August 27, 2016


In anything that you do... if you want results or progress, you have to feel it. There is no best way in doing something other than feeling it. If you are doing something without emotion it is almost like doing nothing. You're like a walking dead that has no purpose.

You have to feel the pain, you have to feel the joy and the struggle. Because that is the only way to make your work magnificent. That is the only way to give justice to what you are doing. Just like what the real artists does.. they put a lot of feelings in their works that is why they produce magnificent results.

For example if you are running because you want to lose weight or make your stamina stronger... you can't achieve extra ordinary success if you will not feel the pain. You can gain something by feeling every step that you make and doing a little push. Make yourself a little bit uncomfortable. You give all of your strength in any movement that you execute. That is how to make results... being serious about it and cherishing every pain that you feel.

Look at those chefs who can't produce a very good dish... even if they spend a lot of hours in the kitchen they still fail. The reason for this is they rush, they want to finish cooking right away. There is no labor of love in what they are doing that is why their dish tastes awful.

If you are working on something, you have to feel it. You can't jump onto the finish product right away because you will not love what will you see. A great work was done with a lot of emotions.