August 22, 2016


While fear is attached in your daily life... Most of your fear were also created by yourself, why? you let a lot of negative thoughts play in your head. Yes, thoughts will just come and go, you don't even know where it is coming from, you can't even choose what thoughts to let in. But once you learned that a negative thought is playing inside of your head... you must get rid of it immediately. You just kill it, stab it with a knife, slice it with a samurai. It is gone... completely gone. Don't every let it stay for so long in your system because it will build a strength to control you.

I don't know why people love to entertain negative thoughts inside of their head. Those negativity becomes fear then it becomes their reality. You let a thought for so long inside of your head... BOOM that thought will eat you alive.

So if there is something that you are scared of, don't think about it. Just laugh at it, treat it like a bitch. If it is running inside of your head over and over again, just let it play, soon it will be gone. Let it play but try to replace it, don't amplify it. You know what scares you, so you also know what not think of.

Divert. Find a replacement for that negative or scary thought. A replacement that is permanent. For example if you can't stop thinking about failing then you must assigned a replacement thought for that. Assigned an image to your head once you think about failing, an image like you are winning every time you think about failing. An image like you are raising your hand every time you think about failing. Be playful, you can do it. There maybe a psychological war going inside of your head but the positive thought will prevail if you are persistent.

Practice. Always practice replacing the negative thought with the positive one. It is just a matter of mastery. Once you assigned an image to a negative thought that is always playing in your head... it will be very easy. Practice and practice until you become the master of your own thought. You need a lot of patience but the reward in the end is very good.