August 20, 2016


I know you're so much in pain right now, I know you've been doing things that not a lot people can do. I can hear your heart crying, I can feel your wounds that you get in your journey. I can feel all of your suffering.

But congratulations, I know you will continue your journey. I know you will move as long as you can. You don't care if you will succeed or not anymore. All you know is you will move until you have the strength to move.

Your journey will move forward until it can, until you can breathe, until you can think, until you can speak, until you can move your legs. You will not stop, you will not rest. It is an endless moving forward, even if the progress is very small you will still move.

You've come so far, very very far. You cannot quit now. The only choice you have is to continue what you've started. You're like a lost man in the ocean who will keep swimming until he reaches the shore.

You will never feel fatigued. You just keep on banging the door until it opens. You keep on hammering it til the bitter ends.

Multiple failures cannot stop you, the more you fail the more you get eager. The more you fail, the more you get faster.

As long as you are still alive, your journey will never end.