August 04, 2016


A lot of people were looking for someone or something that they think will make them win in life. What they do not know is they are what they were looking for. What they feel missing is already inside of them.

For example an NBA team is constantly looking for a star that will give them a championship... why are they looking if they have some players that can step up? if they will only talk to a member of their team that is very hardworking, dedicated and has the fire to win that wasn't given a big exposure yet... if they can talk about some plans, giving him some big cash and fully dedicating to the process... then they already have a star player. The player that they were looking for is already on their team, all they need to do is to choose who will do it. And for the players that wanted to become star players, all they need to do is to step up.

Building something great comes from the inside and not from the outside. The process starts in you and not from others.

You are always looking for someone or a partner that will make you happy. You continuously make yourself believe that a partner in life will make you happy and satisfied. Come to think of it, where is the source of happiness really coming from, I mean who will get the emotion of happiness? it is in yourself right? you are the one who needs to be happy so you are also the one who can make yourself happy. It is up to you how to do it, you don't need a lot of things, you don't need a lot of friends. While some of it helps in a certain way but you are still the commander of your emotions, you can choose the way you feel. How about running a few kilometers, how do you feel after that? honestly, how do you feel? you feel a little bit light right? You feel a little bit released, even if you don't laugh you still feel a little bit good. How about pursuing a small goal and achieving it? how do you feel about it? you still feel happy right?

So if you wanted to be happy just do something that you think will give you happiness and do it over and over again. It can be small amount of happiness. It can be reading a book, doing some meditation, yoga or watching funny movies, painting something, just do something that will raise your vibration, something positive and can put you in the right direction. Do it over and over again until you become totally happy and forget your problems. But also make sure that what you are doing is also solving your problem a little bit. If you are in huge debt and you keep on watching horror movies, how does it help you? What you need to do here is earn a little bit and a little bit, find the happiness in doing it until you pay your debts.

You are always looking for a company that can give you big pay, you were always complaining about getting underpaid but overworked. You are always asking for an increase and when it didn't come you whine and cry like a bitch. Sometimes all you need to do is stay in your company, work so hard like you never worked before, stay positive and let the promotion and increase come to you naturally. You don't need to worry, you don't need to look for another company. Just work like a horse, dedicate yourself for just a few more years and then when the reward didn't come to you then it is time for you to leave. Don't talk, just work hard, wait for a few more years and see what can happen.

You are always looking for a leader that can lead you, you are always looking for a good coach that can teach you the way to succeed. What you don't know is you can be the leader and the coach for yourself. You can guide yourself, you can teach yourself, all you need to do is gather a lot of information and see what works.

If you will rely on someone then that someone can disappoint you if you didn't see the results that you are expecting. The problem with people nowadays is they always look for something that will make them happy, a better person and successful. What they don't know is they are what they are looking for.