August 11, 2016


To all people who already lost hope in their country and already flew to another land. Please come back, your country is waiting for you. There is a gold in your country, you just need to work double hard and seek longer.

There are some people who has the same level of skills as yours, you may even have better education but they were making it in your country, they were nailing it. So what does it mean? it doesn't mean they were better than you but it only means they have stronger belief than you and they trust their country.

Your country needs you, it needs your skills and contribution. Come back and make your country rich.

Even if the corruption is high, even if the leaders were useless and heartless. You can still make it in your own country, if other people make it you can also make it. All you need is more effort and stronger belief. Even if you country is the poorest in the world, there is still a chance. Just survive every single day and never stop believing and working. Always strive to make your situation better.

Your family is here, your friends were here so why are you leaving? money is not the answer to your problem. Just believe and you will become successful in your own country. Life is too short to live in another country that you really don't love. Look at those people who leave their own country, they come back when they were old and the problem is they cannot enjoy their country anymore. They were already weak to walk in their own country. They spend most of their lives living in another country which makes them very regretful in the end.

Be nationalistic. Be proud of your own country no matter how poor or corrupt it is. Love your countrymen. Inspire them to make your country rise again.

Because no matter where you go, no matter how far you've come, you will still go back to your country in the end.