August 06, 2016


How much is your willingness, how big is your willingness to improve your life? Are you willing to sacrifice your time watching TV and just hone your craft. Are you willing to pass to every party that you were invited to earn an extra income?

The level of your willingness is the speed of your change. What is the level of your willingness?

Are you willing to exercise rather than eat burgers and fries. Are you willing to sweat and take your game to another level or do you love relaxing and chilling out more?

It is your desire for something that creates everything, everything will fall into your hands if you are so focused and dedicated to what you want.

Are you willing to suffer and wait for the prize or are you willing to take instant gratification and suffer later? It is your choice, it is your life.

How much are you willing to endure to get that goal that you are dreaming of everyday? how much are you willing to sacrifice?

Are you willing to give 100% of your time for your goal or are you just willing to give some little time everytime you feel like to? This is not about acting when you feel like acting, emotion has nothing to do with being successful. It is your willingness to move and not the desire to feel good.