August 08, 2016


Successful people have unique skills but these skills has nothing to do with intelligence, talents, uniqueness or whatever. These skills can also be developed by anyone, if you mastered these skills then for sure you will go far and become one of the greats too. A lot of successful people were not considering themselves a genius. It is not that they were just humble, they were just telling the truth. But a lot of people doesn't believe them, they were even judged as selfish because the don't want to share ideas. The truth is they were telling the truth, people just don't get it.

These are the skills that they have that people don't believe are the only skills they needed to become successful too:

1. The ability to make uncountable actions. They just repeat and repeat and repeat. They don't even know how many times they repeat, all they know is they have to do something over and over again to become successful. They don't care if they were very tired, they were just focus on becoming successful and nothing else. They were willing to try a million times and fail a million times just to become successful. They never give up nor give in, only death can make them quit.

You will even think that they were trap in a vicious cycle but they were not, the moment they are repeating.. they are taking important notes so they can make necessary adjustments for their next try.

2. The ability to comeback stronger. Successful people always expect that they may fail at the very first tries. But they comeback stronger, smarter and more prepared. Everytime they fail, they comeback stronger. It is in their mindset that their next try will be better than the previous try. Everytime they fail... they become more hungrier and angrier. They want it badly so they make sure the next try is the strongest one.

3. The ability not to think. Successful people doesn't spend too much time on thinking. Once the plan is laid out, they act immediately, they never waste time. They knew that overthinking and analyzing causes paralysis. They just do it, they don't mind if they can get wrong. They were addicted to progress and momentum. They never freeze nor stop for a long time. The were very dynamic and very aggressive in taking actions.