free but wait for a few more days and you will see that you are having a hard time solving things. Abusing freedom will lead you to nowhere.

So if your parents were strict, be happy about it because in the end you will know that they were right. Those days when you feel like they were choking you is just a training. They were just preparing you so you will be ready to face the real world. They don't mean you any harm. They were just being protective and they don't want to you to make mistakes that you will regret in the end. They were making it hard for you because you were so easy on yourself, you think that life is easy and having that kind of mindset will make your life very hard.

Freedom is a blessing if you use it in the right away and not for your selfish acts. You can use it to do greater things and not to put yourself in a bad spot. Being free doesn't mean being reckless and fearless. It means being responsible enough to carry yourself and do the right thing. It means having an extra edge from others because you are free to do what you wanted to do. So use your freedom wisely and never abuse it, use it to make yourself better and not a destroyer.

September 21, 2016


If your dreams were too hard to reach and it takes a lot of time to accomplished it... your belief for achieving it will diminish at some point in your journey. In other words, you will doubt yourself especially if a hard rock hits you and you think that it is a sign to wake up and do some easier or realistic things. But don't worry because no one has ever  been successful that didn't doubt himself just for once. Every big person has doubted himself but what makes them different from ordinary people is... they were able to bring their faith back and they do it very fast. It is like believing themselves for years and then disbelieving for five minutes and then believing again. They can bring their faith back as quick as 4 am. They never lose hope, they may experience disappointment for a few times but they never remove their beliefs permanently. That is how strong their faith is to themselves. It is like an iron that never melts, it is like an ice that never breaks. It is there forever until they succeed.

So if you were a dreamer and people were already counting you out because they tell you that you lack something, just find ways how to believe your dream. Of course what they say will affect you, you are just a human and what people say may do some damage to your belief. You can't just say to yourself "don't listen to them". There will be times when you will listen to them and believe what they are talking about. There is an ongoing war happening inside of your brain between belief and doubt.

The key for bringing the faith back to yourself is to find small things that will make you believe. Find beliefs from different things and sustain that small belief or even amplify it. For example if you want to become a professional basketball player and your height is only 5"7 the best way to bring the faith back is to remember that there are players who were under 5"7 and became successful in the professional league. If they did it, you can do it too. If you will just follow their work ethic and professionalism then you will produce the same results. But what if you work harder than them and you are more serious in the business? I bet you will go further. You will become bigger and more successful.

You can find the belief anywhere, you can find it in any situation that you are in. Even if you are facing a great adversity, you can still find that belief to keep you going.

If you're house is about to get foreclose by a bank and you only have a couple of weeks to pay for your debt... You can still find that belief to pay your debts even if your money is not enough. You can still talk, walk and read right? then that is enough to summoned a little belief to find solutions. You can still move and you are healthy so believe in yourself that you can still make actions to keep your house from being owned by a bank. You can still do a lot of things, you still have energy and time. That is enough to have a belief that your problem will be solved. So start making actions, you can ask for a help from your friends and relatives. You can start asking for help online from charities or you can even run your own charity to solve your problem. You can even apply for a loan from different banks and see what you can do. There are millions of ways to solve your problem. All you've got to do is summoned that little belief that will make you not quit.

How to find beliefs to keep going:

 1. Make small actions - Find what is it that you can do that somehow will give you a chance to succeed. Any kind of action will do for as long as it is bringing you closer to your dreams. Always remember that any small action can become a game changer so don't ever hesitate to execute an idea that you think will give you a little bit of momentum. Even if that action seems to have no effect, still do it. You never know, there is always a reaction to every action so take a chance, you will not lose anything if you will try.

2. Visualize - And because your mind is already filled with a lot of negativity, it is time to replace the present thoughts with better ones. Close your eyes and visualize that you are winning, visualize that you are solving your problem. It may not be real for a moment but it will give you good feelings so that you will become more motivated. It will give you a little hope to carry on and do positive actions.

3. Tell it to the closest person in your life. Tell it to your friend or parents. You need someone to hear your stories and make you feel better. Tell them how are you feeling and tell them that you want to continue. I am very sure they will be there to give you advise and make your confidence stronger. They will say something to you that will make you more hopeful. Having someone to hear your stories will make you feel better and stronger. Remember that you are not alone in this world, someone will always listen to you.

