August 17, 2016


Before, your officemates were bullying you because you have no power, you have to kiss their asses because you're not a regular employee yet. You are preparing them coffee, buying them lunch, doing their own work and any other stupid things that they tell you to do. And of course you have to follow them because you want to have good feedbacks during the evaluation period. You're like a dog to them who will fetch bones anytime they order you to do so.

But now that you were already a regular employee... no bullying is allowed anymore. You will set your own rules. You will never follow them and you will focus on your own work. You will act like you also have a power and their authority is only the same as yours. You will feel that they were no longer superior to you anymore. And what choice they have but to accept that you've changed. They knew it will happen, they were in the same shoes as yours before.

Before when you don't have money yet you will accept any client that is available, even if that client is a dick, you will still accept him. You will treat him like a king, follow all of his requests that are not acceptable. You will just follow everything that he says, it is because you want some money to support your needs.

But now that you already have some money and you can live a couple of months without doing work... you can now choose a client, a client that is nice and pays well. You have the right to choose now because of your momentum. You can make a rules for yourself in picking a client. You are picky and choosy because you have the right to become one. You have a strong momentum behind you and you will use it to give you a favor.

Before when you were just a rookie, you will follow the commands of the veterans. They have the power over you so you will just do what they say even if you have some better things in your mind. And what choice do you have? if you don't follow you will regret it in the end, they will punish you with unimaginable punishment.

And now that you were also a veteran, you can now decide for your own. You don't need for their permission anymore. You just do what you think is right and you don't care if they get mad at you. You already have the momentum. use it as your advantage.

Sometimes in life, you have to follow the rules of others, you have to follow them because you don't have the strength yet to control the situation. But that is ok because all you have to do is wait for a little time. Persevere because your situation will change in a while. And once you get that momentum, make the best of it, use it to continue rising to the top.