August 23, 2016


You think you've done enough, give enough and leave everything on the line.

You are looking for success but you are not even trying. Look at your work, look at it very closely, be honest to yourself. did you really give your best?

You are not even trying, you are producing mediocre work, you are exerting mediocre effort. You work just to produce something and make everybody believe that you are working. You are not even tired, you are not even trying. Be honest, is that the best you can do? are you pushing yourself to the limits? Did you almost die pursuing your dreams?

If you think you tried everything and yet you didn't succeed then you are hallucinating. Trying never ends, you can try something else, you can try something new, you can try harder next time. Trying is forever, you are not even trying to try for the rest of your life.

Look at your life, look at what you are earning... are you even trying to make your life better? or are you just trying to make an excuse?

That's not the best you can do, you can do better than that. Accepting your situation will avoid you from evolution.

Try your best, try your hardest, try your fastest, try your earliest, try everything you can try. That is the only way you can say to yourself that you try.