August 15, 2016


Sometimes people mistakenly think that being very confident is a form of arrogance. I don't think so. It is true that if you are so confident, it is hard to become humble. It is simply because you are speaking facts and not just predictions. You know what is going to happen and you really believe in it, it is not just being proud or making yourself look strong. You really believe and you knew that success already happened before it happened into your life.

The lights of Floyd Mayweather, Connor McGreggor and of course Muhammad Ali. They speak facts and I think they were not simply trash talking, they were just telling the truth. They back up what they say and they were never shy away from winning and getting it all.

Some people were very cocky before the challenge but when it is time to walk the talk, they cannot do something anymore. They were stunned, they cannot use their knowledge. They look like a tamed animal that is very scared to do a move.

This is what separates the greats and the pretenders. Great people will do whatever they say, they will prove to everyone that they were telling the truth. While the pretenders will just hope that what they say before will come true so they will not be criticized.

Confidence is not arrogance if it is true. Speaking the truth is sometimes offensive to a lot of people because people nowadays want to believe in lies, they don't want to hear the truth so when they hear one...  they were shocked about it.

Being confident will raise a lot of eyebrows that is why it is very hard to become one. A lot of people will questioned you, mocked you and pull you down. If you have an idea that is somehow ridiculous and impossible... they will laugh at you and will tell you that you can't do it. But if you are confident enough and really believe that you can do it... you will stick to your principles no matter what.

You will embrace looking like an arrogant because you really speak the truth and you don't care if they believe you or not.