August 08, 2016


Find what is it in your life that you are doing everyday that is not giving you results that you want or at least stopping you from being successful. What is it? I know you have millions but just find one so you won't get crazy. What is it that you are doing everyday that you think is making you slow or is making your life harder, what is it?

It can be  too much time on social media or television, it can be too much drinking or eating. Too much smoking so you can't perform on your highest level, too much steroids or sleeping pills.

There is something you are doing or taking everyday that is making your system slow and making your progress weak. Find what it is and replace it with something new.

Just one thing, look for that one thing. I know you can find it, you just hate to admit it. If you will be able to force yourself and change that old habit... then you're a new person already. You can make a huge difference in your life. Look at those drug addicts when they stop using drugs... their lives change completely.

And you too have a very bad habit, a habit that is taking too much your time and making you stagnant or what's even worse, a habit that is making your life miserable. Go and find it and stop it.

There is a friend of mine who is so addicted to gambling. He is a responsible father and is earning good. But his gambling activities makes his life difficult. He is always in debt even though he is earning well because he always loses in gambling. He even put his life in danger because of gambling, one day he was almost shot by his opponent because he cannot pay. Luckily he escape that moment because some people helped him.

That incident changes his approach in life. He promise to his wife that he will not gamble anymore. And that decision has totally changed his life. He begin to buy properties, he learned how to invest. He learned how to save money. His life has turned around miraculously. From gambler to money saver that is what he is.

You too can change your life, and not just change. I mean completely change. From poor to rich, from being lazy to hardworker, from crazy to sane and any other changes that you want to happen in your life. You can do it if you can find that one habit that controls your life and get rid of it.

Because changing something in your system can change your life or at least alter the results that you are getting.

As a freelancer, I lessen the time that I spent in social media, I use it only for messaging but not for watching or playing games or for gossips. The day I decided to do it is the day that I start earning more. I am focus more in my work, I begin to attract more clients. That was just a small change but the impact is so big. I turn off something useless and something good turns on automatically.

And this technique can also be applied in the way you think. Is there a bad thought that runs in your head automatically and is making your life bad? guard that thought, force yourself to get rid of it and replace it with a better thought. You may not notice it right away but you will see that your life is changing slowly. I use to always think poverty before, about getting less and expecting less. When I turn off that thought and replace it with abundance...more money is coming to my life.