August 15, 2016


No matter what formula you formulate and equation you solve to invent a technique that will not require you to work again... you will fail in the end. Escaping work is the most impossible thing on earth. You can't achieve something if you will not do anything.

A lot of people think that they were smart so they don't want to work anymore. They always want to discover something that will make them rich without sweating or lifting their fingers. All they want is to harvest but not invest. They want the fast way, if they don't get something fast... they will quit. They will start over and over again and keep looking for the solution of getting rich fast.

Until they became old and nothing happened to them. If they only use their time from the past... all of the time they wasted for starting over and over again. If they put all those time together then maybe they become successful now.

No one can escape work, everyone has to work. You are working even if you think that you are not working. Preparing your own food is already a work, getting a  food from the refrigerator is already a work. Cooking your own food is already a work, washing your own car is already a work. Anything that you exert an effort is already a work. So why don't you just accept that you need to work in order to achieve something big?

Look at those people who were already successful, they are still working. Even if they have a lot of money they are still working. It is because work will maintain their lifestyle. Work will give them happiness and balance.

And let's say some kind of a genie from Aladdin's time appeared in your life and made you rich. What is your plan? I am sure you won't work anymore. And so by doing that do you think you will be rich forever? of course not. Your money will fly away faster than you expected. That is why lottery winners who won millions go back being poor again. They thought their money will never ran out, they thought they don't need to work anymore. All they do is burn their money and live like a king everyday that is why they return to being broke. And what will they do after being broke again? they will join the lottery again. How funny sin't it?

Even CEO's work, even the richest star players work, even the highest paid celebrities work, even the greatest inventors work. Even billionaires work and they work like hell. I never seen a rich guy who didn't even work in his life.

You just have to accept that work is part your your life and you don't need to look for an escape from it because you never will. Even the criminals work, they make a plan before doing a crime and they do it. And that is a lot of work too. Even unemployed people work, they look for a job or they look some food in the garbage, that is one hell of a work too.