August 28, 2016


There comes a time in your life where you want to start all over again. Your toxic environment has polluted your life a lot. You are drained emotionally, physically and mentally. it feels like you want to explode and end your suffering. You wanted to escape your situation and go somewhere else where nobody knows you.

You want something new, you want something fresh. You want to start all over again so your problems will all be gone and you can do better right from the beginning.

BUT THAT IS NOT THE SOLUTION. The best solution for your problem is to continue, just do what you can do. Solve one problem at a time, do your best every second and that's it. There is nothing else to worry about if your mindset is to just keep going. Yes there will be bumps along the road, there will be a lot of problems but if you keep going then those problems will dissolve or evaporate little by little. There is no problem that is bigger than you, there is no challenge that cannot be overcome so keep your head up and persevere until the end.

Because starting something new is just fun in the beginning. The moment you reached the middle of your journey... you will also experienced hard challenges, you will experienced being very stressed again just like what you've experienced in your last journey. You can never escape challenges because it is part of your life. And what will you do if you feel that you are so drained again? are you going to start fresh again? are you going to move to a new place again and start new things? your cycle will never end if you keep doing that.

I have a friend who is so ambitious. He wants to do great things, he wants to become big but when he reached some level of stress that he thinks he cannot tolerate... he will quit. He will make a lot of excuses like this and like that. He will find a new place to start again and then when the stress strikes again... you know what he will do, he will quit. His life revolves in that kind cycle, he tries a lot of things and when he cannot handle the situation anymore he will look for an exit door. He will never try to survive the journey that is why he hasn't accomplished anything in life.

Quitting in something and starting a new journey means you are just setting up yourself for a failure again. The only difference is you will fail on different thing.

Some people wants a new start because they always thought they can do better next time. But how can they do better if they didn't do better in the past? If you can't finish something then it means you can't finish other things. Life is not about starting it is about ending.