August 02, 2016


What you hear and what you see may not be real unless you experienced it yourself. Marketing is very tricky, it will do everything just to catch your attention and get your money.

There are lot of exercise machines out there that will say "I will make your body very sexy for just two weeks if you use this machine for 10 minutes a day". What the hell? if everything was easy then everyone is sexy. You can't be using a poor machine for just ten minutes a day an expect your body to transform like Beyonce's. You can't be drinking some magic pill that has a lot of harmful chemicals embedded and then you will achieve a very small tummy, that idea is bullshit.

Another commercial says that you can invest a $1500 and make a huge profit in just two years. A lot of people is buying this shit only to find out that it is just a scam. You've been fooled again, you're a loser again.

Some insurance company says that they will cover everything including your car, house, health etc. But when the bad event comes and you need their help... boom they will make it hard for you to get their assistance. You will wait for weeks or even months, what's worse is they will just give you a couple of bucks and then they are even mad at you. They will explain a lot of things and will let you hear some terms that you don't know so you will agree with them and just walk away.

Our world today is full of scams and bullshits, some mean people will do everything just to get your money. They will feed you advertisements that can hypnotize you and patronize their offers. Be careful because you work hard for your money only to waste it for useless bullshits.