4. Watch motivational movies. Doing this thing will revive your spirit. Sometimes you need to believe in the things that didn't happen yet so you will have a strength to do what is impossible. Always watch motivational movies so your motivation will not go away. But have the mindset that once you watched something you will act right away. Many people were caught up watching motivational movies and already forgotten to take action, don't be one of them. Always be aware if you are taking action or not.

There will be times when you will feel bad and just wanted to give up. You feel like there is nothing left in your tank anymore. But you can find belief anywhere if you will decide no to quit. It is like, accepting that you already lost but you keep moving. And soon you will see that situation is getting better and your belief is starting to comeback. Just believe even if you don't feel like believing. Fake your emotions, always make taking action as a default. 

September 20, 2016


Don't be afraid to be alone because it will show you who you really are.

A lot of people were very brave when they have a lot of support behind them, when they knew there are people who will help them in times of troubles. Their bravery is fraud and nothing but showmanship. And once they learned that no one is there to save their ass... they transform back into their true appearance, they turn into a very cute puppy that cannot bite anyone. How funny was that? their true characters were revealed, their true colors were exposed. 

So don't ever be afraid if you found yourself alone, it simply means you are on your own journey and you are serious about it. It doesn't matter if no one will help you or no one will support you. The only thing that matters is you keep on moving forward even if you are alone and scared. Strong people doesn't need a lot of companions, they knew they can survive even if no one is watching them. They have a very strong mindset that will never change even if the hardest things show on their way.

Because a lot of people will just follow the crowd, the will join the larger group even if they don't like it, even if they will only play a major role on that group... they will still join it because they were scared to look alone and weird. They were scared that some people will laugh at them. 

So if you want to test how strong you are... unfollow the crowd and make your own path. Never listen to them, never get jealous with the success that they are experiencing for the moment because you too can get it in the end. Maybe not as fast as how they got it but for sure you will get your own success. 

Yes you will be scared because no one is there to help you, you will get discouraged, you will doubt yourself but if you can bring the faith back in yourself then you don't need to worry anymore. You don't need to entertain negative thoughts anymore. Faith is your only weapon. No pack of wolves can hurt you, no large group of people with fake bravery can touch you. You can protect yourself, you can carry yourself.

Be happy if you are alone because it only means you are very serious and no one can join you because they can't match what you are doing. If you are alone, it means you are on a different level that is why no one can understand you anymore. Their minds were very common, they can't think the way you think that is why they don't want to join you. The can't match your work ethic, they can't match your belief. All of them were very common, they cannot even be themselves that is why they follow the crowd with the same thinking as theirs. 

Most of the successful people in this world has experienced being alone once in their lives. When they were not successful yet and no one believes in them. They look weird, a lot of people were laughing at them. When they finally succeed, that is the only time people learn to accept them. People would love to join them and ask them how did they do it. But not so fast weak people... those successful people still doesn't care if you are with them or not. They were ok being alone before so they are also ok being alone now. 

Being alone because no one wants you because you are useless and annoying is different from being alone because people can't understand you and they were doubting your dreams. Some people will make an excuse why they are alone... they will tell everyone that they are unique and they love being alone but the reality is people were sick and tired of their ugly behaviors, they were so lazy, useless and need that is why most people would not love to join them. 

But there are some people who naturally becomes alone without forcing people to stay away from them or doing anything that will make people mad. They just naturally become alone because they follow their dreams and no none wants to follow them. They become alone because they have different habits that is not similar to ordinary people. 

So if you really want it, if you are willing to die for it then don't look back and see who's on your back. Just keep moving forward and pursuing dreams even if you feel like no one is on your side anymore. It is what it is, people will not like you because you are becoming different and they cannot accept the transformation of your personality. They were all the same, they love to play safe and that is not your true self. You are here to become you regardless if people accept you or not. 

And don't walk alone because you are making dramas and you are pretending that you are doing something. Walk alone because you are really working hard and mixing a formula to succeed. Because at the end of the day people will still see if you succeed or not, if you disappear or disconnect yourself from the crowd for a very long time and you didn't produce any results then you just wasted your time. It is better if you just join them before and have some fun wasting your life. They will also mock you because you are pretending to become weird or something but nothing significant happened to your life.

So if you decided to walk alone, make sure you will win. It is like you can't go back anymore. You have no choice but to win because you will look like a more loser than them if you don't. The worst thing is you are begging down on your knees at them to accept you once again. So stand up and do everything to become victorious. 

