August 01, 2016


Let's make it clear, winning is not all about succeeding and getting the trophy or whatever. Winning is an attitude, it is what you do everyday. Even if you are not getting those prizes like cars, big houses, recognition, you can still become considered as a winner. Provided that you are doing the right things in life and you have the attitude of a winner.

So let's stop talking about winners now and let's start talking about these funny losers, stop hating them because they were so funny. Our world will not be complete without these bum losers who keep on making insignificant actions everyday, who keep on making bullshit ideas everyday. So let's not make the introduction long, here are the top 5 activities of losers, if you have one of these activities... you better change your game or else you will be stuck in a mud.

1. Procrastinating. I believe this is their number one activity of losers. They always believe that they can do it tomorrow, they always believe that tomorrow will be a better day. Hey losers! listen up, your life will only become better if you will make it better today, right away! Not later, not next week and not next year. The more you postpone something, the more your life is degrading. Their procrastinating level is very high to the point where they cannot even take a bath.

2. Gambling. Losers always take risks, but the risks that are useless and will not give their lives an upgrade. Losers wants easy money so they gamble everyday. They thought that they can make money without having to work hard and they really believe in it. They were persistent, even if they lose a lot of money, they still want to try and try. They will win sometimes but they will lose a lot of times. They love gambling even though they always lose in the game. The money that they use in gambling can be use for looking for a job but they didn't see the bigger picture because they were too lazy. I don't even know where are they getting their money for gambling. It seems like they have a magic hat that produces money only for gambling. If gambling is the activity they have money but if there is a more important thing to be done... they don't have money for it.

3. Excessive use of drugs or alcohol intake. Losers are either alcoholic or drug addicts. They want to numb the pain that their laziness brings. They don't want to face reality, they are depressed so they need some substances that they thought will help them ease the pain but the reality is not. They use drugs and drink alcohol everyday, it is part of their system. They want to forget their problems but they are only making it worse. Look around and there is no alcoholic or addict that became successful, they were all bums. They were not contributing any good to society. So if you are alcoholic or drug abuser it only means you're a loser and you can't solve your own problem.

4. Always borrowing money. These losers will always knock on your door and will borrow some money from you. The bad part is they don't pay, they will even get mad at you if you don't lend them. They always borrow money because they don't work or they use their own money for useless things like partying, buying stuffs that they don't need just to look good. These losers don't know how to handle money that is why they always have no money.

5. Making excuses. They love making excuses just to cover up their mistakes. They love to invent stories so people will give them sympathy. These losers are very good in making excuses, they will make you believe so be careful. If you see a person who is always making excuses, stay away from that person, he might influenced you to become a loser too. Their excuses are out of this world and very painful to hear.