August 06, 2016


Sometimes you really wanted to quit because no matter how hard you try, no matter what books you read or what process you take you still can't get results.

You can't get results because you were always looking for results and that is the number one reason.

What if you continue doing what you are doing and add more effort into it? Let's say you are doing 100 pushups a day, what if you make it 150 pushups a day? do you think the results will be the same?

If you are the number 2 in your class and you can't beat the number one. What if you just study the whole day? no using of cellphone, no checking of messages in facebook, no doing of other activities other than just purely studying, what do you think will be the result?

What if you just stick with the process and make the process harder and faster, what do you think will be the result? as in make it harder and faster everyday. Monitor your progress, you have to make sure that you are going harder and faster than yesterday. Do you think you will get better results? I think yes and I am sure of it.

You can't succeed because you are stopping and you were always looking for rewards for the hardwork that you put in. If the reward is not yet showing itself to you then it means you simply lack something, you lack the effort. You need to work harder and work longer, there is no other greater formula than that.

What if you stop reading this article now and you start looking for money? what if you cut all of your bad habits, if you cannot cut everything then maybe lessen your bad habits and then start replacing them with good ones, how do you think will your life look?

"What if" is the word of the losers. It is a word they use because they were thinking about something great could happen only if they continue what they are doing or maybe if they work even harder. Losers always wonder what could have been because they never try to reach the finish line. They quit in the middle, they never push themselves and try to rich their limits.