August 09, 2016


What most people don't realize is trying is free, there is no harm in trying. Trying has a lot of benefits and even if you fail... you will still get something and that is the lesson. How good was that? how lucky you are.

No one will charge you if you try, there is no trial fee, there is no limit in trying. You can try as much as you want. Determination is the only payment.

You can try to become rich, you can try to become successful, you can try to become strong, you can try to become a celebrity or a sports icon. You can try whatever you want, how fun was that? The possibility is endless, there opportunities are limitless.

Some people don't want to try because they fear humiliation and embarrassment. But in the end they will wonder what may happen if they try, how funny was that? They don't want to try but they want to succeed and that thing only happens in fantasies like the number one selling novel by failures called "How to become rich by just sleeping".

If you don't want to try then don't even think about it, just go home and watch some HBO series. It may help you to become brave, it will teach you how to kill zombies and escape alcatraz.

You will not die if you try so what is it to be afraid of? Failing is very painful, I get that. But there is nothing more painful than not trying and wondering if you can win. Failing can be forgotten but regrets will never be erased. It will be in your memory forever so if you don't want to have a lot of regrets, go and throw yourself out there, look dumb if needed but at least you will know the answer. You will know if it is for you or not.

Try as many as you can, it is unlimited. Try the hardest things, try the biggest things. Make a commitment that after you fail you will try again. That will be your cycle, try and try until you succeed. It is not over until your hands were raised.