August 18, 2016


What you are doing is disgusting, don't you know that? You've been talking about success, you've been talking about how good your business will be but what are you doing everyday? Just posting pictures in facebook about your plans, about the steps that you will take but you didn't do any of that. Now tell me, isn't that disgusting?

And you're waiting for comments, you're waiting for the praises of wannabe people that you think are your friends. The funny thing is... they also thought that they were good. They are making suggestions, they are riding your ideas, they are also making plan for themselves and guess what? it is just a plan. No execution, no progression, just pure plan that will go nowhere.

How could you curse people that you thought were lazy? you're a lazy bumass too. You think you were higher than them, you think you were above them. If you will look at your achievements... there is nothing you can show. All you do is just talk and talk and talk. Oh I am sorry I forgot that you also know how to dream.

Isn't it disgusting to pretend something you are not? Isn't it disgusting to talk about the things that you don't have? Isn't it disgusting to pretend that you are working hard but the reality is not? If you are wasting a lot of time then you are disgusting. You are no different from other people who think they are making it but they are just making something to talk about.

Is it right to dream big but put only little effort? Is it right to demand but you have nothing to offer? You keep on promising to other people that you will do your best but you are only doing what makes you feel good. You are best at doing rest, you are best at making a stupid guess.

And now you will blame other people because you fail, wasn't that disgusting? there is nothing more disgusting than a people who makes excuses but is not willing to give his best.

Correct me If I am wrong but I know you haven't started yet. Procrastination is your obsession that is why you can't go anywhere. That is why it's been 105 years and you're still on your chair doing the same shits over and over again.

You promise your mama or your wife that you will give them a good life but where is that promise now? that was disgusting. You promise yourself that you will better yourself but where is that promise now? You always think that you can change but change has no interest in you because of your disgusting attitude.