August 08, 2016


You can stop it anytime you want, you can stop the bleeding now. If it hurts so bad, if you can't take it anymore. You can stop the suffering now. Your work is giving you so much trouble, you almost get crazy everyday. The people around you were not inspiring, instead they were demotivating. So why don't you leave your work? it doesn't matter if they get mad at you, it doesn't matter if the stakes are too high. Go look for another job... just jump off a ship.

If you are doing something important but you also have to do something more important. You can stop what you are doing now, nobody tells you to keep going. I don't care if your momentum will be stopped. If you have something more important to do, do it. You can stop anytime you want, nobody can stop you.

People were so afraid of stopping because they thought they will lost momentum. This is a weak mindset. If you can't stop or if you are afraid to stop, it simply means someone or something is controlling you, you are not controlling your own life.

Life is yours, the decision is yours, it's your call if you want to keep going or not. And always remember... is what you're doing truly important, does your life depends on what you are doing? Stop punishing yourself. Rest if you want to rest, transfer if you want to transfer. Do other things that are more important to you. Stop the bleeding. do what is the best thing.

It is better to  stop early than to stop late. Deciding to stop later will make it hard for you to stop. Too much emotions were already invested, too much work has already been exerted. Stop now while it is easier to stop, end the pain and look for a better life.