August 06, 2016


If you really wanted to win, if you really wanted to become successful then you will not care if your age is like 60' or 70's or even more.

Age is just a number, you can pursue something for as long as you still have the motivation to do it. If there is a little fire remaining in your heart, even if it is just a little amount of fire that says "I want to try it, I guess I can still do it", even if you have doubts but there is a little hope remaining in your heart... don't let it die. Make that fire burn even hotter, make that desire amplify and escalate to another level.

You don't care about what people say, even if they laugh because you were too old too pursue something, you just keep going. There are hundreds of stories about a man who did something great at an age of 60's or more, you too can become part of the history.

Why is age just a number? There are young people out there who were not even succeeding. They live their lives like a bum, they take things for granted, they thought they have a lot of time, after a few more years they will noticed that they were also getting old and they will think that they can't do something great anymore.

Maybe you were also like a bum when you were still young that is why you haven't done anything great yet. But you still have a chance, I am telling you, you are still breathing, you can still speak clearly, you can still move. Maybe you are slow but speed is not a big factor here, what matters is you can make baby steps even if you are not a baby anymore.

They say 60 years old is the ideal age of retirement. Says who? if you still feel that you can somehow make a difference in your life then why follow them? There were great individuals who were really successful retired when they die, they never rest until they were dead. At their 80's or 90's they were still alive and kicking, they were still working like a horse and still pursuing something great.

I know you are slower, I know you are weaker but that doesn't mean you can't do something. There are strong and young people who can't do something good in their lives. There are weak people and sometimes disabled but didn't considered themselves disabled. They work their ass off and make their lives successful, so what is your excuse? your age? Wake up, you have some things to do and do it now.

Advantages of being old:

1. You know you have a limited time so you are moving in urgency. Unlike someone who is young, you will be able to make decisions fast and of course move fast. You know that you have a shorter time remaining in your life. You know at any point in your life, you can have a heart attack or your diabetic body may break down etc. etc. You know you are old so you know you must make the most of your life. You treat everyday like it is your last so your actions were faster and bolder. You never waste any single second, that is the big advantage of being old.

2. You can make your own decisions. Unlike young people whose minds were always manipulated by many... because you are too old and experienced, you want to make decisions on your own, you have your own way of thinking and own approach how to do things. That is why companies never wanted to hire old people because old people are very hard to command.

And that is your advantage, you don't listen to people, you just listen to yourself and do what you think is right.

3. You're desperate, you know it is your last chance. If a person is desperate he will do impossible things. He will take desperate measures. And doing ridiculous things will make you successful, you don't know the rules, all you want is to become successful. You know it is your last chance so you will give your very best, you will give all your strength, you will even give your life just to succeed.

Now that I exposed that age has nothing to do with your failure or success, what will you do now? are you still gonna stick with your mindset that you are too old and you can't do something. Are you going to accept that you were already weak?

Forget about your age, look for the little motivation that is remaining in your system.