August 19, 2016


You still have it, you still have that power, motivation and skills that you think were no longer inside of you. It is just a matter of igniting the fire, finding your rhythm and you are ready to go again.

You still have it, you're still the king. You can still go back to the days where you dominate the game. Just remember how you feel during the days where you are the strongest, it is all about repeating the feeling and the mindset. It is a little uncomfortable to get back but it is very possible.

It is just like a skill, just like riding a bike. Even if you haven't ride a bike for a long time... you still know that skill, you still know how to ride a bike. You just need a very little time to remember it. You maybe rusty, you may wobble a little but you never lost that knowledge. It is embedded in your system forever.

It doesn't matter what your age is, it doesn't matter where you are. The only thing that matters is if you want to comeback or not. And not just a make believe comeback. A comeback that is stronger, smarter and more dominant. A comeback that will blow people away.

Don't ever listen to what the naysayers say that you don't have it anymore. You never lost it, you just rested your greatness. You just need a little room to breathe, there is nothing else to worry about. So empty your mind and do all the things that will put you in shape again. Be relentless to become sharp again. Take it slowly, there is no rush needed here. Take your time and enjoy every progress that you are making.

Once you become great you can become great again. No one can ever questioned that. You know your capabilities, you know your strength. You know yourself more than anybody does.

Just keep moving until that greatness comes back again, until that confidence is in you again. You can have it, it may take time but just be patient and show them that you still have it.


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