August 28, 2016


They were so lucky because you are giving them so much attention and you are not because you don't care about yourself, you don't give time for yourself. How lucky they were, you are giving them so much luck.

You don't even know them but you are very concerned with what is going on with their lives. You stalk them, guard their actions, study their lives, watch their activities. I think you know them more than they know themselves. I think you know the birthdate of their ancestors. You're such a good spectator.

You care too much about people but you don't care about yourself anymore. You help other people but you are not helping yourself first. How lucky are they, how poor you are.

They call you and ask for your help.. and even if you are doing something important... you leave it. How lucky they were, how unlucky you are. You are so funny, they are making you look like a clown.

But if you want to become lucky too, then you should prioritized yourself first. It is not about being selfish. You can help others when you were already successful. So do anything to make yourself good, do anything to put yourself in a better position. Forget them because they are not helping you, they are making you unlucky.