August 28, 2016


People worry too much about their position in life. They were thinking about where they are at. They are thinking about how long they need to work more to achieve their goals. And it makes them feel so far, it makes them stuck because they were always thinking about the miles they need to travel to reach their destination.

If you will think harder, you will begin to realize that your status doesn't matter. Because at the end of the day.. you still need to work, you still need to do the amount of work needed to reach your goal.

If you need to run 100 kilometers to reach the finish line then you have to run it, you can't make shortcuts. If you run at least 35 kilometers already then you still need 65 kilometers more. If you already run 80 kilometers then you still need 20 kilometers more. The length is the same, it will never change. The amount of work you need to put in will never change so what is the big deal if you are still very far?

Some people who were already far and can almost make it to the finish line started earlier than you that is why they were ahead of you. And does it matter if you are late? Does it matter if you are behind? What matters is are you willing to do the work needed.

It will be more difficult for you if you were always looking at the people around you. You will get jealous if they were doing better than you so what you need to do is stay focus on your road and take it one step at a time. Those people who were ahead of you already put in the work so they deserve what they are getting now.