August 20, 2016


Haha, you cannot use the word tomorrow now because you already used it yesterday. You are cornered, you have no choice but to move. You have no choice but to do what you promised yesterday. Because if you will not do it now... there is a big chance that you will not be able to do it forever.

You were so arrogant yesterday, you said you will do it today. You are promising big things, you are promising a strong move, you said you will push up to the end of the earth but where are you now? where are those strong words now? where is the brave man yesterday? why are you looking like a frightened puppy who cannot even move?

Many people still believe in the word tomorrow. They always pretend that they were too tired now so they need to rest and tomorrow they will give their best. But none of it happened. They already used the word tomorrow yesterday and yet they want to use it again today. What a crazy endless vicious cycle, isn't it?

How many dreams were destroyed by the word tomorrow. How many ambition were never fulfilled by the word tomorrow. Tomorrow is never a promise, tomorrow is never real. It is just a fantasy, it never happened and it will never happen so don't ever use the word tomorrow again.

If you keep on using the word tomorrow, it will become your habit. You will never be able to accomplish big things in life if you will always rely on tomorrow.

And what makes you very sure that you are still here tomorrow?

You may never know, I am not scaring you I am just making you feel the urgency of doing what matters now. Do what you need to do now, do what you want to achieve now! Stop holding that bullshit remote control of TV or touching the screen of your iPhone, stand up and work!