September 19, 2016


Listen to what you want and not to yourself because not all the time yourself is feeding you the right motivation that you wanted to hear. Sometimes yourself will tell you that you can't do it or you should quit or that is irrational. There will be a lot of times where you are doubting yourself. And that situation will never help, it will only stop you from getting your dreams. They say you must believe in yourself but what if the thoughts in your mind is telling you to quit, are you still going to believe yourself?

So the key here is to just focus on what you want, what do you want?, how do you want to live? what do you want to get? It is all about your wants and not your beliefs. Because not all beliefs are positive, not all beliefs will empower you. You can believe yourself, but what if you are believing yourself to fail?

Thinking about what you want will empower your belief to get it. Think about it everyday, imagine you are holding it, imagine you already have it. And of course do something to get it. Producing thoughts about it and pairing it with action, I mean massive action will create a strong belief that you will be able to succeed. As simple as that.

What do you want a car? a big house? lots of money? of course you won't believe that you can get it at first. So you just need to think about it, dream about it and do something about it. Keep on doing it everyday and you will eventually get there. The belief will become stronger and stronger everyday until you come to the point where you will doubt yourself again. Of course, your belief will not become permanent, you're just a human being and you will still doubt yourself sometimes. But because a lot of work has already been done and the foundation of belief is already very strong... you will keep moving and success won't matter to you anymore. You will just do it because you want it, failure won't scare you anymore. You're like a train moving, you don't see any bumps, you don't go any other direction. You're just moving until you reach your destination.

Because your wants will never change but your belief does. Your belief can become weak especially if you are dealing with a very strong challenge, a challenge that will make you wanted to give up. A challenge that seems very impossible to overcome will make you very doubtful of yourself. And sometimes because of your belief has weaken too much, you will pretend that you really don't want it, you will pretend that you want lesser things. For example, you are dreaming of having a Ferrari but because it looks like it is very impossible to achieve, you only dreamed of having a toyota. There is nothing wrong with having a toyota. What is wrong is you pretend that you want lesser than your original dream. You see, the what you want is still there, you still want a car but your beliefs adjusted so your dream also adjusted. Your belief become weak so your target become smaller.

So never focus on your belief because it can change anytime, just focus on what you want and pursue it regardless of multiple obstacles that may come on your way. Your positive belief will come back, it will never go away because it is already embedded in your heart. Just keep moving, just keep fighting because your situation can also change anytime. It is just a matter of hanging on there and persevering until the end.

A lot of people say you have to believe, believe in what? believe in failing or believe in winning? sometimes it is crazy because beliefs were very fast to change. At some pint you believe you can do it then tomorrow you will believe that it can't be done. So just focus on what you want because it is the only thing that will never change.

Look at those UFC fighters who were very competitive... all of them wanted to become champion, it never changed. Sometimes they believe they can do it but sometimes they don't but the desire to become champion stays forever. They were lying if they say that they never doubt themselves, if it is true then all of them should be undefeated. You will never lose if you never doubt yourself for a second, but that is very impossible to do. You're just a human being and you will become weak sometimes. It is normal,  but you must train yourself to find that tiny belief that you can still do it even if it is very impossible to do. So all you need to do is remember what you want and that small belief will come back, you will start to believe that you can do it until you do it.

So if it seems like it is over, your belief will become weaker. You will not exert the strongest effort that you can. What you need to do is remember what you want. Remember your dream, remember all of the sacrifices you did just to get to the final stage. Forget about believing it or not, just focus on what you want and your strength will come back again. You will feel fresh again, you will have the motivation to keep on fighting. It is not your belief that will strengthen you, it is your want that will empower you. You have to want it from the bottom of your heart, you gotta give everything you can.

Even if it is almost over, even if the curtain is closing, even if the gate is locking... just keep on thinking about your wants. I don't know if it is called miracle but something great is bound to happen if you keep on moving and fighting for what you really want. It is like being in the right place and in the right time, it is called crunch time.

September 18, 2016


If you did not start very good don't worry because it is not how you begin it is how you end it. Starting is really hard, I agree with others that it is the hardest part in everything. It is hard to start making a decision, it is hard to start to make a new diet, it is hard to start a new relationship, it is hard to learn a new skill,it is hard to learn a new language. Every start is difficult, but what will you do? if you will not face the discomfort that starting brings... you will not be able to achieve anything.

