August 07, 2016


You're a star, you raise the bar
you have a platinum album, you have the strongest momentum
they kneel when they see you, the hide when they smell you
your words are not for free, you show them no mercy.

You're a badass, you break the bulletproof glass
your record is unbeatable, your will is immovable
your skill is undeniable, your confidence is unshakable
you eat the weak, you heal the sick.

Your style can't be imitated, you never feel intimidated
you can endure any pressure, you can cure any seizure
you're a miracle guy, you are born to fly
you can stop the clock, you can cut a rock.

Hard is easy, hard is softy
you don't care about comfort, you can haste any transport
you're one of a kind, you can guide a blind
they give you the responsibility, you can build a dynasty

You hate being late, you always crush the gate
you wake a boring night, you fly like a kite
you entertain like you own every domain
your commodity is so hot, you full every parking lot.