August 12, 2016


You do things because you feel like doing it, you pursue a goal because you though it can make you happy after getting it. You love someone because because you feel good something about her.

In other words, emotions or how you feel is the most valuable thing in the world. It makes you move, it alter your world, it can change your life. So the lesson is, never let anyone affects how you feel or never let anyone become an influence to your happiness.

The first feeling toward something or someone should never change. No matter what people say, always value how you feel in the very beginning. Don't ever feel sad or become turned off just because someone says it is really not good or it is not the right thing.

The moment you fall in love with someone, let's forget about the looks, appearance or qualities of that person. Let's say you are really in love with him or her. If your friends criticize that someone then your feelings will change, your emotions towards that person will somehow be manipulated. you will begin to think if your friends were right, you will wonder if you are really feeling something for that person. And that will make you feel bad, it will make you emotionally confused, you don't understand your feelings anymore. If it weren't for your friends then maybe you and your crush might be living happily ever after. But because you listen to them, your happiness is shaking now.

Another example is your car, you really love your car, no matter what brand it is. But when some friends of yours who thought of themselves as "racers"criticized your car and even laugh at it... you begin to fall out of love in your car. You begin to listen to your friends and follow their advises. You change the wheels, you repaint it, you attached a lot of skirts into it. But in the end all of your savings were gone because you want to make your car likable to your friends. Did you really feel happy by letting them alter your feelings?

Your feelings from the beginning should stay in place, it should be very strong and it should not be affected by anyone. If you have car, even if it is old and rusty... you should still love it. After all, it is your feelings towards something or someone that really matters and not the feelings of others.

If you feel good about your property then just look at it and never look for another property, appreciate it at its best, never let anyone alter your perception. It will only make you confused. You have your own taste, their comments were irrelevant to your life. Stay in your grid and be confident in your decisions and emotions.