A lot of people sucks in the beginning and the moment they get embarrassed or they see that some people laughs at them... they will immediately stop. They will listen to what people say and not what their heart says. They will quit and cry like a baby in t
he corner, they will lose confidence they will look for an easier route. They will try another things, something that they thought is easier and when they face the same adversity... they will quit again. The cycle never ends, it is a vicious cycle that they keep on repeating because they don't want to stick to what they've started.

It is not how you start, it is how you finish. You may suck in the beginning, you may look funny when you are figuring things out, some people may tell you to stop but that is just part of the learning curve, that is part of the process. You should stick to what you have started and become very good at it no matter what, no matter what the odds are, no matter what the critics says. You should have one goal in your mind and that is to finish with a boom. Finish very strong, explode like a bomb.

Once you start something, all you have to do is stick with it until you become better at it, that's it. No need to listen to what people say, no need to compare yourself to others, stop looking at them if they were doing better than you. It is not your business to compare yourself and feel bad if you are not progressing. Your job is to simply become a little bit better everyday and believe in yourself.

You are just wasting your time if you continuously look for approval, everything that you are doing is right for as long as it is positive, related to your goals and the intention is good. Make it simple, just repeat and repeat. Stay focus on the grind, every little acts that you did will sum up in the end and you will get a big reward. This is not a race, this is also not a sprint, this is also not a marathon because in marathon they will still get the time you've finished. There is no time for finishing something, you can have all the time in the world. All you need to do is stop stopping and keep moving. Don't care if you're the slowest, don't care if you're the funniest. Just care to be the toughest.

Because all of those people who were laughing at you will quit at one point in their lives, if you can be the one who only remains then you are the winner. You are the grand winner in life, you are the champion. They will kiss your ass, they will be impressed. And of course you will pretend to be humble but deep inside you are laughing at them. Just give those losers some respect for not bringing up the past and elaborating their mistakes. Just stay quiet and remain classy.

Go hard but take it easy, don't be hard on yourself, just work hard and be easy on yourself. Don't curse yourself neither down yourself. Your time will come, patience is your capital and success is your profit. Just prepare yourself to finish strong, don't ever finish just for the sake of finishing it. Finish with explosion, finish with a boom, make a big noise. A noise that will make them deaf because your success is so loud.

How to finish with a boom:

1. Remind yourself about the sacrifices that you did from the past. If you wanted to quit, just keep on reminding yourself all the hardships, adversities and challenges that you overcome. Now is not the time for quitting, you should have quit earlier when you haven't invested a lot yet for your goals. You should have quit before when you see the reality for the first time that it is not going to be easy. You've come so far. You can't quit now, all you can do is finish strong or finish great. There is no other choices prepared for you.

2. Remind yourself about your purpose. What is your purpose for all of these? try to remember that so your strength, excitement and hunger will be revive. If it is about money, family or redeeming yourself... try to remember that, try to remember the roots of all of your sacrifices. Why are you doing this? Try to come up with a beautiful answer to summoned your anger and be wilder to become a winner.

3. Visualize yourself having the success that you are dreaming for a very long time. Close your eyes and try to embrace success, use your imagination, be in that place that you wanted to be. Hug your dreams, imagine you're on top of the world. Imagine you're already there and you will get there. Always feel the feeling of accomplishing something so you will have the will for finishing a valuable thing. Never get tired of visualizing and after that start moving, beat all the obstacles. Replace the negative thoughts in your head with the joyful ones. Just enjoy the journey, you will get there... it is just a matter of time.

So forget about the mistakes that you did from the beginning, none of those matter. I repeat the goal is to finish with a boom. You've already started... you can't turn your back now. Be a grown individual and finish what you've started.

September 17, 2016


If the situation is hot and it is favoring you then you should strike and strike while the iron is hot. If you are in the zone then you shouldn't stop, continue while you are still hot because it won't stay for so long. But if the situation is hot and the favor is not on your side then you should let the soup become a little colder, meaning you shouldn't fight the situation and you should relax and keep quiet for a little bit. You should take time, have deep breathes and clear your mind.

Never make decisions if you are in a bad mood or if your head is so hot. Chances are you will make a very bad decision, you will pick the wrong option and you will regret it in the end. Calm down yourself first and think of the right things to do. Make decisions while you are angry will make you end up in a very bad spot. Look at those people who fights in traffic, they kill each other, they bark at each other that is why then end up in jail, their good lives were over in just a blink of an eye.

