August 10, 2016


Sometimes you will think that what you are doing is wrong. Especially if you are repeating and no result is showing.

You wanted to quit, you wanted to give up. You want to look for another process and hope that this time it will work. But once you find that new process... you will think that it is not working too, you will want to look for another process and hope again for different result. The cycle never ends, you keep on looking for another process once you see that the present one is not working. It is like you're a rat trapped in a vicious circle. You keep working hard but your journey keeps on going hard too.

So what you need to do is this... keep on doing the process that you choose and wait until it becomes right. Never change, never doubt it because if it is wrong now, eventually it will be right in the end. Trust me, I've been there done that. I tested a thousand process before only to find out that any process is the right process. It is just a matter of sticking with it until to the very end.

Because in the very beginning or even in the middle stage of your journey. You will think that your process is wrong because you might think that you are not progressing, you might feel that you are not getting something. You feel like you're stuck and not moving at all. This is normal, everyone wants success so fast without willing to go further as they can. They want it right away, they want it in less than 2 days and if they didn't get it... they will quit.

The process that you choose is right. Whatever process it is... it is right, don't question it, don't doubt it just believe in it.

Take running as an example, there are millions of steps on how to run correctly and effectively. There are millions of you tube videos about the proper posture and proper technique in running. And because you are willing to learn and want to get instant results... you will try some of them, you will be confused because you don't know what is right. But in the end you will see that there is only one proper way of running and that is to simply run, no technique is needed, just run. Because you can know all the technique in running but if you don't have the discipline to do it everyday then you will not improve nor make progress.

It will become right in the end because the longer you do something the more it will become perfect. It will give you an edge, you will become a master. The more you complicate things, the more you will get confused and produce nothing. So just choose one process and stick with it up to the very end. Repeat it as long as you can, don't get tired of it, add something if needed but you have to stick with the very original. You will succeed, all you have to do is trust your chosen process, never change it, become the best in it.