August 15, 2016


A lot of people nowadays were suffering in a wrong way, I mean they were suffering for nothing, their sufferings have no big rewards nor bright future in exchange. They suffer everyday, work super hard everyday or even make themselves suffer for nothing.

For example a person who is trap in a job that he didn't love. He is grinding everyday just to earn some cash to provide for his family. He is very tired everyday, he is so sick and tired but he thinks that he has no choice but to do it. It is so sad because the man is suffering in a very wrong way. What if he suffer to make millions, I mean he is already suffering then why not suffer for a bigger cause. Why don't he just look for a bigger risk that will give him bigger rewards. I mean why don't he build a business or build something that has a possibility that might end his suffering.

He is already suffering everyday so why not choose a suffering that might end his suffering.

Another example is a guy who is addicted in procrastination. He is suffering everyday because procrastination is not fun, you are not doing anything but your mind wants to do something. It is a crazy feeling because you feel you were trapped into some place that no one can rescue you.

Now, he already felt the pain of procrastination, he is already suffering so why don't he just suffer by working a lot, why don't he just suffer pursuing some kind of a big thing that will give him something in the end. It is the same, the feeling is the same, the only difference is working super hard will give him something in the end while procrastination will just make his suffering even worse.

You are suffering in fearing something, you are scared to try because you are very scared of failing. What if you take that suffering to another level? why don't you accept that you will fail but you try anyway? Why don't you just suffer failing and failing over and over again?

You already failed by not trying so why not fail by giving it a try? the sufferings were the same, the only difference in trying is you have a chance of winning.