Having the ability to stay calm is a blessing. Winners in life were very calm and relaxed. They never panic so they can think right under pressure situations. Look at the doctors, even if the patient that has arrived is wounded and badly hurt... they stay calm and grounded. It is not that they don't care, it is just important to stay calm for them so they can think of the right solutions for the problem. all champions, all the legends.. they were displaying a very solid calmness during pressure situations, they never break down, they always stay with the moment.

So if you are caught up in a situation where hot heads were dictating the pace... just stay calm and stop arguing with them. For example your mama, if she is making a very irritating sermon to you because you've done something bad, just stay quiet. Make the soup a little colder before you speak your mind. Let her speak and speak until she is done, and when the situation is in control... explain your side and say sorry if you needed to. That kind of approach will solve the problem, it will make the people around you think clearly. Instead of shouting too and making the argument so big... just stay calm, quiet and relax. Go to the inner you, you know there is no good thing you can get from being a war freak and loud person. Sometimes fighting fire with fire will only make the situation worse, it will only make the problem longer. So just swallow your pride because you are the more right thinking individual. Let those hot headed people rule... there is nothing wrong with being quiet because you know you have bigger plans in your head, you know what is the right direction and you are headed towards it.


1. You will be able to think like a sage. Unlike other people who let emotions get the best of them... you will be able to find the right solutions for a problem. You can even make them quiet by being calm and poised. People will follow your command if you are so confident and not panicking. They will see you as a right thinking individual and they will feel your power. They will believe that you are doing the right thing and you can make the right decisions. They will let you take control of the situation.

2. You will be able to move faster and think faster. It looks like you are slow because you are not panicking but the reality is you are faster than a person who is in panic. You will be able to move faster because you know what is going on and you know what to do, you are not guessing. You execute your game plan and you simply do what you needed to do. Unlike someone who is in panic or anger... he looks like he is moving fast but all of his actions were meaningless because he doesn't even know what he is doing. He is in a state of fear or anger and being in that kind of state will make you useless. It looks like you're in a sense of urgency and you want to do the right thing but you don't even know what to do. You are stunned, you are not aware of the surrounding.

3. You will not be able to make mistakes. Every move that comes from you are well calculated. You never execute an action for destruction. All of your moves were smooth and you are making a very good progress. It is like you're living in a different matrix. You will be able to see the things that others can't see because they were not in the moment. Even if the situation is very fast, you feel like it is in slow motion because you are breathing and you are thinking properly.

4. You will be able to enjoy life more. Even if you are in a dangerous situation or in a very uncomfortable situation... you will still be able to enjoy it because you know it is just part of life. You know that random things happened everyday so you will just cherish the moment even if it is a bad moment. You know life can end anytime so all you can do is appreciate what you have while you are still breathing. You also know that suffering is just temporary and problems will end in just a matter of time.

So if you are trapped in a place or situation where people are angry, hot headed and panicking. Just remember to let the soup become a little colder. Any anxiety that you will add to the situation will never help. All you must do is pause, breathe and separate yourself from others because you are the right thinking person and you know that nothing good will happen if you will join the angry party.

People nowadays were so hot headed, they want immediate results, they want immediate actions and answers not knowing that it will only worsen the situation. We need people who were calm and understand what the world needs. We need more people who will make the situation cool instead of making the fire bigger.

September 16, 2016


Working on a project is really stressful and tough but the good side about it is your character will be revealed. You will be able to know if you are a quitter or not, you will be able to connect with the deeper version of you. You will be able to tap your stronger and serious side. Basically you will know who you really are. A lot of people will engage in a project but they will not finish it or make it successful. Some will be content with a mediocre or unfinished results. They will say they give their best but they only exert a weak effort that is why they produced weak results. There are some things you should remember when you are working on a project so you will achieve sky rocket success. There things are only basics but if you follow them you will produce results that are unbelievable, you will become successful and you will not rush in the end:

1. Know what you can do. What skills do you have at the moment? think of it and use that skills for the project. If you will do the project solo, make sure you can do it. Never accept a project that you have no skills for. If your specialization is about programming, you should never accept a project about web designing. I know you can learn the skills to do it but it will take some time and the deadline is not that long. Sometimes being realistic is better than being ambitious. Accept the project that you know you can do.

If you are working on a group project, find what is it that you can contribute and do it right away. Be a fire starter so your groupmates will be inspired to work too. If you are finished with your part then find a struggling groupmate and help him, never stop until you can't find something to do. There will always be some things where you can help, forget about over contributing, the goal is to finish the project and not to brag your group members because you are over working. Be helpful but still, be aware of someone is not doing his job well. Be ready to discipline someone who is lazy and not doing his job.

2. Give all you've got. Whether it is a group or solo project always give everything you've got. This is the only way to ensure success. You always can do better than yesterday so the key here is to beat your efforts yesterday. Make sure you will use all of your strengths, skills and knowledge so the outcome will be amazing and you will never have any regrets. Giving everything you've got will make you feel proud about the product that you produced. It will make you very confident that everyone will love your work. Give all you've got so you will not doubt yourself if your work is amazing or not.

3. Cut all the distractions. Anything that is making you slow... cut it. Put all your gadgets in a box, never use it while you are working on your project. Shot down all your social media accounts, avoid watching tv, playing video games and drinking with your friends. Make sure your focus is so strong so you will be able to finish your project before the deadline. The distractions is what makes the project difficult to finish and not the tasks for the project. If you are focused then you will make progress every second. If you are so focused on doing your project then you won't feel its difficulty.

4. Have some rest. Rest is very important, if you keep on pushing and pushing but you are very tired... chances are you will do something wrong. Rest if you feel like your brain and body is not functioning well anymore. Rest if you feel so very tired, don't worry about the time that will pass while you are resting. After you rest, you will have a fresh body and mind and you will be able to move faster. But make sure that you won't get addicted to rest because you might make it as an excuse to keep yourself from moving, you might get addicted with it and you will procrastinate a lot. Remember that you are here to finish and not to diminish.

5. Always think of the smallest thing that you can do when you get stuck. If the pressure is already high, you might get overwhelmed and stunned. Your mind will stop thinking about the right things and it will start to worry. So what you need to do is think of the smallest thing that can contribute to the project. It can be buying a folder or something, buy something that you really need, talk to your client to update him what is going on, type something that needs to be typed, prepare the materials that you are going to use. There is no way you can't find a small task needed for your project. Once you gather yourself and you established a momentum, you can go ahead and do the larger tasks. The key here is to keep on building momentum for the progress of the project.

6. Let the deadline scares you. Always think about the deadline so your mind will be alert. A lot of people that were doing a project thinks that there is a lot of time that is why they crumble in the end. Think about the deadline everyday and be serious about it so you will not be able to waste a lot of time. It is better to post the deadline date on your wall so you will be able to see it everyday, it will give you a sense of urgency. It will frightened you and it will force you to move.

7. Set up a reward once you finished the project. Of course there should be a reward for finishing a project. If you will earn some money after the project is finished... think of something to buy. You can also have a drink with your friends after the project was finished. This idea will motivate you to finish the project right away so you can treat yourself. It will give you an extra push and determination.

8. Work hard while you still have a lot of time. Most people will just work hard when the deadline is coming near. They always relax in the beginning. The result is... they will feel a lot of pressure in the end because they haven't even finished the fifty percent of the project. Work super hard while you still have a lot of time so you will never rush in the end. Work super hard in the beginning until the end so your work will be very good and will not look like something that was done in rush.

9. Be aware of the movement. Always check if the project is progressing, the key for a successful project is movement. Always stay busy and make a little progress everyday, never stop until the project is completed. Sometimes you are moving but you are not making progress so be aware with that kind of situation too. Be aware if the movement is useless or not. Especially in group projects, there are some members that are pretending that they are doing something but they are really not helping.

10. Always have fun. Be happy while working  so it will be a smooth sailing project. Be happy but don't play, stay serious but always appreciate the moment, even the difficult ones. Even if you don't like the project at all, you can still have fun with it, it is your attitude towards the project that matters and not the project itself. Find the fun while doing the project so the pressure and anxiety will be lessen.

Any project is doable if you are focused and if you have the will to finish it. Always keep in mind that you are doing the project not only for yourself but also for the people around you. There are some people who were relying on you so you should be tough and you should have a killer instinct. Don't be like others who just do something just for the sake of having something to show. Always give your best and try to produce a masterpiece.